Spooktober: Halloween Ideas for Introverts

Updated on October 28, 2017

As Halloween quickly approaches, many people are busy making plans for the spooky occasion. Mostly, these plans include social gatherings like fancy dress parties or attending local festivals, but for some people, these types of celebratory activities don't seem quite as enticing as they maybe do for everyone else.

This inability to enjoy noisy and socially-strenuous activities can often lead to those of us introverted souls feeling a little lost and left out of the loop, especially if Halloween happens to be our favourite holiday of the year. However, do not despair because I believe it is still very possible to have a creep-tastic Halloween without the need for attending potentially overwhelming social gatherings.

So here is my list of other ways you can celebrate the occasion without participating in events that you don't really enjoy.


1. Shopping

Leading up to Halloween, nearly every store displays it's annual spooky range and plenty of these items are affordably priced and of good quality. Shopping for Halloween supplies is a great way to get yourself into the spirit of the holiday and it's so much fun too. Plus, if you are anything like me then some of these items will quickly become a permanent fixture of your home decor.

Tip: My favourite places for Halloween supplies this year have been TK Maxx and Tiger!

2. Decorating

After your shopping trip you will probably find that you've managed to collect a lot of spooky themed items and what's more fun than decorating your home with them? And of course if you are feeling extra creative you can always try your hand at making your own Halloween decorations.

There's something about a decorated house that just makes the days leading up to Halloween and of course the day itself more exciting and special, even if in the end you decide not to celebrate in any other way.


3. Baking

Now that your house is all nicely decorated, you're probably going to feel a little bit peckish and since it's Halloween and sweet things are a key part of the celebrations why not bake some of your own treats to suit the theme?

If you're looking for some inspiration then take a look at my blood-filled Halloween cake bites recipe. These were a big hit and so, so simple to make (I think I'm going to have to make some more over the following weeks).

4. Dress Up

Even if you aren't planning on going out anywhere this Halloween, it's still a lot of fun to dress up as your favourite character or monster. Plus if you are a pet owner it can be hilarious seeing their reaction to your costume.


5. Movies

Since Halloween is focused on the dark and macabre things in life, it's really fun to stay up really late and go on a full blown horror movie binge. If you're looking for some movie inspiration then there are loads available online.

Of course not everyone is into Horror movies, and for those of you who have children it's maybe not a great idea to start your little ones on the old horror classics just yet but there are still plenty of movies that will help you celebrate your day without giving you the fright of your life. For example movies by Tim Burton like Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Frankenweenie, Edward Scissorhands and Sweeney Todd (which is a personal favourite of mine) all give off a very creepy and dark vibe without being grotesque or frightening.

6. Activities

Inviting a few close friends or family members over to join you in your quiet celebrations can make the day even more fun. There are plenty of activities that you can do together to keep the day exciting such as carving Jack O' Lanterns, dunking for apples, telling ghost stories and playing general mini party games.

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I hope that this little list has given you some ideas on things you can do this Halloween and as always I would love to hear your own thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. Remember to check out my previous Spooktober posts too!

Whatever your plans are for this Halloween I hope that it's a good one.

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