Recycled Handmade Angel Christmas Ornament

Updated on December 14, 2016
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Adorable Diet Coke Can Angel Ornament

Adorable diet coke can Angel ornament
Adorable diet coke can Angel ornament | Source

Affordable Holiday Decor Inspiration

Seems like ages since I wrote a hub on hubpages. But, I have a good excuse, I've been busy conjuring up some cool new and fun Christmas decoration ideas to share with all of you. Being creative takes time, so do bear with me. My goal here and in the next few hubs I am planning on publishing, is to keep holiday decorating as affordable and enjoyable as possible. I know how expensive it can get during the Holidays, so my goal is to try to keep those costs down for those who love crafting. So enjoy yourself and get those creative juices flowing, now grab your favorite cup of tea or coffee and have some fun. You know, Christmas is only 146 days from now, that's not very long when there are so many decorations and gifts to make! Besides, isn't it less stressful when you start early, just saying!

This first ornament that I've chosen to make is simple, she is made from an empty diet coke can. She is lightweight and looks fabulous on the Christmas tree, the shiny part of the can will reflect the tree lights nicely. She can also be used to decorate a wrapped gift as a tag, so in your creative wisdom I am sure you will find numerous ways in which to use this little cutie during the Holidays. You can also use different types of beverages to make her out of, the sky is the limit. Angels are my personal favorite, and who doesn't like receiving a beautiful handmade angel at Christmas anyway?

My diet coke Angel ornament will bring your tree to life! Everyone will admire her, not just because she is so adorable, but because you took the time to make her especially for them.

So, stay tuned for more of my handmade decorations, along with some very cute wooden and fabric ornaments which I will share in the next few hubs. Why not make Christmas more fun this year by starting a new tradition, start by scheduling time to create handmade projects with your family or your friends, it will be a blessing - guaranteed! See you soon.

Materials and Diagrams

Materials you will need for the ornament
Materials you will need for the ornament | Source
Pattern for the diet coke angel ornament
Pattern for the diet coke angel ornament | Source

You Will Need:

  • 1 diet Coke can, cleaned and dried
  • ½” pearl
  • 16” piece of thin red ribbon
  • Small silver star
  • Small bling gem clear
  • Small round jewelry piece for halo (or ribbon can be used too)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Sharp scissors


  1. Cut into the can where the serving information area is shown and make a straight line.Then cut all around the top portion of the can trying to keep as straight as you can. Then do the same for the bottom part of the can – discard those pieces or use for other projects. Then copy the pattern for the heart and body onto cardboard to have for tracing. Be very careful not to cut yourself, so handle carefully.
  2. Trace the heart and body onto the aluminum pieces and cut out as straight as possible. Keep in mind that the pieces will want to curve inward. That will make it easy to shape the dress for the angel – as you will see in next step.
  3. With hot glue after you shape the dress glue the backside and carefully hold it in place till glue is secure and dried. Make sure the opening at the top is smaller than the pearl.
  4. Glue the pearl onto the top of the dress and hold in place. Then take the 16” piece of ribbon, cut an 8” piece for hanging and the remainder make the small bow. Fold the 8” piece in half and glue to the inside of the wings. Then glue the two small pieces for the hands in place, folding pieces towards front of dress. Look at the picture for placement info. Add large amounts of glue to the inside of the wings and place the body onto it securely leaving the top portion of the ribbon for hanging. The arms will be sticking out, so overlap and glue those together in front and add the star in the center.
  5. Glue the jewelry piece to the top of the head for halo (or use ribbon or any gold chord) that you can make a halo out of. Then glue the small bow under the head and then glue the gem on top.

These can be made with any of your favorite beverage cans – so keep recycling!

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