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DIY Hanging Picture Frame: A Simple Mother's Day Craft for Kids

I am a K-12 art teacher at a small school district, and I love to cook. Most of my articles are art projects for kids or recipes. Enjoy!

This Mother's Day, help the kids make a simple hanging picture frame for Mom!

This Mother's Day, help the kids make a simple hanging picture frame for Mom!

This is a simple and fun project that children can make for their moms for Mother's Day or other special occasions. A picture, construction paper, markers, tape, and yarn or a pipe cleaner are all that are needed to create this delightful personalized gift. This fun and easy activity is perfect for teachers or parents to do with their children.

How to:

Supplies Needed

  • Photograph
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Yarn or pipe cleaners
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  1. Find a picture that Mom would love.
  2. Pick out a color of construction paper for the frame.
  3. Fold the paper in half, so there is a creased line in the middle to use as a guide.
  4. Open it back up and center the picture on the paper. Try to center from top to bottom and side to side. It may help to fold the paper in half in both directions, so there is an actual midpoint on the paper.
  5. Place the picture down in the middle of the paper and trace it lightly with a pencil.
  6. Take the picture off the paper and then make a smaller outline within the traced outline (about a 1/4 inch in from the picture outline).
  7. Fold the paper in half again and cut the smaller square out. Check that the picture is larger than the opening and is properly centered in the frame, then tape it in place.
  8. Fold the sides into the center crease guide to close off the picture's back.
  9. Tape the folded sides down securely
  10. Do the same with the top and bottom edges.
  11. Flip the taped picture frame over and decorate it with markers. You can use words, drawings, or patterns to personalize the frame.
  12. After decorating the frame, tape either yarn or a pipe cleaner onto the back to make a hanger.
  13. Share this gift with Mom on Mother's Day, her birthday, or any other special occasion! This gift Idea is also appropriate for fathers, siblings, friends, and other important people.

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