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What Does the Year of the Rabbit Mean for You?

Sam is a current graduate student at Marist College where she is studying to obtain a master's degree in information systems management.

Find out what the Year of the Rabbit means for you?

Find out what the Year of the Rabbit means for you?

Year of the Rabbit

Rabbit years are ideal for making peace with your enemies and settling arguments. Now is the time to develop a schedule and learn how to moderate. Rabbit years are typically pretty quiet, but a perfect time to live in harmony.



29 Jan, 1903 - 15 Feb, 1904



14 Feb, 1915 - 2Feb, 1916



2 Feb, 1927 - 22 Jan, 1928



19 Feb, 1939 - 7 Feb, 1940



6 Feb, 1951 - 26 Jan, 1952



25 Jan, 1963 - 12 Feb, 1964



11 Feb, 1975 - 30 Jan, 1976



29 Jan, 1987 - 16 Feb, 1988



16 Feb, 1999 - 4 Feb, 2000



3 Feb, 2011 - 22 Jan, 2012



22 Jan, 2023 - 10 Feb, 2024


Year of the Rabbit Traits


  • Nurturing
  • Compassionate
  • Humble
  • Ambitious
  • Sociable
  • Intuitive
  • Creative


  • Self-indulgent
  • Shy
  • Doesn't do well with the unfamiliar

Year of the Rabbit Personality

Rabbits are very complex creatures. Those born under this sign tend to be humble, yet ambitious, sociable, but secretive, intuitive, as well as tactful, and incredibly creative. Rabbits are very refined. Their idea of a nice night out is dinner and conversation, rather than partying hard. Rabbits have an easy time accepting their circumstances. They are also quite lucky when it comes to fruitful opportunities. However, they are not great at making important decisions and will often put them off.

Rabbits believe that there is a certain way to do things. Anything that changes or goes against what they believe is proper will be difficult for the rabbit to handle. Rabbits also have a hard time dealing with change and adjusting to new people and things. They also really dislike when things are not tidy!

Rabbits are very kind and compassionate people, full of nurturing empathy and consideration for others. They make excellent confidants because they don't like to talk behind people's backs. For this reason many people find it easy to talk to rabbits. Rabbits can seem a bit standoffish at first since they are shy and don't immediately show affection to people they are not entirely comfortable with yet. Once a rabbit is comfortable, though, they are lots of fun to be around. They have a fantastic sense of humor that appeals to many, but they are terrible at telling jokes!

They are creative types that will work hard towards their goals. Even though they'll never back down from a challenge, they prefer things to be straightforward without any obstacles.

Rabbits aren't particularly fond of travel, as they are most comfortable in their own environment and take a lot of time getting to know their surroundings as much as possible. The things they enjoy the most are spending time outdoors, eating good food, and shopping, especially for clothes and makeup. They also enjoy reading and have the ability to remember lots of information.

Rabbit Compatibility

Love Relationships

  • Best Match: Dragon
  • Good Matches: Rabbit, Horse, Goat
  • Worst Match: Rooster

Business Relationships

  • Best Match: Rabbit
  • Good Matches: Rat, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Pig
  • Worst Match: Monkey

Rabbits in Relationships

Rabbits take a little time to warm up to people, but once they do, they're very friendly. They are pacifists who cannot tolerate injustice and violence. They will avoid confrontation at any cost. Due to this they will often avoid issues that do not affect them directly, even if they sympathize with those in that situation.

Being apart of a group proves difficult for the rabbit since, by nature, they are independent and solitary creatures. However, they love being doted on by others and socializing. Rabbits thoroughly enjoy stimulating conversations, although they will often keep their more critical opinions to themselves. Despite being very peaceful, if a rabbit is hurt they are known to retaliate verbally with sarcasm and humor.

Rabbits make exceptional parents since they know how to balance love and discipline better than most. They are warm and nurturing to their loved ones, but they will not stand for bad behavior. Any kids of a rabbit will be well dressed and well mannered.

Rabbit Careers

Rabbits will do well working for non-profits and charity. They make good doctors, counsellors, politicians, lawyers, and teachers. They also enjoy working with children and animals.

Rabbits and Money

Rabbits always repay their debts--and on time. If they feel they owe you one, they'll work hard to return the favor. They expect others to handle their debts in a similar fashion, but aren't naïve enough to believe that everyone thinks and acts like them. If a rabbit doesn't trust you to pay your dues, they will never lend you money. If you are late making a payment, believe that a rabbit will expect to be paid interest.

Rabbits do well in business because they are very wise, give great advice when it is needed, and have the ability to bring people together. They are hard workers, but need a schedule to work and live by. They also do not enjoy working long hours because having time to enjoy their social life is extremely important to them.

Rabbit Elements

  • Metal Rabbit: Don't let the metal rabbit's cool surface fool you, they are strong-willed and aggressive. They strive to get to the top as early in life as they can. Despite their fiery ambition, they are very calculated and think through all of their decisions before acting. Metal rabbits take things very serious and so they often fall into depressive moods. They are protective and possessive of their loved ones and only like to keep a small circle of friends. Metal rabbits tend to think very highly of themselves, but in their defense they are very good at making situations work out in their favor. Metal rabbits are true to their word, if they make a promise they are sure to keep it.
  • Water Rabbit: Water rabbits are timid and sensitive whose feelings are easily hurt. Their dreamy intuitive nature makes them great artists. They are well read, and though they are quiet, make great conversationalists. Water rabbits are well respected by their peers and are destined for wealth. Family is very important to this rabbit as they are very loving.
  • Wood Rabbit: The kind wood rabbit does exceptionally well with other people. Their considerate, generous, and sociable nature make them want to work hard for the benefit of others. This rabbit is very organized and works hard to make sure things are always running smoothly. Anything that disrupts their calm is downright ignored in favor of maintaining peaceful surroundings.
  • Fire Rabbit: These confident and spirited rabbits enjoy a good challenge. They have amazing memories and excel in the arts and sciences. Fire rabbits are fun-loving, outgoing, friendly, and charming but are also very hardworking. Their motto is "work hard, play hard." With the right support, fire rabbits are destined for greatness, but they do not handle stress all too well. When things aren't going their way they can be quite moody. They can be rather self-centered when it comes to love and are likely to have multiple marriages.
  • Earth Rabbit: The dependable earth rabbit is a creature of few words, but full of wisdom and insight. Their cautious demeanor and hardworking dedication makes them intelligent knowledgeable business people. These rabbits are well respected, but their critical attitude of others often bothers others. They take advice very well, but are true to themselves and will speak their minds. Earth rabbits believe in lasting relationships and will seek out a partner they can spend their life with.


Samantha Harris (author) from New York on August 21, 2013:

A cat? I haven't heard that, I need to look into it!

WhiteMuse on August 21, 2013:

I am really a rabbit. It could also be a cat which makes sense to me I read.

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on August 04, 2013:

I thought I might be a rabbit until I read, "they are strong-willed and aggressive." Wish I had more of that. Thanks for another good share.