Printable Rooster Coloring Pages: Kid Crafts for Chinese New Year

Updated on September 2, 2017
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Adele has been a youth services librarian for 20 years. She has been mother to a daughter from China for 17 years.

Year of the Rooster Coloring Sheets to Print and Go

These printable Year of the Rooster coloring sheets are designed for kids: preschoolers, kindergarteners, and elementary school children.

At the top of the site, you will see coloring sheets with a portrait orientation. The ones towards the end of the list are landscape orientation.

The shape roosters and hand-drawn roosters are my own designs; other artwork is under license from You are free to print them for personal or classroom use. Commercial use is prohibited.

Rooster Templates and Other Projects

For some of the crafts here, you will need to print out rooster templates, which you can find on the site linked below. You can find links to other crafts projects here as well.

How To Use These Templates for Chinese New Year Craft Projects

I've loaded the images as photos( jpegs). You can right click to copy them, and then paste them into a program of your choice, like Word or Publisher. Once you have pasted them, you can enlarge or reduce the image the way you'd like. They are all sized for 8.5" X 11" paper.

Cartoon Rooster: Portrait Layout

Papercut Rooster: Portrait Layout

Realistic Rooster: Portrait Layout

Embroidered Rooster: Portrait Layout

Shape Rooster: Portrait Layout

Printable Half-Circle Roosters

These little roosters based on a half-circle are laid out so that children can create their own designs within the rooster. This is a chance for children to use whichever designs they wish--polka dots, stars, stripes, or even zentangles.

Half-Circle Rooster: Portrait Layout

Half-Circle Rooster -- Portrait Layout -- with Designs

Here are some examples of designs drawn on the half-circle roosters. they were inspired by the traditional arts of paper cutting and of embroidery.

Half-Circle Rooster: Portrait Layout: Feather and Crescent Design

Half-Circle Rooster: Portrait Layout: Feather and Scallop Design

Half-Circle Rooster: Portrait Layout: Scallop and Dot Design

Realistic Rooster: Landscape Layout

Embroidery Rooster: Landscape Layout

Papercut Rooster: Landscape Layout

Shape Rooster: Landscape Layout

Hand-Drawn Rooster: Landscape Layout

Half-Circle Rooster: Landscape Layout

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