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The Real Meaning of Easter

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Madonna of the Rabbit by Titan in 1530

Madonna of the Rabbit by Titan in 1530

Happy Easter!

Legend states that the Easter Bunny lays, decorates, and hides eggs, as they are also a symbol of new life and fertility. The Easter Bunny is also said to leave a basket filled with colored eggs for children. The name “Easter” can be traced back to a particular European goddess who was celebrated before Christianity even existed. Her name was Eostre, and she was the goddess of fertility and of spring.

The story of the Easter Bunny is known to have become popular during the 19th century in Europe because female rabbits can typically give birth to large litters of babies (called kittens) during the spring. Females rabbits can also conceive another litter while still pregnant with the first. Rabbits thus became a symbol of the new life and fertility that is commonly associated with the end of winter and the dawn of spring. Later in history, Christian art began regularly depict bunnies in association with rebirth and resurrection, like in the painting of the Madonna and the Rabbit as pictured above.

Fun Facts About Easter

  • Americans spend around $1.9 billion on Easter candy each year.
  • Easter will always fall on a Sunday.
  • 70% of all of the Easter candy purchased is some form of chocolate.
  • 76% of Americans eat the ears of a chocolate bunny first.
  • The very first story of the Easter Bunny hiding eggs in a garden was published in 1680.
  • The Presidents of the United States and their families have celebrated “The White House Easter Egg Roll” since 1878.

The True Meaning of Easter

Aside from the Easter Bunny and Easter baskets, the true meaning of Easter is the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord, and savior. After his crucifixion on the cross at Calvary, he was covered with a cloth and buried in a tomb that was covered by a boulder. After three days, the boulder was moved to expose an empty tomb. Mary Magdelene was the first to know of Jesus' resurrection. Jesus later appeared to Thomas and proved that he was real.

This is what should be celebrated on Easter. The true and real meaning of Easter is deeper than the over-commercialized meaning, which tends to be overrun by candy, treats, family, and food. However, dinner is also a large part of the true meaning of Easter as well because it represents the lamb of God, which is why many people have lamb during Easter dinner. Easter dinner is a tradition that can easily represent a meal of atonement and forgiveness.


Above All, Easter Church Service

This is and should be the heart of the Easter holiday for all Christians. This church service is just about as special as the Christmas church service. This is when Jesus's crucifixion and resurrection are celebrated and worshipped. This service can be a long one, much like a Christmas service, because there is much to understand and celebrate. There is usually lots of music and a big revival.

A New Sunday Outfit!

This is mainly for children, but it can also be for adults too. This is sometimes confused with an Easter outfit, although everyone will wear it again the following Sunday for church. Getting a new Easter Sunday outfit is also for the usually large family gathering that takes place right after church service. This is where and when the Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets take place. Mothers will be lovingly yelling at their children to keep their outfits nice because they are new on this day.

Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner

The Big Easter Dinner

Easter Dinner is the most sacred because it is the end of the holy week and also the end of Lent. The Easter dinner represents the atonement and forgiveness along with what was overcome. The lamb, which is preferred for Easter, represents Jesus.

  • Homemade Easter bread
  • Lamb or Ham only
  • 2 or more Pies
  • Can't forget the deviled eggs!

Easter Parades and Festivals

Again, much like the Christmas holiday, many towns and cities have a big Easter parade. There are floats, costumes, candy, and also a special appearance by the Easter bunny. Check with the local community for more information about the date and time. There are many festivals that take place also. This is because it is the beginning of the Spring season and the weather is becoming nicer.

Delicious Easter Recipes from Around the World

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Cristale Adams (author) from USA on April 13, 2020:

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Good article, but I have always wondered why a loving Father (God) would use torture. If the human body is sacred, not to be harmed, why a crucifixtion? Could Jesus have simply Forgiven without the death? Why not just raise more people from the dead?

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