A List of Santa's Reindeer Names and Their Personalities

Updated on April 29, 2017
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Santa and his Reindeer.  Olive, the other reindeer, is laughing and trying to call their names.
Santa and his Reindeer. Olive, the other reindeer, is laughing and trying to call their names. | Source

There are Santa’s reindeer and then there are Santa’s reindeer. What are they like? Are they mischievous? Are they funny?

Clement C. Moore used secretive means to reveal the names of eight reindeer in his poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas”.

But once the world found out, people began to make songs about them, and Santa started using their names every time he took off in the sled. But, what do people really know about the reindeer?

They have funny names and there is a lot of talk about the eight famous reindeer (there’s even a ninth and a tenth—the other reindeer!) during the holiday season. But, during their time off, what do they do?

Read on about the famous Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen and . . . Olive!

Quick Look at All the Reindeer

Personality trait
He loves to go fast!
Completely extroverted
All kinds of dance
A bit vain, though affectionate
Slightly tricky
Handsome and easy-going
Good with kids
Bringing people together
Fast as a bolt!
Can electrify others
A little down on himself
Nose glows
Admits when she's wrong
Good at hide-and-go-seek


He's fast!

Dasher's the fastest of them all!
Dasher's the fastest of them all!

Dasher: The Speed Demon

Who hasn't heard of Dasher?

He’s one of the fastest reindeer in Santa’s herd. He’s always ready to dash out the door. For that reason, he excels at track and field during the off-season.

So, after his yearly tenure at the North Pole, he might find himself at a high school track and field meet, trying to run the 800-yard dash. You can bet he’s usually the first to finish.

“Dasher” originally came from a German name, Dascher, meaning "purse-maker." Whoa! He can sew! One has to wonder if he is the Father of the Modern Hand Bag.

Are You Like Dasher?

  • loves to be social
  • good at sports; prefers track and field
  • doesn't mind the cold
  • aware of fashion
  • loves to party
  • happy
  • has a big heart

See Those Ol' Reindeer Singing Personalities Shine!


Dance with a reindeer?

Dancer loves all kinds of dancing, from salsa to ballroom!
Dancer loves all kinds of dancing, from salsa to ballroom!

Dancer: The Salsa Phenomenon

Dancer is a reindeer with a unique personality. He’s completely extroverted. When he’s not helping Santa, he’s having dance parties.

His favorite genre is Latin music due to the strong rhythm. He would be happy to dance with Enrique Iglesias.

Since dancing is his passion, he knows the tango, salsa, meringue, and even has ventured into contra- and square-dancing. Do-si-do-ing can be a little difficult, but he likes it.

Plus, you’ll never find him without a bell around his neck, as he never hesitates to indulge in pomp and circumstance.

Are You Like Dancer?

  • has good hand-eye-foot coordination
  • great at dance moves
  • loves wearing colorful clothes
  • popular among the elves
  • loves eating popcorn
  • loves a celebration
  • loves to go to the movies with friends


Prance around and primp!

Prancer's appearance is very important to him.
Prancer's appearance is very important to him.

Prancer: The Fairest of Them All

Prancer loves the other reindeer and would do anything for them.

But he also loves to carry a mirror to regard himself on the sleigh every now and then. He has to look his best all the time because he never knows quite who he’s going to meet.

Mrs. Clause made him a special reindeer-harness that is red and green with extra attachments for his mirror, comb, and brush.

He often is found in the elves’ factory prancing around gracefully with all the other reindeer, elves, and helpers cheering him on.

Are You Like Prancer?

  • always is sure to look great
  • loves his accessories
  • great at baking (especially mint-flavored cookies)
  • absolutely loyal
  • has high energy
  • totally thinks out loud
  • enthusiastic
  • favorite song: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town


Magic at work!

Vixen lives for magic tricks, loves being a comedian, and thrives on being entertaining.
Vixen lives for magic tricks, loves being a comedian, and thrives on being entertaining.

Vixen: The Most Enchanting Reindeer

Vixen is the comedic reindeer known for lots of magic tricks. The other reindeer often get slightly annoyed with his ability to make things disappear and reappear.

He’s great at tricking the other reindeer out of their candy canes. He also has a weakness for yummy Santa-shaped chocolates.

Santa, however, loves Vixen’s tricks because they really come in handy on Christmas Eve. That bag of toys is quite large, and that chimney is quite small . . .

Are You Like Vixen?

  • very smart
  • loves to be the center of attention
  • cool, calm, and collected
  • everyone likes to confide in him
  • gifted at magic tricks
  • loves to help others, especially Santa
  • often runs late


What's that darting across the sky?

Comet is a great role model: calm, kind, collected, and affectionate.
Comet is a great role model: calm, kind, collected, and affectionate.

Comet: An All-Around Wonderful Reindeer

Comet is out of this world—as his name implies. He’s quite handsome and is always smiling. He’s easy-going and loves to play ball with all the young fawns.

All the children of the world seem to look up to him. Santa, of course, loves this about Comet.

In the days before Christmas, Santa will head out with Comet to check his list and see how children all around the world are doing. When they see Comet, they flock to pet him because he’s quite adorable and so laid-back.

He just loves the attention the children shower upon him. Plus, he inspires little children to be on their best behavior.

Are You Like Comet?

  • loves to make people laugh
  • incredibly smart
  • laid back
  • likes flexibility
  • once he makes up his mind to do something, he'll get it done
  • always willing to lend a helping hand
  • loves honesty and playing fair


Love . . .

Cupid enjoys making sure that everyone feels heard and loved!
Cupid enjoys making sure that everyone feels heard and loved!

Cupid: Loves Sharing Love

Cupid is an affectionate reindeer. She has Christmas reins decorated with red and green little heart-shaped bells. Her motto is “Spread the Love.”

She often carries mistletoes and mysteriously places them all around peoples’ entryways at Christmastime. That way, people don’t forget to hug and kiss during the season.

She’s always singing, too. The other reindeer roll their eyes when she begins singing “Joy to the World” for the thousandth time.

She also makes appearances on Valentine’s day, showering people with red hearts.

Are You Like Cupid?

  • favorite colors are red and green
  • loves jazzy Christmas music
  • really good at finding mistletoe
  • really good with bows and arrows
  • cannot stand it when a friend is sad and will do anything to help
  • loves helping Santa eat his cookies and milk
  • has a sweet tooth, but also likes a good, crunchy carrot


A thunderous presence

Donner's sure to be the next singing sensation!
Donner's sure to be the next singing sensation!

Donner: Always a Party

Donner’s name comes from “thunder” in German. This is for good reason. He’s always noticed when entering a room because he’s got a deep booming baritone voice.

He loves to sing those low notes. His joyous renditions of “Santa Baby” makes all the reindeerettes swoon.“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” and “Here Comes Santa Claus” always receive high marks and rowdy applause from his fellow reindeer.

He loves hanging out with Blitzen, too. Together, they can really belt out some dynamic duets.

Are You Like Donner?

  • loves to take charge
  • loves to sing and loves jazz music
  • very creative
  • very close to a couple of reindeer friends, like Blitzen
  • loves a good debate
  • hums Christmas songs a lot, even while flying
  • prefers dark chocolate



Blitzen has a truly electrifying presence.
Blitzen has a truly electrifying presence.

Blitzen: Fast as Lightening

Blitzen’s name comes from the German word for “lightning”. He’s fast, playful, and like a bolt when it comes to helping Santa deliver his Christmas goodies.

When Santa yells “faster!", Blitzen has the ability to infuse an electric charge into the other reindeer to make them zap through the sky, fast as lightning. He’s also best reindeer-buds with Donner, and they often hum duets to themselves while flying high in the skies.

Are You Like Blitzen?

  • gets everything done extremely fast
  • he's zippy everywhere he goes
  • has a tenor voice that complements Donner's baritone
  • when not working, he loves a good Christmas movie
  • always on time
  • almost always finishes projects
  • loves spontaneity


With that nose so bright . . .

Rudolph sure has an advantage during hide-and-seek.
Rudolph sure has an advantage during hide-and-seek.

Rudolph: Santa's Guiding Light

Rudolph is Santa’s famous ninth reindeer. He joined the herd a few years after the original eight. At first, he was terribly self-conscious.

He suffered from low self-esteem because he had an odd red nose. It wasn’t until Santa recognized his rosy bulb as a beacon of light that he was ushered into his role as leader of the herd.

Because his nose glowed, he was able to lead Santa safely around the world, on the snowiest of nights... and other reindeer agreed that Rudolph just had to stay with the herd.

Now, when Rudolph isn’t helping on the sleigh ride, he loves to play hide-and-seek with the other reindeer. He has the advantage, though. He can light up dark places effortlessly and find the other reindeer every time.

Are You Like Rudolph?

  • humble
  • a little shy
  • is a leader when he needs to be
  • loves reindeer games
  • very playful around friends he knows well
  • loves helping others
  • loves seeing new places
  • steady worker, helping the elves to get all their Christmas tasks done


She's sweet!

That's Olive, the other reindeer.
That's Olive, the other reindeer.

Olive: Not Just Another Reindeer

Olive is the tenth reindeer to join Santa’s herd. She had a precarious start. You may recall the line from Rudolph’s song, “…all of the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names…”

Many people heard, “Olive, the other reindeer…” Well, it’s true. Olive is the other reindeer.

She did, in fact, laugh at Rudolph with his big red nose, but it was only because she thought Rudolph was an amazing asset to Santa’s team, and she really wanted to be a part of it.

So, she started out by mocking Rudolph, but then later realized that wasn’t becoming for a reindeer. Besides, everyone knows that when you tease your friends, it's because you really like them.

She shyly apologized to Rudolph, and they have been best friends ever since. She loves to play hide-and-seek, too, and is especially good at finding the Abominable Snowman.

Are You Like Olive?

  • insightful and intelligent
  • only a little shy, but very outgoing once she gets to know you
  • also loves reindeer games
  • really good at making good friends
  • great sense of humor
  • prefers to work behind the scenes
  • always has a lot of projects going on
  • lives in a gingerbread house

Which reindeer personality are you?

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      • profile image

        Unknown 3 weeks ago

        Why are the only female reindeer Cupid, and Olive? Having one female reindeer out of the entire team, and you so happen to label it Cupid, I find terrible. And Olive isn’t even an original reindeer from the team, she’s from a children’s book.

      • profile image

        Sierra 5 weeks ago

        i love them all and they are the best raindeers ever for santa

      • RobinReenters profile image

        Robin Carretti 8 weeks ago from Hightstown

        Just fab the way all the reindeer's connected they hold so dear to my heart thanks

      • profile image

        Zoe 2 months ago

        I I like all the reindeer.There all so cute

      • cclitgirl profile image

        Cynthia Calhoun 3 months ago from Western NC

        Thanks, Eric. Nice to meet you here at HP. :)

      • EricFarmer8x profile image

        Eric Farmer 3 months ago from Phoenix Arizona

        This was a very fun Hub to read. I enjoyed the descriptions and the pictures of the reindeer.

      • profile image

        Jazmyn 3 months ago

        I wish my elf snowflake can spend me a letter to me and my sister because we miss her so much and I hope still haves still miss my other elf angel caks my file elf that my friend gave me at School and snow flake love her so much she wod hid with her and I think it is very silly Santa Claus my wish is to be able to get to tock to my elf snow flake I love you too Santa Claus

      • profile image

        Rachel Chapman 3 months ago

        1. Olive is REAL!! 2. Olive and I both LOVE to play hide-and-seek!!

      • profile image

        ana 3 months ago

        there is no olive stupid!

      • profile image

        bill 3 months ago

        what about the eleventh reindeer, Glee. The song goes they all shouted out with Glee. I feel Glee should get a spot on this list too

      • profile image

        Kalisha 3 months ago

        All of you guys don't like Rudolph your a idiot I like Rudolph

      • profile image

        Dwayne 3 months ago

        ALL OF the other reindeer. NOT Olive. Don't be an idiot.

      • profile image

        antonia 4 months ago

        I want to be rudolph cause he has a bright nose

      • profile image

        I am Olive!/Sydney 4 months ago

        First of all I am Olive I did laugh at my best friend and after a year we became friends 2. I do act kinda shy sometimes 3. Get called Olive sometimes cause I love olives.

        So yeah I am a Olive!

      • profile image

        Grace 4 months ago

        Im cupid if you ask me im always trying to bring people together at christmas if you ask other people they would probably say the same thing too

      • profile image

        Olivia olive 4 months ago

        Who the heck is olive a reainderI thought she was a dog but it shows she is a reindeer

      • profile image

        Kylie Daniel 4 months ago

        I am Olive if you ask my friends which one they think I am the would say Olive or Dancer. Olive because I am nice. Dancer because I like to dance.

      • profile image

        Brooklyn 4 months ago

        I'm Rudolph very Kind and lovefull

      • profile image

        Kate hhaha 4 months ago

        well I'm dasher because I love sports and I have a big heart let me know if any of you guys are dasher because dasher rocks and so do all of the other reindeers!!!

      • profile image

        Laura Gonzales 4 months ago

        Omg!!!!!!!!!! Rudolph is the best!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        LK 4 months ago

        Olive, is not even a reindeer. Shes that dog from the book "Olive the other reindeer".

        I love that book!!

        I'm totally Comet same personality!!!

      • profile image

        Anomuos 4 months ago

        They forgot about Luna

      • profile image

        EPIC GUY95 4 months ago

        Who's olive is she a Italian reindeer

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        Shaunna newson 4 months ago

        Hi santa can't believe u got eight reindeers

      • profile image

        Marshall 4 months ago

        I’m Comet. He just defines me!!!!

      • profile image

        4 months ago

        Who is oliv that's not in the song

      • profile image

        ???? 4 months ago

        It says I am like Olive Even know I like Dancer the best.

      • profile image

        Mairead 4 months ago

        I like Olive and Cupid and Vixen

      • profile image

        Emma 4 months ago

        I like all of the them but I like Olive the best

      • profile image

        4 months ago

        who is olive? she is not in the rudolf


      • profile image

        Yvonne Rogers 4 months ago

        What do ui mean by still referring to these reindeer as "he". We have known for a long time that they are female! Each one has a winter horns. Do your research and give credit where credit is due! This is really the worst of the worst backing up false hood such as this.

        Dancer and Vixen and Cupid are names that Santa chose for these darling ladies. Obviously he knew. Why did it take so long to seek real freedom for the women of the world!

      • profile image

        Kaylee 4 months ago

        Can you show a picture of olive plz

      • profile image

        Aaron Pan 4 months ago

        My reindeer personality is Rudolph. I always get teased.

      • profile image

        kaleigha 4 months ago

        i love cupid she is the defnition of me ]

      • profile image

        sexton 4 months ago

        I love donner

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        doge 4 months ago

        olive is not a reindeer she is a freaking dog

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        Skye Denson 4 months ago

        I think this website is really good for little children and if children are in school and their doing something with reindeer

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        ERIC 4 months ago

        Rudolph is my buddy. Thanks for the info about him!!!!!

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        Emily 4 months ago

        i wonder how old is cupid and she is pretty plus my favorite reindeer

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        EMILY 4 months ago

        Rudolph matches my personality and is my favorite reindeer! BINGO!!!!

      • profile image

        Bob 4 months ago

        Who is Olive

      • profile image

        zoey 4 months ago

        who is Olive i have never heard of her

      • profile image

        Sophie 4 months ago


        My brother is in love with your website!!

        He likes Rudolf the best-

        “I like Rudolf because even though he is pushed down, he gets back up again”- he is 3

      • profile image

        Logan 4 months ago

        Blitzen awesome!!!!

      • profile image

        Person 4 months ago

        umm in the movie it said cupid was one of his UNCLES and in here he's a girl.. just wanna inform

      • profile image

        Cookie 4 months ago

        I'm Dasher all the way. I'm the fast one. Dasher helps keep everyone on their toes.

      • profile image

        Brylee AKA Olive 4 months ago

        I’m so Olive right now I had no idea she was a reindeer so cool the 2nd girl reindeer Cupid’s a girl and olive is too sooooo cooooooooooooooooooooooooiooool

      • profile image

        crc 4 months ago

        OMG i love Prancer 10/10 i love learning about Santa's reindeer.

      • profile image

        M/T__45 4 months ago

        I would to have all of those reindeer but, Donner is more like me and Olive is SOOOOOOOOOOOO cute! -Makena R-K

        omg i love donner and blitzen cause donner is like me and blitzen is cool but, olive is the best!-TT

      • profile image

        RR Claus 4 months ago

        All of the reindeer are girls. The guys lose their antlers in early December, but the girls keep them all winter. Check out all the illustrations -- the reindeer always have antlers on Christmas Eve.

      • profile image

        jellybean 4 months ago

        this is sooooooooooo helpful dude

      • profile image

        Laughing Hz 4 months ago

        Dear Ms Sageleaf,

        You are the brine to my olive. 10/10

        All the best,

        Laughing Hz

      • profile image

        rebecca 4 months ago

        I loved this it made my day. It also told me the reindeer names hopeful I wont forget them again. Thank you for making this I absolutist love it.You are a creative person!!!

      • profile image

        Makayla 4 months ago

        I like vixen because of her personality

      • profile image

        Olivia 4 months ago

        I think I am more like Olive and I did not know there are 10 rain deer in stead of 9.

      • profile image

        audrey 4 months ago

        i can never remember all of they're names,but now think i got it . I think i'm olive.

      • profile image

        Lily 4 months ago

        do you think any other reindeer will pop up?

      • Poslen profile image

        Hunter 4 months ago

        Actually, i think that Vixen is a girl? I mean, vixen DOES mean female fox or something, and I heard from tons of other websites she loves bows and stuff, i'm not sure though

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        Lewis 4 months ago

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        Mark 4 months ago

        Olive is awesome!

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        Jalaya 5 months ago

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        Anthony 5 months ago

        Thank you for the article my sister really wanted to know

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        Holiday 5 months ago

        I loved this article. I love Christmas and the traditions and this made me love it even more

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        Kendall 5 months ago

        olive isnt real

      • profile image

        http://skamason.com/7QXz 6 months ago

        The olive carton is so nice!!

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        Sarah 6 months ago

        Sarah 'love small reindeers so pretty

      • profile image

        DLayne 9 months ago

        I enjoyed reading your reindeer article. My match was with Rudolph, red nose and all when the weather gets to be freezing and I am outdoors.

        Not right now, though, for it is July. The time is 5:13 am, and I couldn't sleep. I tried one more time to connect to Google Adsense, and by golly, I succeeded this time.

        Have a good day always,

      • profile image

        Hello 10 months ago

        Olive isn't real

      • profile image

        Natosha Lambert 15 months ago

        I absolutely love your hub my children and I read it it tickled me to Oblivion! kiss that Olive for us and tell her have an awesome day!

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        allie 15 months ago

        is olive your new reindeer

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        catalina 16 months ago

        i did not know that olive was a new raindeer and santa has 10raindeer

      • profile image

        D-Man The Captain 16 months ago

        Wait.. Isn't Olive a Dog and not a real Raindeer?

      • profile image

        olive???? 16 months ago

        The song says "All of the other reindeer...." Not "Olive, the reindeer.

      • profile image

        Olive 16 months ago

        I never knew that there was a 10 reindeer. That s pretty clever of you to put a tenth reindeer. Is she in a movie ,a book, anything?

      • profile image

        Thea Deer 16 months ago

        Really enjoyed reading this to my granddaughter ,we both loved all the information .

        Have a Wonderful Xmas

        from the Deer Family here in Australia !

      • profile image

        Sparkle The Reindeer (Not in santa's herd) 16 months ago

        I'm glad to find some personalities for my homework today! At school we need to search about the reindeer personalities and I searched and searched and found this website! It's great! And also fun as well! I'll share this with my classmates!

        Thanks For Making This Reindeer Personalities Wesite!!!!!!! :)

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        Marysol 16 months ago

        That is so cool i did not know that there wear 10 reindeers.

      • profile image

        Kashlee2007 16 months ago

        Loved it

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        Elsie Kat 16 months ago

        Wow thx Donner is so much like me!!! It just Donned on me!!! *lol*

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        Avery 16 months ago

        thanks for the articl i needed it for a game im playing :)

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        Mia 16 months ago

        I like all of them!

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        anonymous 16 months ago

        This hub is amazing!

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        Hi my name is Keely 16 months ago

        hi I'm Keely and I picked Rudolph because he is what I'm like

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        Lilly 16 months ago

        Totally love it thank you so much I never knew about Olive

      • profile image

        Annie3525 16 months ago

        This website is great

      • profile image

        mark 17 months ago

        There is no Olive... It's All Of the other Reindeer.

      • profile image

        Olive the dog/reindeer 17 months ago

        Sorry if this seems like I'm trying to insult your website (I'm not), but in the movie, Olive is a dog (specifically, a Jack Russell Terrier)

      • profile image

        Zane Rockwell Willis 17 months ago

        I voted for Rudolph because I really like Rudolph and I think blitzen is a little crazy because nothing can go faster than light.

      • profile image

        Kate 17 months ago

        i think that all of santas raindeer are awesome but i do have to say that rudolph is the best i mean he has a movie for so ya know thats my opinion.

      • profile image

        Arrianna 17 months ago

        I am Olive and Cupid but mostly Rudolph

      • profile image

        Ljm 17 months ago

        According to an original Clement Moore manuscript at the New York Historical Society Library, the #7 reindeer is named "Donder" - not "Donner"

      • profile image

        Tanya Daniel 17 months ago

        is olive new

      • cclitgirl profile image

        Cynthia Calhoun 19 months ago from Western NC

        Sha - hey there! How are ya?

        Hehe, thanks so much! I know, right? I wanna say Olive all the time, now, when I sing the song.

        Thanks so much for coming by! ((HUGS))

      • bravewarrior profile image

        Shauna L Bowling 19 months ago from Central Florida

        Cyndi, this is so cute. "Olive the other reindeer". I didn't get it until I read it. What fun! This is a real gem.

        Congratulations on the 2016 Hubbie Awards win. Well deserved!

      • Paramita Mallik profile image


        Wonderful hub ...very informative :)

      • cclitgirl profile image

        Cynthia Calhoun 2 years ago from Western NC

        cools and Les - thank you for stopping by. Merry Christmas. :)