10 Products Sold Only During the Christmas Holiday

Updated on December 19, 2018
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes articles that are interesting to her readers.

There are at least ten products that come out only at Christmas time. You can find them on the days leading up to Christmas. As soon as the holiday is over, the item disappears for an entire year.

Perhaps you are familiar with some of the seasonal products that are described below.

1. Chia Pets

Chia Pets are advertised on television and sold in stores all over the country in time to be purchased for gifts. The terracotta figurines are called Chia Pets because when they first became popular they came only in the form of pet heads. They were manufactured in China, and the first one was made on September 8, 1977. The first Chia Pet that became popular was the ram in 1982.

Today, there are heads of famous people that sprout chia. It takes only a couple of weeks for the chia to sprout and grow to fill up the entire head to resemble the pet's fur or the person's hair.

Even though Chia Pets are sold only during the Christmas holiday, approximately 500,000 of them are sold during that time every year.

The Clapper
The Clapper | Source

2. The Clapper

Like the Chia Pet, the Clapper comes out only during the days leading up to Chrismas every year. It is a sound-activated electrical switch. Most people think the clapper is named after the slogan, "Clap On! Clap Off! That is true, but the product is named after its inventor, Robert E. Clapper, Sr.

The device is not just activated by clapping. It will come on by other noises, such as a cough, a laugh, someone crying, a dog barking, a door being slammed, and other loud sounds.

3. Ugly Sweaters

Some people are glad the ugly sweater is seasonal. Most people have at least one, and the ugliest sweater is better. Some are forced to wear them to Christmas parties and to family holiday gatherings.

Those tacky garments are popular in the United States. Cliff Huxtable, played by Bill Cosby, used to wear them not just on Christmas but all during the winter on The Cosby Show in the 1980s. Now the trend is very popular during the Christmas season when people of all ages wear them. Unlike the Huxtable sweaters, the ugly ones at Christmas are decorated on the front and back with symbols of the season.

Whoopi Goldberg's Ugly Sweaters at Zappos
Whoopi Goldberg's Ugly Sweaters at Zappos | Source

Whopper Goldberg, actress and moderator of The View, has a booming ugly sweater line at Target, Zappos, other stores and online.

Late night talk show host Jimmy Fallon has a segment on NBC's Tonight Show called The 12 Days of Christmas Sweaters where he gives audience members ugly Christmas sweaters.

4. Poinsettias

The poinsettia is a beautiful plant, and it is popular in the month of December as a Christmas favorite. It is named after Joel Roberts Poinsett who discovered it in the wild when he was the first United States Minister to Mexico. He named the plant after himself and introduced it to the United States in 1825.

Poinsettias are found in most houses as part of the Christmas decorations. People purchase them for their leaves and not for the flowers that are the small yellow structures found in the center of each bunch of leaves. The flowers are barely seen because of the beautiful colorful leaves. The popular color of the leaves is red, but some plants have pink, yellow and white leaves.

Even though poinsettias are popular around Christmas time, but they can last much longer after the holiday season with proper care.

5. Eggnog

In the United States and Canada, eggnog is traditionally consumed during the Christmas season every year from late November until the end of the holiday season. No one really knows who determined that eggnog should be a seasonal drink that is available only around the Christmas holiday.

During the days before Christmas, store-bought eggnog is found in the dairy section of grocery stores. After Christmas, it disappears until the next year. That doesn't mean people can't make their own by using an easy recipe.

The beverage is rich because it is made with milk, cream, sugar, and eggs which gives it the name. Some eggnogs contain alcoholic spirits such as rum, brandy, whiskey or bourbon. Sometimes the beverage is served with nutmeg or cinnamon.

6. Fruitcake

If you want to eat fruitcake after December, you should stock up on them around Christmas time because they are not in the stores after Christmas.

Fruitcake is a rich dessert made with candied or dried fruit, nuts, and spices. A lot of people do not want to receive a fruitcake for a Christmas present. On the other hand, some people love fruitcakes and wish they were available throughout the year, but they are not.

Candy Canes
Candy Canes | Source

7. Candy Canes

Candy canes are found in some stores throughout the year, but their sales increase at Christmas time. That's because they are not only eaten but they are also used as decorations.

The most popular candy cane is the red and white striped ones that are peppermint flavored, but they also come in various other colors and flavors.

Hard Christmas Candy
Hard Christmas Candy

8. Hard Candy

Candy is plentiful in stores all year long, but only certain candies are available at Christmas time. The candies are known as hard Christmas candies.

The many different pieces are favorites of older people, but the candy cane is the favorite for young children. Besides, the candy cane is much safer for small children because of its handle. Hard candies can slip down a young child's throat and the child could get choked. Therefore, keep hard Christmas candy away from small hands.

Christmas Nuts
Christmas Nuts

9. Holiday Nuts

Some nuts are available in the grocery stores year round. However, there is a better variety around Christmas time. People love to have nuts on hand for guests who visit during the holiday.

There are so many nuts, but people have their favorites to put in dishes for guests to munch on when they visit.

Some of the most common holiday nuts are walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, almonds, pistachios, and Brazil nuts.

10. Gingerbread Houses

Gingerbread houses are popular around Christmas time. They are often made by children along with their parents instead of being store bought. Just like its name says, a gingerbread house is made out of crisp gingerbread. It is decorated with candies and icing. Usually, no two gingerbread houses are exactly alike.

The fun of making a gingerbread house is to make it elaborate with many items on it and surrounding it, including flowers and animals in the yard. While gingerbread houses can be eaten one piece at a time, the joy comes from making it.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of the gingerbread houses and why making it appeals to so many young children? The tradition started in Germany in the 1800s. Legend says the first gingerbread house came about from the well-known fairy tale Hansel and Gretel published by brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm with Illustrations by Theodor Hosemann in 1812.

The story is about a young brother and sister who were kidnapped and abandoned in the forest. They survived after they found a house made of bread with sugar and other edible treats.


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    • PoetikalyAnointed profile image


      8 months ago from US

      yes indeedy sweety lol

    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      8 months ago from Richmond, VA

      PoetikalyAnointed, so I was right. The Chia Pet is highly advertised during this time of the year.

    • PoetikalyAnointed profile image


      8 months ago from US

      This was fun, funny and made me smile. I just so a Chia Pet commercial for them Golden Ladies from...Golden Girls LOL! I died laughing...lol.

    • revmjm profile imageAUTHOR

      Margaret Minnicks 

      8 months ago from Richmond, VA

      Good for you, Ellison. This is the season to buy them. They aren't as easily available during the summer months. I hope your nephews will enjoy them.

    • Ellison Hartley profile image

      Ellison Hartley 

      8 months ago from Maryland, USA

      That is too funny! I just bought my nephews two dinosaur chia's!


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