10 People to Make Cookies for: Who Wants Christmas Treats?

Updated on September 5, 2019
Ten people who may enjoy your Christmas cookies this year.
Ten people who may enjoy your Christmas cookies this year. | Source

Who Wants Christmas Cookies?

Cookies are an excellent and thoughtful way to show love, friendship, appreciation, and Christmas cheer this season. If you are the type who really enjoys baking cookies but you don't need the additional calories, here are some people who may enjoy your tasty treats. Remember, try to include a personalized note to the receiver. Your kind words may just change their whole week around!

Who Should I Give Christmas Cookies to?

1. Your mailperson or UPS driver.

I have noticed that my mail man has been running late these days. I really don't think that is his fault. I think he is out delivering lots and lots of packages and Christmas cards this time of year. Yes, I know he gets paid to do that, but I don't think that matters. He is still working hard, and giving him cookies is a great way to encourage him.

2. The single widower.

That's not a typo. I meant to say 'widower.' There are lots of older gentlemen who have lost their spouse. (Sometimes it makes me want to cry when I see them alone at McDonalds drinking their coffee.) Some of these men had wives who used to do all their cooking and baking most of their married life. Making cookies is a little out of their comfort zone. If you take them a tray of cookies, they may enjoy taking something homemade to their family gathering this year.

3. The nice cashier at your local grocery store.

Do you shop at the same grocery store every week? Have you ever considered going to the same cashier every time? I have done this, and even though they see lots of people every day at the store, they will start to remember you. I have slowly started to learn their names and make small talk. I have never taken them cookies before, but its something that I know my hardworking Aldi employee would feel noticed and appreciated by.

4. Your trash truck driver.

Yep, our garbage truck drivers are indeed paid for their job. They are also, though, providing a service to our home and community. They keep it clean and haul off our trash every week. I'm thankful for them, and they are at the top of my list for making some cookies.

5. Someone who lives away from home.

This category is really very broad. It can range from a college student to a family with several children living away from extended family. Traveling can be hard and many families who'd like to be together just can't. Those living away may unintentionally feel left out. Remember they need cookies too!

6. Your handyman.

We recently had new windows installed. Throughout the installation process, our worker man spent a lot of time in our home. We made an attempt to get to know him and he seemed to enjoy talking to us as he went about his work. Because we plan on having him back to help us with additional projects around the home, this would be a great way to be intentional on reaching out to him (not for business, but to truly get to know him and let him know we appreciate his work).


7. A new mom.

Most anyone who has had children in their home know that kids bring many blessings yet also many hardships. They are so very dependent on parents and can make holiday traditions a bit cumbersome or more chaotic than expected. If you know of a family with a new little baby in tow, help make Mom's life a little easier. Even if they don't eat them, she can give them away as though she made them herself.

8. Someone who has been especially helpful to you.

Have you recently had anyone encourage you through a hard time? Do you meet with any friends on a regular basis who you love to see? Do you have a regular babysitter who loves your children well? Have your friends recently helped you move or repaint your house?

9. Someone who has lost a loved one.

Holidays can be especially tough when someone you love is no longer with you. Sometimes traditions are forgotten or just too difficult to carry on that following Christmas. Depending on the relationship you have with this person, you could ask if there is a specific recipe they would enjoy, or you can just simply choose your own and send them a simple note.

10. A single person.

Whether we know a widow, widower, or one who has never married, they may feel overlooked at the holidays. They may not have family to open presents with on Christmas morning. The people we call our immediate family changes and morphs as families grow older and little ones are born.

Favorite Christmas Cookies?

What are your favorite cookies to make at Christmas?

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    • AliciaC profile image

      Linda Crampton 

      2 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

      This is a useful and kind article. I appreciate the list of people that you've created and the fact that it makes me think of people that I could give cookies to.


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