How to Throw a Fun Single's Awareness Day Party (Valentine's Day Ideas)

Updated on February 24, 2017

For singletons, Valentine's Day can be a painful reminder of just how single you really are. However, it can also be a good excuse to go out there and find a match. Or get together with your friends and cry and eat ice cream all night. The most important part of throwing a Valentine's Day party for singles is to have fun and forget what day it is, or at least lessen the sting.

There are two options for a swinging Single's Awareness Day party: a mixer or a pity party. I will outline both below.

Option 1
Option 1 | Source

Pity the People not at Your Party

Throwing a Pity Party

A traditional pity party consists of you, some other single friends, and a large amount of ice cream (alcohol optional). There are some traditions which can't be abandoned, but a pity party can be so much more than that.

The first and most important part of a pity party is the gender-stereotypical film. This sets the tone for the rest of the night. So decide how you and your guests are feeling.

  • Hopeful? Bridget Jones' Diary or Serendipity
  • Depressed? Pride and Prejudice or The Notebook
  • Angry? 500 Days of Summer or You've Got Mail

Now, the entire night could consist of simply watching movies in your PJs. This is totally acceptable. But if you want more, here is a sample schedule for a Valentine's Day party.

Supplies Needed
light potluck dinner
wine, frozen appetizers
equivalent 3 shots per person
going to the bar or a party
revealing clothing
coming home and eating the rest of the food
(if anyone is still awake)
watching Bridget Jones and crying
movie, tubes of premade cookie dough, more win

Don't Want to Club or Party, but Want to Drink?

Skip the part of the schedule that requires leaving the house. Set up a game of Kings and play 2 rounds, then start on the movie.

Some Valentine's Day Movie Drinking Games:

  • Drink every time someone has an unreasonable expectation of their girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Every time you wish you were the main character.
  • Every time there is a misunderstanding which could have been solved if people just communicated.
  • For late night relaxed drinking, I recommend Kahlua and hot cocoa. Or Baileys and milk.
  • After a few hours, everyone will fall asleep and Valentine's Day will be over.

Mix It Up

And the Other Option! Get It? It's a Mixer.

ha. ha. ha.
ha. ha. ha. | Source

The most important part of a mixer is the inclusion of both genders. While the previous pity party could include both genders, it is not required.

For a good mixer, it's recommended that each guest find 1 person of the opposite gender (whom they are not romantically interested in) to bring along. This must be someone who was not previously invited by the person throwing the party. This way, there are many friends-of-friends instead of just the usual group hanging out.

If you know some couples who are willing to join in, they are useful as DDs for the remainder.

The Schedule

The schedule for a mixer follows the same general guidelines as the pity party, but without the movies. There should also be a pre-dinner icebreaker. Some good ice breaker games are:

  1. Apples to Apples
  2. Taboo
  3. Never have I .... (if you want to start the drinking early)


How you decide to handle dinner will set the tone for the night. There are 4 major options:

  1. dinner out
  2. everyone chips in for takeout
  3. nice homemade dinner by the host
  4. potluck

It just depends on how much formality your guests are comfortable with.


The pregaming in this case should continue the ice breaking activities, with games like Kings, Never have I, etc.

The Club

Going out is a bit more essential for a couples party, unless the gathering gets large enough to develop the right vibe on its own. If you choose to stay in, a game of team Risk can take all night.

After coming home, if people aren't passing out, you can put on a movie or play a few more rounds of Taboo before turning in.

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