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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Under $10

I love finding great gifts for my family and surprising them with some cute stocking stuffers.


I Love Stocking Stuffers!

The Christmas season is truly the most wonderful time of the year to me! I just love everything about this holiday in general. One of my favorite things about this holiday in my childhood was looking through my stocking Christmas morning and finding all the fun surprises left there—even though Santa always seemed to think I needed a few oranges and apples as well as toys! As an adult, finding things to fill the stockings of my husband and children is something I really enjoy. My mother-in-law even has stockings at her house for all the children and grandchildren, which always adds to the Christmas fun when we come to visit for the holidays. We sneak a few "happies" into her stocking as well.

As I have searched through the years for various items, here are some of my favorite stocking stuffers suggested below that I have found for under $10.

Stocking Stuffers for Men:

Men are the most difficult in my family to find fun, small surprises for in my experience. Here are a few ideas that have been popular with my family over the years:

  • Guitar Pick Holder: A nice gift for the music lover. This is a small container that holds your guitar picks and keeps them from getting lost. My husband loves this item that makes sure he is never without a pick when he needs one.
  • Keychain multi-tool: There are a variety of these nice little gadgets available for your key chain with built-in bottle opener, screwdriver, etc. These are available at many stores.
  • Grill accessories and towels: Grill tools or a towel to clean the hands of the grill master in your family while he is flipping burgers.
  • Travel Shoe Shine Kits: My husband loves this useful "happy" that his mother puts in his stocking every year.
  • Bullets/Ammo: A gift any hunter would appreciate.
  • Golf balls and golf accessories: I think a golfer can always use a new set of golf balls. Though sets are expensive, I was able to find some smaller sets of golf balls available for under $10.
  • Ornaments: My husband and son enjoy having ornaments on the tree that represent them. Themes related to hobbies or sports team have been good ideas with my men.

Stocking Stuffers for Women:

Women are not so hard to buy for when it comes to stockings stuffers. Jewelry fits well in a stocking! However, finding good jewelry that is under $10 may prove difficult. Here are some unique ideas from stocking stuffers I have given or received myself that may be new to you.

  • Colorful chip clips: Make chip clips more fun by getting decorative ones with themes like birds, fish, butterflies, etc.
  • Beach towel clips: These are cute clips that clip your beach towel to your beach chair and hold it in place. There a variety of themes of these available online or in stores.
  • Magnetic pen: This pen is my favorite! It has a magnet on the end that makes it great for leaving attached to your fridge, so you always know where one pen is handy when you need one for taking messages, writing on the calendar, making grocery lists, etc.
  • Decorative dish brushes: Washing dishes is not anyone's favorite chore, but using a cute dish brush makes brightens the mood a bit. There are cute brushes out there that look like flowers or ladies.
  • Measurement equivalent magnets: This is a great thing to have on hand to save a google search for how many TBSP would be in 1/2 a cup. I have a stainless steel one I love. I use it all the time when I am cooking to figure out equivalents.
  • Camera strap cover: These create a fun way to dress up your basic camera strap. There are a variety of styles and options of these available.
  • Wet/dry electric shaver: These wet/dry battery operated shavers are great to have along for a quick shaving touch-up when there is no time for a shower, but you need to wear a sleeveless top.

For Kids/Teens:

There are so many possibilities for kids! It is hard to even start making a list! I would suggest looking at dollar stores, or dollar bins at toy stores (like Toys R Us or Learning Express). I don't think you will have any trouble filling your little one's stockings. There are many things that are universally liked by both genders: yo-yo, silly putty, play-doh, slinky, jump rope, etc.

Just a few ideas...

For Young Girls:

  • art supplies
  • lipglosses
  • hair clips/ponytail holders
  • nail polish
  • jewelry
  • coin purses
  • craft kits

For Young Boys:

  • actions figures
  • water guns
  • sports cards
  • balls
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Pre-Teen/Teen Girls:

  • Journals for all that drama in their lives or for their creative writing.
  • Gift cards to their favorite stores, restaurants, movie theaters.
  • Candy
  • Ear Buds
  • Cell Phone battery charger
  • Squishie toys (these "squishy" squeeze toys originated from the Japanese culture and per my pre-teen daughter are all the rage right now - they can been found at stores such as Wal-mart, Walgreens or online at Amazon, etc.)
  • PopSocket grips for phones/devices that come in assorted colors and themes
  • Fidget Spinners still a popular trend
  • Mini Hand Sanitizers with Holders like the PocketBacs from Bath and Body Works. My daughter likes to attach these to her backpack for school.

Pre-Teen/Teen Boys:

  • Batteries actually make a good stocking stuffer for my teen son who uses them for his video game controllers.
  • Gift cards for I-tunes, x-box games, Amazon, Game-Stop, favorite restaurants, etc
  • Ear Buds
  • Cell Phone battery charger

As they reach those pre-teen and teen years, you may have to fall back on gift cards, video games, DVDs/Blu-rays, magazine subscriptions, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, etc. You will have to watch for good deals to find some under $10, but it can be done! Some stores have bins with $5-10 movies. Definitely keep a lookout for Amazon's Lightning Deals—especially around the holidays! Discount stores like Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx, Burke's Outlet and Marshall's may help you find some of the other items for under $10.

Stuff Their Stockings

There are many other inexpensive fun or useful items to use to fill up their stockings. Here are some general suggestions that may work for adults and/or children. Most can work for both genders.

  • Bookmark pens: These are flat pens that can double as a bookmark. They are great to have handy for underlining important sections while reading. You can find these at many bookstores.
  • Backup battery packs for cellphones/tablets: This type of item is great to carry with you for a backup if you are away from home or an outlet and need to recharge your phone battery, one of my very favorite gadgets!!
  • Pencil sharpeners: There are fun ones you can find with themes related to gift recipient's hobbies/interests.
  • Wristbands/Bracelets: You can find wristbands related to many themes that appeal to your special kids, such as sports teams, video games, etc. You can find bracelets and bracelet kits with character or team colors and charms.
  • Toothpaste/Toothbrushes: I like to get some of the fun less practical toothbrushes for stockings for the kids.
  • Travel size meds/toiletries: My husband loves to have travel meds on hand for when he is at work or on a business trip.
  • Makeup/lipgloss/chapstick/nail polish: Little girls love these things!
  • Travel-sized tissue: Who couldn't use this?
  • Travel-sized hand sanitizers: Great to avoid the germs of cold season during the Christmas season.
  • Shower gels/bath puffs: Always useful!
  • Mints/candies: My husband loves Altoids especially. My son loves Tic Tacs.
  • Socks/gloves: Get some fun, colorful ones for the kiddos. Crazy socks are plentiful at most stores these days.
  • Notepads/Pens: You always need a pad and pen!
  • Jewelry: Great for big or little girls!
  • Gift cards
  • DVDs
  • Magazine Subscriptions
  • Dolls/Action Figures

There are also little trinkets at dollar stores and dollar sections of big stores where you can find all kinds of cute stocking stuffers.

Bonus Tip:

There is a new store I have discovered this year named Five Below. Everything in the store is $5 or less. This place is a gold mine of ideas for cool, trendy little trinkets to purchase as gifts or stocking stuffers for tweens/teens, especially girls! You can check out the link to see if there is a store near you!

Enjoy the Hunt!

I enjoy looking for little stocking-sized items all year long. I am always on the lookout for a good deal on a stocking stuffer! I hope this article gives you a few ideas that maybe you haven't thought of that will bring a smile to your loved one's face on Christmas morning!

© 2014 Christy Aldridge


Christy Aldridge (author) from MS on September 02, 2014:

Thanks Karen! I am so glad if it gave you some ideas. I am already getting in the mood for Christmas shopping!

Karen Ray from Oklahoma on September 02, 2014:

Great List. Gave me a couple ideas.

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