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Fall Bucket List: 15 Fun & Creative Activities to Try This Autumn

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Liza is a homemaker. She has an obsession with coffee and loves photography, baking, cooking, and writing.

It's fall, y'all!

It's fall, y'all!

Fall: The Year's Most Colorful Season

Autumn is here! For as long as I can remember, fall has been my favorite season. Nothing beats the cool, breezy weather after a long summer's heat. I love waking up in the morning, putting on my robe, slipping into my slippers, and walking straight to the kitchen to start the coffee machine.

Every time this season arrives, it takes me by surprise. I don't often notice how time flies, but I am always so delighted when October rolls around, as it's my favorite month of the year. I can almost smell the crispy leaves on the ground and the pumpkin-spice latte soon to be warming my hands.

15 Activities to Try This Fall

To honor the month and the season, I have penned a 15-item bucket list of things I want to do this autumn. I invite you to pick the ones that appeal to you and create your own list of autumnal activities.

  1. Go for a scenic drive.
  2. Decorate the house.
  3. Burn a seasonal scented candle.
  4. Bake for someone.
  5. Have an outdoor breakfast.
  6. Cook your favorite comfort food.
  7. Watch scary movies and TV shows.
  8. Visit a pumpkin patch.
  9. Get cozy and read a book.
  10. Take a nature walk or hike.
  11. Shop for fall clothes.
  12. Make a fall craft.
  13. Rake leaves into a pile and jump in it.
  14. Take pictures of the colorful foliage.
  15. Collect fallen leaves.

Let's dig in!

1. Go for a Scenic Drive

I plan to go for a scenic drive with my husband. This year, we restricted ourselves from leaving the state, so we made a list of in-state locations we have never seen to drive through and observe the fall foliage. Last weekend, we went on a beautiful scenic drive in Utah, stopping at Mantua, Logan, and Brigham to photograph the foliage.

2. Decorate the House

I love decorating the house during the fall season. There is just something so special about making my home look warm and cozy. One thing I always do is make a festive wreath for the front door. Setting the dining table with a seasonal theme, changing the curtains to a bright color, creating a porch seating area, and drawing autumnal motifs on my chalkboard are some of my other favorite ways to decorate.

3. Burn a Seasonal Scented Candle

Scented candles are must-haves during the fall. I have always been a candle lover, so I have a pretty big collection of scented candles. For fall, I usually prefer to burn them at night, especially when I'm reading and before I go to bed. I love the smell of delicious toffee and maple—it's so soothing. This year, I want to go with pumpkin and apple cider scents.

4. Bake for Someone

I love baking, so I decided to add baking for a stranger as one of the bucket list items I want to accomplish. I'm so excited about this one—baking is such a great match for the fall season.

5. Have an Outdoor Breakfast

Eating breakfast outdoors is an essential thing to do during the fall. I love waking up in the morning, starting up a fire, and boiling water in a kettle to make coffee. I always love the quiet sounds of the morning in the woods. I love the smell of fire and the sound of water running in the creek. Typically, I prefer a small and easy breakfast when I eat outdoors, as I like to go hiking afterward.

6. Cook Your Favorite Comfort Food

I love baking, but cooking comfort food is my forté. Guess what? Fall is a perfect time to cook comfort food for family. Some of my favorite comfort foods are great for fall, as they quickly warm the body. I remember that when I moved to the United States, one of the first things I missed was the food back home. Cooking and eating Malaysian comfort food helps my body warm up fast.

7. Watch Scary Movies and TV Shows

When October hits, I like to dive into the scariest season of the year by watching horror movies and bingeing spooky TV shows while lounging on the couch. I have a full list of movies and TV shows that I am looking forward to watching this year, including Doctor Sleep, The Conjuring, The Haunting of Hill House, The Strains, Goosebumps, Scream, Halloween, and many more. I can't wait to make a large bowl of salted caramel popcorn, get comfy under a blanket, light a candle, and dive into something scary.

8. Visit a Pumpkin Patch

I love pumpkins so much! They look great, and they're lovely to cook with. For a long time after moving to the United States, however, I had never gotten around to visiting a pumpkin patch. Last weekend was my first visit to a pumpkin patch ever! My husband drove me to one that is not far from our house. I took some time to walk around the area and take photos, and I am so glad I included it as one of my fall bucket list items this year.

9. Get Cozy and Read a Book

Reading is such an enjoyable thing to do during the fall. The cool weather makes me want to cozy up with a book and a blanket on the couch. A cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a donut helps me get into the reading mood. I recently bought a few books, so I am planning to spend some time reading them in the days and weeks to come.

10. Take a Nature Walk or Hike

Nothing beats of walking outside on a misty autumn morning while bundled up in comfy clothes and boots. Fall is the perfect time for an outdoor walk in your neighborhood or even somewhere that you have never been to. I have a few places on my list to go to next weekend. I can't wait to walk around and see the beautiful fall foliage here in Utah.

11. Shop for Fall Clothes

As the weather transitions from warm to cool, I like to get new warm and comfy clothes. I live in a place that is cold (and sometimes wet) during the fall, so I like to wear a jacket, leggings, long socks, and boots. I also love putting a scarf around my neck and wearing a comfy knitted hat when I go outside. I didn't shop for essential fall outfits last year, so I think doing so this year will be exciting!

12. Make a Fall Craft

I am looking forward to making seasonal crafts at home while it's chilly outside. I was thinking of some inexpensive crafts that I could do at home without having to spend a lot of money, and I remembered that I had collected pinecones and tree branches in the wood while taking a nature walk a few years ago. I later made crafts from these items. This fall, I plan to do something similar.

13. Rake Leaves Into a Pile and Jump in It

Everyone has done this at some point. I can't wait until there are enough fallen leaves that I can rake them into a big pile and jump in! How about you?

14. Take Pictures of the Colorful Foliage

What can I say? After three months of hot summer, I enjoy the chill in the air—I just love switching my shirt out for a chunky sweater and drinking hot cocoa or coffee. However, I'm always most excited to see the leaves start to change. Utah's mountain canyons and parks are glow with autumn colors like red, pink, yellow, and orange. I can never resist taking a bunch of photos as the leaves change.

15. Collect Fallen Leaves

I often collect fallen leaves and use them to make wall decor and bookmarks. However, I've yet to preserve leaves in scrapbooks or wax paper, and I think it would be a nice idea to do that this year. Last year, I didn't get a chance to collect leaves, so I am excited to find some good ones this time around.