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Clues for a Halloween Candy Hunt

When Halloween fell on a cold, nasty night, Abby Slutsky used to plan a candy hunt for her children.

Even if you don't do outdoor trick-or-treating, you can still have a candy hunt and enjoy treats!

Even if you don't do outdoor trick-or-treating, you can still have a candy hunt and enjoy treats!

Great Clues for a Halloween Candy Hunt

Looking for a socially distant alternative to trick-or-treating? Consider a Halloween candy scavenger hunt. If you are new to creating one, check out detailed instructions here: Halloween candy hunt. If your kids enjoyed a Halloween candy hunt last year, but you are on the fence about letting them trick-or-treat this year, you can plan another candy hunt to make them feel like they still get to enjoy Halloween!

I posted a list of Halloween clues in another article last year, but if you already used it, you will need a different set of clues to keep your children engaged in finding candy. If you did not use my previous list of clues, you could use both sets of clues if you want to create an extra-long candy hunt.

If you have more than one child trying to find Halloween candy, put the children’s names on the candy, so there will be no arguments about whose candy it is. You can even use different candy varieties so that each child finds their favorites.

Cut the clues, clip off the candy hiding space, and put each clue next to the location of the preceding one. Your children will have a wonderful time finding clues and Halloween candy!

Why Have a Halloween Scavenger Candy Hunt?

A candy hunt only takes a little preparation. Hide the Halloween candy and the clues, and your children will get a thrill out of finding Halloween treats. You will not have to trek through the neighborhood if the weather is cold, and your children will have a safe, enjoyable Halloween while they stay socially distant from others.

Twenty Clues for a Halloween Candy Hunt

Clue 1

Near an item yellow as the sun,

Will be the start of our candy hunt fun.

(Hide near or around anything yellow.)

Clue 2

Mirror, mirror on my bathroom wall,

Where's candy that is the best of all?

(Hide in a medicine cabinet.)

Clue 3

We haven't played a board game this week,

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Open the lids to find what you seek.

(Hide in a board game.)

Clue 4

Do you have a blazer that is dark like the night,

Look deep in the pockets tonight.

(Try dad's sport jacket or mom's blazer if she has one.)

Clue 5

Where you keep your cash,

You may find another kind of stash.

(Put in child's bank or wherever they keep their money.)

Clue 6

Room temperature candy is divine,

But frozen, it is so sublime.

(In the freezer.)

Clue 7

Look near the Halloween decorations to find something sweet,

Near the right one will be a treat.

(Choose any decoration that you can easily hide candy near.)

Clue 8

A floor rug can hide more than grime,

Go check under it one more time.

(Hide under a floor rug.)

Clue 9

In a jacket, in a pocket where guests keep their coats,

You'll find a treat that goes down your throats.

(Guest room closet jacket.)

Clue 10

In the room of the youngest son,

Is a Halloween treat for everyone.

(Anywhere in the room is fine.)

Clue 11

In mom's closet, hanging high,

Is candy that you will want to try.

(Hang on a hanger on use a hole punch and string to hang on a rack.)

Clue 12

On a shelf unit on the ground floor,

You will find a little more.

(Hide somewhere on a shelf.)

Clue 13

A reference book you may use,

Has candy you would like to choose.

(Put near dictionary, thesaurus, or any other reference book.)

Clue 14

A night table has a lot of stuff,

Perhaps some candy is on a shelf.

(Put in a night table of your choice.)

Clue 15

What has numbers in our home?

There are treats nearby if you roam.

(Put near a clock, a computer, a calculator, or any other item with numbers.)

Clue 16

It grows with water and sunlight,

Something is near it on Halloween night.

(Put under or around a plant.)

Clue 17

The dining room furniture has comfy chairs,

Don't squish anything that sits on there.

(Put on a chair.)

Clue 18

Where we keep the extra keys,

Is where you'll find a treat to please.

(Near a drawer, hook, or other location where you keep keys.)

Clue 19

Under an item that's orange and black,

Is candy that you will love to attack.

(There must be a tee shirt or some other item in your house with the right


Clue 20

Not paper towels, toilet paper, or tissues,

But something similar that you use.

(Near or underneath paper napkins.)

Kids will enjoy their candy stash on Halloween night after the candy scavenger hunt.

Kids will enjoy their candy stash on Halloween night after the candy scavenger hunt.

Three Extra Halloween Candy Hunt Clues

For those who have a clue or two above that is not appropriate for your household, here are a few additional clues if you need to substitute one or more.

Extra Clue 1

Behind a curtain is what you seek,

Go ahead and take a peek.

(Behind a curtain in any room.)

Extra Clue 2

In a bin where it is cold,

You get fruit there when you are told.

(Hide in fridge fruit crisper.)

Extra Clue 3

We are feeling lazy tonight,

So paper plates are a delight.

(Put near or under where you keep paper plates.)

When your children are finished finding their Halloween candy, let them indulge for a few minutes. If you are health-conscious, you can limit their candy to another day.

Happy Halloween!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2021 Abby Slutsky


Abby Slutsky (author) from America on September 28, 2021:

Thanks for reading. My kids used to love this when they were young.

Abby Slutsky (author) from America on September 28, 2021:

Thanks so much for reading.

Charlene Gallant from Cape Town, South Africa on September 28, 2021:

Oh my Gosh!!!lOVE THIS:) thank you Abby! Im going to have such fun doing this for my kiddies...what wonderful ideas.

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on September 28, 2021:

You give so many good clues for a fun Halloween for the children. These are good ideas, Abby.

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