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How to Make a Mini Christmas Tree Using Recycled Materials

My name is Chin chin. I like DIY projects, especially those that use recyclable materials to help take care of Mother Earth.

This is one of my completed miniature Christmas trees made entirely from recycled materials.

This is one of my completed miniature Christmas trees made entirely from recycled materials.

Why Make Recycled Art for the Holidays?

Using recycled materials to make arts and crafts projects is a good thing! Doing so helps reduce the amount of non-biodegradable materials that are thrown away during the holiday season. Using recycled materials makes crafting cheaper and it's always nice to make something creative out of things that most people just dispose of.

In this article, I will share two simple ways to make miniature Christmas trees using recycled and recyclable materials. Why make a Christmas tree? Well, I don't know about you, but I've been fond of these iconic Christmas decorations since I was little. The beautiful tree ornaments and colorful twinkling lights make them a real delight to behold.

The mini Christmas trees are perfect as tabletop decors. You can place them in your living room center table or side table. You can also make them in different sizes to fit your preference.

Tree 1: Materials


Yakult bottle or yogurt drink bottle


empty and cleaned

Used String

1-2 meters

green, made of plastic straw

glittered foam paper or colored paper and glitters

different colors, can use scraps only

Glue stick and glue gun


use this with care




blunt stick



ribbon or yarn

leftover yarns or recyclable ribbons

Tree 1: Instructions

1. Cut out the two yogurt bottles into three parts—top, middle and bottom. Then glue the two top parts together one on top of the other and glue the bottom part below them (see thumbnail pictures 3 and 4).

2. Use the middle part of the yogurt bottle to make a cone shape (see thumbnail picture 5). Then, glue this on top of the yogurt bottle you glued together (see thumbnail picture 6). Make another smaller cone shape and glue this on top of the first cone. The second cone shape is optional.

3. Get the green straw and cut it 1–2 inches long depending on your preference. Expand the cut straw and use your fingernails to tear the straw lengthwise with about 0.5 cm widths each (refer to thumbnail picture 7).

4. Fold the cut straw in half and put the folded part on the tip of the stick. Dab a little hot glue on the folded end of the straw and stick it onto the yogurt bottle while holding the stick (refer to thumbnail picture 8).

5. Do this all the way around the bottle and then go up until the entire bottle is covered with the green straw. Glue the other bottom cut out of the yogurt bottle at the bottom to serve as the base of the Christmas tree. Cover the bottom part of the Christmas tree. You can either use an old yarn or ribbon.

6. Make different cut-out shapes of the glittered foam paper and stick them onto the green straw around the mini Christmas tree. You can use colored paper sprinkled with glitters if case you don't have glittered foam paper. You can also use anything you want, such as the beads from your kids' broken fashion bracelets.

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7. Cut out a star from the middle part of the yogurt bottle. Cover the star with gold sticker on both sides (see thumbnail picture 9). Alternatively, you can put glue on the star and sprinkle them with gold glitters. Then, glue the star on top of the mini Christmas tree.

See thumbnail pictures 1, 2, and 3 below for a sample finished tree with and without decorations. Picture 2 is a smaller mini Christmas Tree version, made only of two yogurt bottles. Glittered foam paper was used for the Christmas tree ornaments. Picture 3 is a bigger mini Christmas tree made using 3 yogurt bottles and some beads as ornaments.

Tree 2: Materials


Yogurt bottle


Empty and cleaned

wrapping paper

green or any color, made of foil preferably


Christmas balls


glue gun and glue stick


transparent tape

Tree 2: Instructions

1. Cut two of the yogurt bottles in half lengthwise. Use the glue gun and glue stick to make the yogurt bottles stick together to form a Christmas tree pattern (see thumbnail picture 2) .

2. Wrap the Christmas tree yogurt bottle with wrapping paper.

3. Tie a red ribbon around the middle section of the tree.

3. Get two Christmas balls and tie them together with a wire and attach them to the red ribbon you tied around the tree. Make another one for the other side (optional).

Tabletop Christmas tree using recycled materials. Image by Chin chin

Tabletop Christmas tree using recycled materials. Image by Chin chin

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