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Inexpensive but Thoughtful Christmas Gifts to Give This Year

Lori works in the human resources department for NEMHS. She graduated from Thomas College with a bachelor's degree in communications and PR.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Christmas can be a stressful and expensive time of year when you need to buy gifts for your whole family and close friends! It is really the thought that counts on Christmas, and sometimes making homemade gifts for family and friends is better than materialistic items. Below, I have made a list of items that might be useful to you in the homemade gift-making process:

  • Home-baked goods: Everyone loves food! You really can't go wrong here when baking your Christmas gifts. Find out what your family members' favorite baked goods are and buy Christmas containers to put them in.
  • Homemade jewelry: This would be a fun idea for any jewelry-lover in your family. Find a nice jewelry making kit and get crafty! Invite friends over to help you make the perfect jewelry for your family.
  • Home-brew: Do you have people in your family that love to try new beers? Make a few different home-brews and bottle them up for gifts!
  • Homemade wine: Maybe you have more wine drinkers in your family? Bottle up some homemade wine or make a tasty sangria that your family will love!
  • Pictures: You can't get more sentimental than framing pictures of your sibling's families and gifting them. Your parents would also love an 8 x 10 picture of your whole family to hang on that empty space on their wall!
  • Your closet: Remember those shirts you bought and left the tags on because you weren't sure if you would wear them? Re-gift them! They probably would just sit in your closet and collect dust anyway. Put them to use!
  • Home decor: Look at Pinterest for ideas on this one! There are so many ideas for crafts and home decor. It can be inexpensive but still look nice in their homes!
  • Recipe book: Compile a list of all of your families recipes and create a recipe book. That way, all of your family members will have that famous recipe your mom used to make!
  • Refurbish old furniture: You can find some old coffee tables or nightstands at yard sales or at Goodwill fairly inexpensive. Bring it home, sand it down and re-paint it. Maybe put on some new knobs for appeal and re-gift it!
  • Homemade hand scrubs: Pinterest can also help you with this one! Find an easy recipe for a good smelling hand scrub and gift it to the girls in your family that love spa days!
  • Knitted coasters: If you want to try getting into knitting, one of the easiest things you could start out doing is coaster squares. Gift these as Christmas gifts to your family and friends!
  • Homemade bath bombs: Who doesn't love a bath bomb? This would be a fun project, and you can make enough to have for yourself!
  • Homemade soap bars: This is another fun project! You can also make a dressy container to put them in to make it festive.
  • Christmas ornaments: You can make sentimental ones with family photos so that your family can hang it on their tree!
  • Painted wine bottles: If you are crafty enough to paint on bottles, this can be another fun project! You can also put a string of lights in the bottle so that it can be lit up around the holidays.

Happy crafting for the holidays!! Have a Merry Christmas!

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peachy from Home Sweet Home on October 21, 2017:

I say homemade bake cookies and cakes are the best gift of all

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