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The Scariest Sites on the Internet This Halloween

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What Are the Scariest Sites on the Web This Halloween?

The Internet is an information superhighway that currently has over 1.8 billion websites connected to it! There is a subsection of websites based deeply in fright, fear, and scares of all types. This Halloween, why not find the scariest places on the Internet and get your spook on? Here are several horrifying websites to make it just a little bit harder to sleep this Halloween season.

7 Frightening Websites to Visit This Halloween

  1. Creepypasta (
    If names like Slender Man and Jeff the Killer ring a bell with you, then that is due to this website. Horror-related images and stories are gathered and written by anonymous users for web surfers to scare themselves at their own leisure. With a strict comment and ranking section, readers wanting a scary story have a “top scariest” list to choose from. If reading horror stories is your hobby, Creepypasta is the best place to get your thrill on.
  2. Frightfind (
    This is a website devoted to finding the nearest haunted attractions and real haunted places for you to get the pants scared off you. Featuring an incredible amount of detailed listings and historical write-ups of true hauntings, this is a website that has it all when it comes to serving up frights and scares. With an added feature section for listing the haunts geographically, it makes finding terror in your neighborhood a real scream. Want the most complete directory of every haunted house around? Look no further than Frightfind, because they do it best.
  3. Deathdate (
    Ever wonder about the day you will die? Then you’ve come to the right place. Deathdate is a terrifying website where you enter some basic facts and statistics about yourself, such as your height, weight, and certain habits. The site then calculates the exact date and time that you will cease to exist on this Earth. If that’s not enough to creep you out, when your actual date of death is revealed, there is also a countdown clock that is exposed revealing the remaining time you have left.
  4. Plane Crash Info (
    Nothing is more terrifying than being trapped inside an airplane that is flying at 42,000 ft and suddenly experiencing a malfunction that causes it to plummet from the sky. What is going on? What is being said? This website is devoted to bringing readers the very last words spoken by pilots as planes have crashed from the sky. Real audio recordings of panicked pilots are listed on the site, making it an emotionally terrifying destination that is not for the faint of heart.
  5. Fifth Nail (
    Ever wonder what goes on inside a serial killer’s head? Well here is a place to have that question answered. Fifth Nail is an online blog written by Joseph Edward Duncan. For those unfamiliar, Duncan is a notorious serial killer from Washington state who was found guilty for kidnapping and murdering whole families across two states. Currently serving life in prison, Duncan periodically has his last musings posted to this website. The blog has posts comparing himself and trials to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, but his posts aren’t exactly made from prison. Instead, Duncan mails letters to a third party who posts them on his website for him. Chilling and haunting in style, this site comes straight from the source of evil itself.
  6. Joy Of Satan (
    Operated by the High Priestess Maxine Dietrich, the Joy Of Satan is the ultimate in everything evil. Dedicated to the Dark Lord of Hell, this website has an enormous amount of information for everything from summoning demons, to creating sigils, to selling yourself and contacting Old Scratch himself. The website’s searing red text is in fact, Hell on the eyes for real, but once past it, you realize that you are dabbling into things that are supremely scary and putting your soul in jeopardy. This site you definitely should be entering at your own risk.
  7. Scary for Kids (
    It's scary for kids, and adults if you ask me. A series of spooky things are included, from scary numbers to dial to the story of the man with the hook.
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Honorable Mention:

Goodbye Warden (
This website contains the last words of over 540 inmates executed in the state of Texas.

Now get out and get spooked!

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