New Year's Resolutions and Other New Year's Ideas

Updated on August 30, 2019
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I am a 28-year-old in Little Rock, Arkansas, with a passion for fostering and adoption.

Setting Goals for Yourself

Making a New Year's resolution is a great way to start the year off right. Setting goals for yourself will help keep you on track to becoming the person that you would like to be. You do not have to wait until New Year's Day. You can set a resolution for yourself at any time! Evaluate your life and think of areas that you can improve in. Whether it's your finances, health, work, or just wanting to live a healthier life, this article has the goal for you!

Ideas for Adults

  1. Lose weight.
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Save 10% of every paycheck.
  4. Stop ordering takeout.
  5. Stop buying Starbucks coffee.
  6. Quit drinking soda.
  7. Watch less TV.
  8. Read one book a month.
  9. Learn a new skill.
  10. Stop drinking alcohol.
  11. Read your Bible every day.
  12. Only check Facebook once a week.
  13. Spend more time with friends in real life.
  14. Delete your dating apps.
  15. Drink 2 liters of water a day.
  16. Don't be late to work.
  17. Exercise 3 days a week.
  18. Cancel anything that you pay monthly for that you do not use, like Hulu, Netflix, massage membership, tanning membership, gym membership, etc.
  19. Keep all coin change that you receive and save it until the end of the year.
  20. Put your phone away an hour before bed.
  21. Learn a new language. Try the free app Duolingo.
  22. Try meatless Mondays.
  23. Floss daily.
  24. Think of a way to volunteer like, helping out at a shelter, delivering meals to the elderly, donating to animal shelters, visiting the elderly at a nursing home, etc.
  25. Cut up all but one credit card.
  26. Work on one big cleaning project a week. This could include cleaning out the garage, going through all old papers in the house, donate old clothes, etc.

Year Memory Jar

Keep a jar in your home. Anytime something really great or funny happens to you, write it down and put it in the jar. At the end of the year, read through all your best moments. This would be a great idea to start with your family or even at work.

Resolution Ideas for Children

  1. Clean your room every day.
  2. Learn to save at least 25% of your allowance.
  3. Donate your old toys to someone who needs them.
  4. Help parents set the table.
  5. Help parents take care of the pets.
  6. Spend 30 minutes a day reading.
  7. Read your Bible every day.
  8. Make new friends at school.
  9. Be kinder to my siblings by helping them when they need it.
  10. Do not argue with parents or siblings.
  11. Learn a new sport.
  12. Learn a new instrument.
  13. Start homework right after school.
  14. Go to bed by 9:00 without complaining.

Starting a journal is one of the best things that you can do. Not only does it boost creativity and help you to de-stress, but it is also something nice to have years down the line to help you remember your life. You don't have to be an amazing writer to start one. You could write down what happened to you that day or who you spent your time with. You could even write goals for the week, short stories, or work ideas. Years from now, when you read through it, this journal will spark lots of memories and be cherished by you and whoever you decide to share it with.

Resolution Ideas for Work

  1. Be 30 minutes early to work every day.
  2. Make a goal list every day of all that you need to accomplish.
  3. Bring healthy lunch to work instead of eating out.
  4. Organize your desk.
  5. Donate old clothes to someone who needs them and purchase more professional clothing.
  6. Always ask your boss or coworkers what you can do to help them.
  7. Do not play with your phone or check social media at work.
  8. Try and work on at least one extra big project a week when you have down time. This could include, auditing files, marketing, finding more clients, cleaning out the office etc.
  9. Find a way to save your company money.
  10. Become closer to an employee that you look up to.
  11. Be a mentor to the coworkers that normally irritate you. Help them to be better.

Daily Notecard Memories

If you do not think you would sit down and write a lot in a journal, this notecard idea is perfect to do instead of or even at the same time. All you do is get 365 notecards. Each day gets a separate card. On one card, write a sentence or two about what you did that day. Repeat every day on a separate card. When the new year rolls around, write more on the card you used last year. The picture above is an example. To keep the cards organized, either get a hole puncher and connect them with a ring or keep them all in a recipe box. After you complete one year, it will be fun each day that you write to see what you were doing this time last year!

Did you make a New Years resolution this year?

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Resolution Ideas for Couples

  1. Do not play on your phone when you are on a date together.
  2. Tell each other in real life how you feel about each other instead of through text or social media.
  3. Unless you are in a long-distance relationship, try not to text each other about your day all day. Wait until you see each other so you have a chance to miss each other and will have something to talk about.
  4. Do not speak poorly about each other to friends and family. It's ok to talk about some arguments but make sure you are telling everyone the good things about your partner too.
  5. Let your partner have time away from you. They should be able to hang out with friends and family and not have to have you by their side all the time.
  6. Start a hobby together. Learn a language, go to a workout class, ride bikes, go hiking, start learning to cook, etc.
  7. Try and surprise your partner more. Romantic date idea, sweet love notes, thoughtful gifts, etc.
  8. Apologize more.
  9. Blame less.
  10. Make a real effort to become closer to your partners family or friends.
  11. Read a book together.
  12. Go to church together.
  13. Come up with low cost or free date ideas so you can save money together.

Start a Journal

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very good suggestions for the various groups of people you mentioned. Helpful.


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