Halloween Party Food Ideas for Kids

Updated on August 22, 2016

Make Frightfully Easy Treats!!!!

Host a creeptastic party filled with ghoulishy tasty snacks for all your little goblins. Make adorable treats perfect for any Halloween party, from the healthy apples to not so healthy cupcakes, there are some great ideas here to cover a range of tastes. Mummify your cakes and brain your jelly to get those guests quaking in their boots!!

1) Cheesy Witch Brooms

Cheesy Witch Brooms are fun and easy to make with pretzels and cheese. Kids will go crazy for them and they will look great on your party table.

2) Spiders on Eggs

Cut pitted black olives in half lengthwise and nestles one half on top of an egg for the body, and then cut the other half crosswise into thin slices to form the creepy legs.

3) Spider Sucker

Buy a pack of lollipops and get some pipe cleaners and googly eyes and make some creepy, crawly spiders! These are low cost and cute! Oh, and the best part: when Halloween is over, you can eat them!

4) Zombie Fast Food

Every zombie loves brains ! Buy brain shaped jelly molds to make your brains extra tasty.

5) Meat Head

Make ham into a creepy meat head to serve at lunch or snack time on Halloween.

6) Strawberry Ghosts

For a spooktacular treat, dip strawberries in white chocolate and add milk chocolate for eyes and mouth.

7) Caramel Apple Bar

Great for a Halloween party, lay a table with all the trimmings for making candy apples.

Remember to check the link for more awesome ideas!

8) Oranges Disguised as Pumpkins

Healthy Halloween snack: oranges & celery, or whatever green portion you choose

9) Halloween Mummy Pizza

Great to serve kids for their lunch, use olives for eyes and slices of mozzarella strategically placed to form 'bandages'.

10) Marshmallow Bones

Marshmallows on each end of a pretzel, dipped in white chocolate = bones!

11) Crazy Hair Pumpkin

Fruit skewers stuck in pumpkin to look like crazy hair - fun fruit serving display for fall or Halloween parties

12) Cupcake Mummies

You'll need to make a batch of chocolate cupcakes for these and add white frosting to create the mummy look. Use M&M’s as the eyes.

13) Mummy Apples

This is so simple and fun to do with the kids, simply wrap gauze tape around apples and add candy eyes.

Get more fun ideas by clicking the link at the top of the page.

14) Graveyard Pudding Pops

Add Peeps ghosts to puddings. Use the Sunrise brand harvest mix/candy corn for the pumpkins and add to pudding pots. Crumble an oreo for the 'dirt'.

15) Pumpkin Pretzels

The kids can help to make these fun Pumpkin pretzels--use white choc. chips with orange food coloring and green M and Ms.

16) Jack-O-Lantern Mandarins

Avoid candy and draw jack-o-lantern faces on mandarin oranges for a school party. Great alternative to sugary treats and oh so simple to do.

17) Raisin Men

Brilliant for a preschoolers lunch, just stack rasins and use a yoghurt as the head.

18) Hershey Kisses Witches Hats

What you need: 1 package (11.5 oz) fudge-striped shortbread cookies (32 cookies) Hershey's® Kisses® brand milk chocolates, unwrapped 1 tube orange icing Attach 1 chocolate candy to chocolate bottom of each cookie, using decorating icing.

19) Spider Webs

Make the a super cute treat for your little ones using pretzels and icing to make these Creepy Spider Web Snacks.

20) Blackberries and Cantaloupe

Aren't the orange and black just perfect together? Not only are they a great addition to your party they are healthy and look like jewels!

21) Halloween Rice Krispy Treats

These can be customized for a whole range of things from baby showers to birthday parties, its all in the color of the sprinkles you choose!

22) Party Appetizers

Fill a pumpkin with a nice cheese dip and cut up celery and carrots for dipping. This festive idea also works great for Thanksgiving.

Click on the link for more tips.

23) Hand Treats

Buy some surgical gloves and fill with treats like Smarties, mini Hershey candy bars and mini Reeses peanut butter cups, and Hershey Kisses. Finish by tying them with ribbon.

24) Glitter Candy Apples

This is perfect for adding the sparkle to your party. Melt jolly ranchers in oven 250 for 5 min and pour over apples. Add edible glitter for sparkly effect.

25) Jack Skellington Cupcakes

You'll need a Batch of chocolate cupcakes, White buttercream frosting,2 toothpicks
and a Tube of black decorator's icing to make these inspired cakes.

26) Ribs n Bones

Scary ribs are brilliant for Halloween dinners. Get a rack of ribs and then deli style sausage in links and place a skeleton head on top.

27) Halloween Broomsticks and Witches Hats

Reeses mini peanut butter cups with a pretzel stuck in it are so cute as edible brooms!

If you love these creepy ideas remember to share!!

28) Wormy Hotdogs

So easy and cute to make. Even for the healthy eaters in us all. Simply pop some uncooked spaghetti in some chopped up hot dogs and boil . Kids will love the look of this creepy food on their plate.

29) Butterfly Snacks

These are super cute and great for kids parties or even to take to school.


30) Johnny Applesnacks

Easy to make and kids will love these! You just need a juice box and fruit cup.

31) Minion bananas

Bananas get a cute makeover with this minion look.


32) Monster fruit tray

A Water melon looks so tasty with grapes !

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        ezzly 3 years ago

        Thanks so much Deborah Diane !

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        Deborah-Diane 3 years ago from Orange County, California

        I have never seen so many clever Halloween food ideas in one place! I'm going to have to come back to this page next October!! Voted UP

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        Totally agree , think I like the cheese broomsticks , something savory !

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        Very cute ideas for Halloween. I don't know what I like best?!?