Top 10 Scary Halloween Games That You Would Have to Be Crazy to Play

Updated on June 15, 2016

Games for Halloween

Ghost games
Ghost games | Source

Top Ten Scary Halloween Games

There are a lot of so-called ‘games’ that people have played in order to experience a ghost, spirit, or even the devil himself. Halloween is probably the best time (or the worst, depending on how you look at it) for any of these games.

Some say these games do nothing more than work up an active imagination, others say they’ve had devastating effects. Some people claim to have been scared so badly that they were never the same again. Others claim they’re haunted horribly for years after trying one of these games, or that they’ve been possessed. Rare stories say people who have played these games have disappeared, died or committed suicide.

I’m going to tell you about them because they can make for fun Halloween reading and discussions—but, I warn you, don't play them! And if against all common sense you do, please do your research for proper precautions—this is not to be considered an instructional guide here, and I deliberately leave out steps because I don’t want you to know how to actually play.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 scariest Halloween games anyone could ever play.

Ghost Games Are Not Games

These games are dangerous!
These games are dangerous! | Source

10) The Ouija Board or Spirit Board

The Ouija or spirit board is basically a tool for spirit communications. The spirit uses you—your eyes and your body—as a vessel to move the planchette around on top of a board during a séance to spell out words and answer questions. Think of it as old-fashioned, cross-dimensional text messaging. Only instead of your friend, you’re exchanging messages from beyond (cue sudden lightning bolt and ominous orchestra flourish).

Some people will tell you that the board is just a toy. Well, Parker Brothers did make it into a game, but they didn’t invent the concept. Techniques similar to this board has been used for ages to communicate with spirits.

It seems everybody and his mother has a Ouija board story to tell. Some people experience nothing at all. Many people will attest to odd happenings, such as knocks, scratches, falling or flying objects, or odd messages. Some people have complained of spirits following them or haunting them after using the Ouija board—a danger mostly faced by those using it improperly. Mocking spirits, asking when you or someone else will die, or inviting spirits to show or ‘prove’ themselves are said to be the worst mistakes a person can make.

If you’re familiar with the movie The Exorcist, you may or may not know it was based on an actual possession case of a little boy who ‘played’ with the Ouija board. I don’t know about that, but I can attest to one thing from personal experience: pissed-off spirits are not above chucking both the board and planchette at your head.

9) The Triple Mirror Game

A psychic friend of mine first showed me this game long ago. In folklore through the ages, thresholds and mirrors were believed to form windows in the spirit world when they’re used together. To play this game, a person first needs to protect themselves by spiritually cleansing the room and putting a line of salt across all thresholds and windowsills. The person then lights a white candle in the room and sets it on the threshold to attract the spirits in the building.

Spirits are apparently mega-curious about white candles for some reason, kind of like the way a laser pen used on the wall draws the cats out.

You’re supposed to arrange 3 mirrors in the room so that you bounce the reflection of the door from one to the other. It is said that if you gaze into the third mirror you can see the spirits that might be hanging around the home.

Not sure why someone would want to know that. For me, there are 3 things I don’t want to know: how many bugs are in the walls, how many germs are on my body, and how many ghosts are hanging around my house.

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall...

who's the scariest spook of all?
who's the scariest spook of all? | Source

8) Charlotte’s Mirror

Also called 'Charlotte's Web' after the popular children's book, this game is supposed to be about conjuring a little girl spirit named Charlotte. According to those who’ve played it, when Charlotte is good, she’s very good; but when she’s bad, she’s freaking terrifying.

Two players are supposed to summon Charlotte in a dark room with a large mirror. They’re supposed to present an offering to Charlotte, such as a girl’s toy. If Charlotte deems you offering worthy, she’ll answer questions for you until you want to wrap things up. At that point, the two players must dismiss Charlotte in unison.

There are a few catches to this game. The first is that if Charlotte doesn’t like your offering, she’ll be pretty pissed at you; she’ll screw with your head and scare the bejeezus out of you. Another thing is that Charlotte really hates fires—so don’t dare light a candle or have an open flame or she’ll come at you and make you sorry you did. Charlotte also hates pedophiles, so if you have any dirty little skeletons in your closet—well, better safe than sorry. Stay away from this little ghostly girl.

They Made a Movie about The Midnight Game

Midnight Game, The
Midnight Game, The

You may be better off just watching this rather than playing it on Halloween night.


7) The Midnight Game

Promptly at midnight, players follow instructions to summon the Midnight Man. It’s not a very complicated ritual, nor does it require any elaborate stuff, but it involves knocking that must occur on the stroke of midnight or it won’t work.

Once the Midnight Man is summoned, game on. There’s nothing else you can do but ride it out until 3:33 AM when the Midnight Man will leave. Lore says that ancient Pagans used this ritual to punish criminals or test bravery.

Players will each have a candle, lighter and canister of salt. You’re supposed to keep walking and moving around throughout the house in the dark— no other lights or it won’t work. If you feel a cold spot or if your candle flickers, the Midnight Man is said to be near you. If your candle goes out, you have 10 seconds to re-light it or secure yourself in a circle of salt to protect yourself. If you didn’t get your candle going, you must sit in the salt-circle until he leaves.

If you fail at the candle and salt circle, the Midnight Man ‘wins’ the game; he will haunt you with hallucinations of your worst fears.

Chills and cold spots are quite common during this ‘game’. Some people hear banging, scratches and whispers, or report things falling (like pictures falling off the wall or things getting knocked off tables). Some have seen full-blown apparitions of the Midnight Man, who is a shadowy figure.

If you taunt the Midnight Man during the game, you will suffer from nightmares about your worst fears for a while. He doesn't like being provoked.

6) The Thumb Game

This is a game that comes from Japan for a group of three or more players. Apparently, if you 'win' this game, you get a wish granted. On the flip side, if you lose, you could become a homicidal ghost trapped on another plane.

Damn; there's always a catch, isn't there?

There's a story behind this game. A 20-year-old woman was murdered and dismembered in a villa. Police rounded up all of her body parts, except for one: they could not find her left thumb... charming.

To play the game, the players sit in a circle. Each player grabs the thumb of the person to his right (so you are holding their left thumb). Everyone closes their eyes-- and must keep them closed for the whole game. Seriously-- no peeking.

Players imagine the villa very vividly. There is a Japanese chant that transports the group to the villa where they much search for the thumb. If you feel any taps on your shoulder at any time, ignore it-- whatever you do, DON'T turn around! There is a single candle in the room. If you blow it out, it will transport you back to your own dimension.

Now, if you find the thumb, blow out the candle and you win-- your wish is granted. Shiny! If you don't find the thumb, you can simply go back, and you're no worse for wear.

However, many dangers abound. If someone lets go of your thumb, you lose your digit. If you open your eyes, if you turn around when you feel a tap, or if you let the candle go out on its own, you will be killed and your spirit will be bound to the villa where you will tap and kill other players for eternity.

Aww, Crap.

Not good.
Not good. | Source

Well, It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time...

Conjuring ghosts? Really?
Conjuring ghosts? Really? | Source

5) The Bathtub game

This one also comes from Japan, and apparently the Japanese really love gruesome background stories. The Bathtub Game is about conjuring the spirit of a young woman who died from falling in the bathtub. Her face hit the rusty old faucet and it took an eye out. So naturally, Japanese teeny-boppers thought, “Hey, let’s invent a ritual to summon the bee-otch!”

You play by stripping naked one night and hopping into a tub full of water with the lights off. You close your eyes and wash your hair repeating a little chant while you visualize the woman in the bathtub slipping and falling to her death. Yuck.

If you do it right you're supposed to feel movement in the water behind you. Supposedly she's there with her rotting, tattered clothes (why does she wear clothes in the bath? I don't know. Who am I to question a ghost?), her stringy hair and a gaping, oozing hole where her right eye once was. You will sense her and feel her. Don't open your eyes or she'll kill you right there.

Keeping your eyes firmly shut and try to climb out of the tub (don't let her trip you or you're screwed) and make your way out of the bathroom. Don't worry about the water-- you are supposed to leave it overnight. Shut the door behind you, go to your room and go to sleep (yeah, right).

The next day, the one-eyed ghost woman will follow you wherever you go. You will feel her presence and catch glimpses of her if you look over your right shoulder. She will keep getting closer... and closer... and closer... BOO! (Just kidding… I added that part but you can do that when you tell your friends).

Where was I? Oh yeah… so she will keep getting closer and you should not let her catch you. You must end the game before midnight by yelling 'I cut you loose!" in Japanese while doing a karate-chop motion in front of her. If you don't cut her loose, she'll haunt your dreams and follow you for life-- eventually catching you.

I think the biggest danger here is trying to move around in a slippery tub while scared crap-less in a pitch-black bathroom with your eyes closed. So this might be a bad idea all around.

Never Mind Ghosts-- If Dolls are Involved, I'm Out

Why are dolls so creepy? Seriously, why?
Why are dolls so creepy? Seriously, why? | Source

4) Hide and Seek Alone

Hide and Seek Alone has gotten some pretty dramatic results from people who try it, though it’s a bit of an elaborate ritual. Here’s a friendly little safety tip to avert disaster: don’t do this when some unsuspecting non-player is in the house, or they could end up dead.

In this game, you summon a ghost into a doll at 3 AM, and then invite the possessed doll for a friendly little game of hide and seek. Only when the doll is ‘It’, it doesn’t just tag you— it stabs you. So this is a game you’d better hope you don’t lose.

The player replaces the stuffing in a stuffed doll with rice and nail clippings, sews it back up and tosses it in a tub of water. He tells the doll that he (the player) is ‘It’ first, then runs off to turn off all the lights in the house (leaving at least one TV on a white noise channel). The player counts to 10, then goes back to the doll and says ‘found you!’ three times, and stabs the doll with something sharp.

The player then tells the doll that it’s the doll’s turn to be ‘It’, leaving the sharp implement in the bathroom. Now the player must run and hide—supposedly a closet with a door that can lock is ideal. The player is also supposed to prepare a cup of salt water, which he takes a big sip of and holds it in his mouth.

That’s when the freaky stuff begins to happen. Many people report hearing knocks, scratches, footsteps, giggles, and even voices saying, “Where are you?” Some people claim the doll was not in the tub where they left it. A lot of people have caught such things on video as well.

Ending the game is a bit elaborate as well. The player sneaks back to the doll (or the murderous doll catches the player—whichever comes first), and spits the salt water on the doll. Yelling “I win!” three times ends it, and only burning the doll will get rid of the spirit.

They say not to let the game go on for more than 2 hours, because it makes the spirit too strong. Umm—I don’t know about you, but if I’m sitting in a closet with a mouth full of salt water, and a knife-wielding doll is wandering the house hunting me, I’m probably not going to last two hours.

A You Tuber Puts Hide & Seek Alone to the Test

This Is Supposed to Protect You From Demons?

Another "what was I thinking" moment in the making.
Another "what was I thinking" moment in the making. | Source

3) Closet Game

If plain old ghosts aren’t enough for you on Halloween night, why not upgrade to demons? Then you can really put your immortal soul in danger.

The closet game is pretty simple. In a pitch-black closet inside a pitch-black room, a single player stands for a little while. Knowing they're about to summon a demon, it seems the main purpose for standing there in the dark is to ensure they're good and scared.

The person then start holding up matches, one at a time, saying, "Show me the light or leave me in darkness." If there's any whispering, the player lights the match immediately and is just supposed to stand there holding burning matches. The big no-no rule is to not turn around-- if the player looks behind him at any time, he will be dragged into eternal darkness.

One little warning is that the match might light on its own-- if that don't leave a brick in your pants, I don't know what will. When he's had enough brick-crapping, the player can exit the closet.

As a lovely parting gift, your closet is now permanently haunted by a demon. Congrats!

2) Dry Bones

Dry Bones is a demon—he likes to play hide and seek with you, and if you win he can be generous. This game is so dangerous that just thinking about it can summon Dry Bones to you before you’re even ready to start the game (and if you think that’s happened, get the hell out of the house until morning). But to properly begin a game, you’re supposed to summon dry bones with a match in the bathroom and invite him in to play at precisely 12:01 AM while you think of a prize you want (and it must be something realistic).

Dry Bones will make his presence known by moaning—and at that point, try not to make any sudden movements. Get to your hiding place and wait it out. If he doesn’t find you by 3 AM, you can come out and tell him to leave. That’s how you win. Your wish will be sitting outside your front door in the morning.

If he finds you, however, you lose… you lose big. And, sadly, no one actually knows what happens if he finds you because no one’s apparently admitted to this happening. Maybe they’re scared silent… or maybe they didn’t live to tell about it. Who knows?

The big warning with this game is not to wish for someone to be hurt or killed—apparently Dry Bones thinks this should require more than a measly game of hide-and-seek, and you will not like the price for such a wish.

Oh, and one more warning— never play more than once. Although some might say once is too much.

"Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are..."

Yeah... dream on.
Yeah... dream on. | Source

1) Devil’s Mirror

Some scare-seekers decided to just cut to forget the ghosties and demons and just cut to the chase— summoning the devil himself.

In this game, one single player lights 12 black candles in a dark bathroom and closes her eyes until the stroke of midnight. When she opens her eyes and looks at the mirror, she'll be face-to-face with the Prince of Darkness himself.

At least with this game, the toilet is conveniently in reach in case the bricks start coming.

I have played some of these myself, and I will tell you one thing: I do not believe they are games. I certainly believe many people can play and survive these games, but I think it’s more than just the imagination getting worked up. Stuff can happen. Freaky stuff sometimes. Playing these games have converted a lot of skeptics into believers. I caution you to take this article as a warning rather than encouragement.

Your Turn!

Have you ever played any of these games and had something freaky happen (explain in comments please!)?

See results

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      • profile image

        possesd prson 

        2 days ago

        i loved your way of telling these storys

      • profile image

        Christian richards 

        2 weeks ago

        I did the tumb game with 7 of my freinds including my 14 year old brother and we looked everywhere and did not find the thumb we all felt taps and we all confessed we did not tap each other one of my friends looked back and we saw him die then before Enyone else died I blew out the candle a man was stalking us we did not know what to do I am only 9 years old it was my 10 year old freind that died somehow he got in to the house my parents were not there so we tried to survive he got close to me and said get ready he said that at 2:57 and at 3 a clock bad stuff happens me and my freinds said we will not do the thumb game again

      • profile image


        2 weeks ago

        I am only 9 years old me and 4 of my freinds played the thumb game we saw a creepy man outside my house when we were done he would not go away till 3 am and then me and my freinds just stayed up still school we we all kept feeling tapping we got scared as f**k so I blew out the candle and that’s when we saw the man my 16 year old brother was involved and our parents were not there it was just us

      • profile image

        Aden k. 

        7 weeks ago

        Ouija bord:

        I am a 12 year old and when i played i looked through the triangle and i saw all my friends dead

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        Okay, so I played Drybones right? Drybones didn't find me (thank WHOEVERS UP THERE FOR THAT) and my prize? my cat back. in the morning, a beheaded cat was at my door?? and ,my security camera was taken down so yeah? maybe dont ask for that?

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        i have played the thumb game multiple times looking for something scary and fun to do. i played it with different amounts of people over and over, some more serious than others. sadly nothing happened, the thumb game doesn't work, or at least not for me. but during one of the last times we attempted to play i felt tapping on my back and the people watching swore no one touched me and that everyone was still and quite. there were also multiple bangs on the window and a handprint appeared with it. this game didn't work for me, but maybe we summoned something from it.

      • profile image


        3 months ago

        I had a friend over and we used my sisters voice recorder app on her phone. We were asking it questions in hope of contacting a spirit. We were hearing tons of screams and asked if it wanted to speak to us in a different way. When we played it back, we heard 'chimney' or 'Jimmy'. Our uncle Jimmy died about two years before we did this.

      • profile image

        Mel Ball 

        5 months ago

        I was playing small "games" with some friends such as 'Cat Scratch' and we were also reading out these dangerous games but didn't dare attempt them. Anyway, while doing this my eyes started to burn and I felt like I was going to cry. My friend also said my eyes turned slightly grey.

      • profile image

        Joslynn Rodriguez 

        6 months ago

        i just feel like the "Games" are Satanic. I feel like Dry Bones is One of the most dangeresous "Games".

      • profile image


        7 months ago

        I did the Ouija board 2 years ago and I still feel like something is watching me plus the sweettooth game is no joke

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        fakers i did this it didnt work ya are all a bunch of fakers!

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        My friend got possessed

      • profile image


        9 months ago

        me and my two friends did the Ouija board and accidentally let a demon how that hunting us oops.

      • profile image


        9 months ago


      • profile image


        9 months ago

        I've played the bathtub game it's not scary at all it's just weird knowing ur in a bathtub naked with a dead girl.

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        Charlotte's mirror is a bust

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        Honestly I’ve watched Shane Dawson do them and I have only played Charlie Charlie. I like watching Shane do them to see if they’re real but idk if I’d do them in real life.

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        That's spooky hahahahahahaha

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        I have actually played dry bones, not that scary. But I did get a wish, I wished to be asked out by my crush the next day after I won. Yes I did :)) I have tried all the others too, but their not as fun. Good luck ya'll.

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        I came across this looking for actual games with ghosts.. as in video games. LOL

        The article is an amusing read. The comments from people even more so.. you're either full of it or completely insane. Seriously.. seek help.

      • profile image


        12 months ago

        ive honestly only ever played bloody mary and baby blue, but they both scared the hell outta me, i would try the ouija board and the thumb game

      • profile image


        13 months ago

        I played the midnight game and dry bones at the same time I woke up in the hospital

      • profile image

        Ya boi 

        14 months ago

        I read this and I'm freaked out and scared to turn around now

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        I tried "dry bones" one day and it does work. Now when you wake up and you change your wish the original wish will disappear and the gift at the front door will disappear as well. Be careful with these games!

      • profile image


        15 months ago

        oml, the bathtub game is not a game to be reckoned with.

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        I'm wondering what tje devil looks like is he scary looking?

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        I did all of them and they are NO joke. I played them over a year age and I still fell tha some thing is watching me

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        Does the devil really come I want to try it but my mirror is broken in my bath room and if so does he do anything bad

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        I've done all of these and nothing scared me more than knowing I was being hunted by a demon or a possessed doll I've also tried Bloody Mary, baby blue, Charlie Charlie, and the elevator game all were nothing compared to the devils mirror

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        I've played all of them except dry bones and the devils mirror plus Charlie Charlie and the elevator game all are nothing as long as you do them right ( just don't try the midnight game)

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        I played the Ouija board and my friend didn't read the rules and let the the spirit count done while we were looking in a book when we came back he told us and we started yelling at them. A couple days later my friends pen started moving on its own my friend put it in a box and later it disappeared

      • profile image

        A Google user 

        16 months ago

        I have played Ouija board and thumb game . In thumb game nothing happen . I have done bloody Mary also but nothing happen. But in the closet game when I went to the basement I heard the wisper of the domon I quickly light up the match but the stick fell from my hand. I was so scared but I quickly light up the another match I felt so so so scared I ran with my full force and I finally survived. THAT WAS THE WORST DAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • profile image

        Nichole matijak 

        17 months ago

        I played the hide and seek alone with my cousin latiff and nothing happened the dolls never moved from their spot

      • profile image


        17 months ago

        The dry bones picture got me XD

      • profile image

        i'm on a mission to search for more relistic witch tools 

        17 months ago

        try tomino's hell poem, but i'm warning you that tragic things could happen if you only SAY IT OUT LOUD.

      • profile image


        17 months ago

        I played Devils Mirror. Though nothing really scares me anymore instead it was very interesting after I opened my eyes and say him, I started asking question, simple yes or no ones, and he answered every one with a nod or shake of his head. Though I will warn you there is no proper way to end the connection, and I can still feel the presence late at night. My friend played this and when she opened her eyes, she saw a glimpse and then the mirror shattered. Another student at my school who did this reported the same thing happening. The Charlotte's web one was pretty simple and I had a bad feeling about it since my cousin was an object of murder but she still wanted to play. Its no joke, don't do it if something bad happened in the past she went temporarily blind after it lunged at he and she lit a match. When I played it again, this time alone, Charlotte was quite civilized and docile, and very pleasant to be around. After I asked my questions, I heard a soft "Goodbye" and she was gone. I have enjoyed these experiences and hope to see Charlotte again sometime.

      • profile image


        18 months ago

        We did all of them and nothing happened lmao

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        damn this shit is crazy freaken works ...i dont think imma sleep omg the thumb game tho that shit is scary as hell

      • profile image


        19 months ago

        Add Your Comment.. I already played one man hide and seek and the ouija board.

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        I've done the ouija board several times now...all have been diy boards out of cardboard. It does work! Unless someone I'm doing it with is moving it or it's just a reaction thing to the body, but you should try it nothing bad happens.

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        Ouija board.....Do.Not.Do.It.

        Im being followed by a demon since birth and after speaking to it from the board....its gotten stronger... Please don't do it really isn't worth it bc its an addiction, it really is once you do you'll want to keep on doing it.

      • profile image


        21 months ago

        What would the the chant be if you were to play the thumb game?

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Me and my friends played baby blue blue baby and my friend got her shoe ripped apart at school when we did It, it's now my favourite game ever

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I have did the One Man Hide And Seek. I did it with my brother and nothing extremely bad happened. We followed all the steps and the doll was gone. We haven't found the doll since. There has been so some stuff going on in our house but we had it blessed. We still experience some things every once in a while but i will never forget the day we the lost the doll to one man hide and seek..

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        I've played the Hosting Game and the love game but only for youtube videos

      • profile image

        Akai Kami 

        2 years ago

        I just played Charlotte's web and I played with my sister and as soon as we said... "we want to play Charlotte's web" my sister said she her eyes started to burn and she was sad and about to cry. As soon as we ended the game... she was fine after that.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        The thumb game is no joke


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