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20 Gifts You Can Make for Mother’s Day

I have been making gifts for everyone on my list and for every occasion since my first child was two years old, their kids make them now.


A Handmade Gift

The items listed here are easy to make which means the kids can make them or you can help the kids make them. Handmade gifts are special. They come from the heart. They are memories for your mother to keep. They help to remind her of her children who grow up way too fast. Some may sound strange to you now, but read on and I think you will be pleasantly surprised. And maybe make a gift for that special mother (woman) in your life.

I Have Divided Them into Categories for You

To save space, I have put the pictures as thumbnails bellow the instructions.

Easy, for Children of Most AgesSimple IntermediateIntermediate

#1 A Paper Lunch Bag

#4 Write a Story

# 8 Tissue Paper Flowers

#2 Color a Picture From a Coloring Book

#5 Graduation Signing Pals

#9 Scrapbooking

#3 Get Out the Construction Paper

#6 Decorate a One Subject Notebook

#10 An Ornament


#7 Certificates

#11 Make a Key Chain




Needs An Adult's Help

Needs An Adult's Help II


#12 Make a Platter

#15 Make a Bracelet or Necklace

#18 The Earth is Rich

#13 Cook Her Favorite Dish or Dessert

#16 Crochet or knit a Pot Holder

#19 Hanging Potted Plant

#14 Printing is Fun

#17 Get a Picture Put On It

#20 Nurseries Can Help




#1 A Paper Lunch Bag

A decorated paper lunch bag can be an inexpensive way to make a gift. Give the kids supplies and let them decorate the bag after you have written 'Happy Mother's Day' on the back and dated it. Once decorated, the bag(s) can be used for almost anything.

  • A luminary with a battery opperated candle.
  • A fancy luminary made with shaped cutters to create a light show. A butterfly, for instance, seen by candle light is a beautiful thing.

Ideas for Supplies







#2 Color a Picture from a Coloring Book

Have the kids pick and color a picture that they like from a coloring book for Mom. When it is done, tear it out of the book, have the child sign (if they can) and then write 'Happy Mother’s Day' and the date. These pictures can be framed and are one of the easiest things to make because most kids are already coloring. Even if the kids just scribble on the page it will be special to mom. Have the kids present it to mom in an envelope or small box. My grandaughter once gave me one that was in a plastic baggy covered in stickers. I kept the baggy too.

  • Coloring is a wonderful thing. It fills the time and everything.
  • Beauty comes from a variety of colors. Placed upon a page with others.
  • Take the time to see the pages. Display the memory of their ages.

#3 Get Out the Construction Paper

Construction paper can be used for almost anything, and Mother’s Day cards are no exception. Have the kids decorate and 'autograph' something made out of construction paper. Date it and then frame it, if you want. Mom will love this thoughtful gift from the very hearts of the kids, and it is easy to make. Don't limit them to hearts, though, let them do what they want, you might be surprised at what they come up with.

You Could Make:

A CardA Heart to Hang UpA Page of Stickers

A Sample of the Kids Writing

Glue on Pictures From a Magazine

Use a Stamping Kit

Make a Snowflake

Cut Out Shapes

Use Other Colors of Paper For Contrast

#4 Write a Story

Have the kids write a short story about something. It can be about anything. Perhaps they can write about going to the park or getting a special gift from mom. It doesn’t have to be perfect either, even writer’s can’t always do that. Their stories need lots of revisions before they are published. Once the story is written (like the one I have to the right that has lots of errors like any kid might make), put it into a large envelope (without correcting it). Let the kids decorate the envelope for added sparkle.

An Example of a Story for Mom

Once upon on a time, a big ugly bad guy tried to take all of the goodies a girl had in her bag. She told her mom about the bad guy and her mom told him to give it all back. Mom doesn't know that Mark didn't give it all back to me but he made me swear I won't say nothin.

The end.

#5 Graduation Signing Pals

At this time of the year, many stores have graduation items out for sale. Look for the plain cloth items that come with a pen or marker. Purchase one and have all the kids sign it (a plain pillow or T-shirt works too).

  • Date the item as a reminder of the kids writing at that age (it's okay if they scribble if that is the only way they know).
  • Make sure you mark the age of each child’s signature.
  • This item can be used for several years worth of writing.

A Poll for the Dads

#6 Decorate a One Subject Notebook

The idea is to cover the notebook.

  • Use cloth, decorated paper or a decorated paper bag to cover the front of the notebook.
  • Then cut out or write out letters that say “Mom’s Journal” or something similar.
  • She can use the notebook for shopping lists or phone messages. In fact she can use it for just about anything.
  • Have the children use glitter and glue.
  • Stickers are always a kid favorite and they come in lovely colors and different designs.
  • Even flowers cut from a plastic set can be pretty.

# 7 Certificates

Write out several gift certificates for things you will do for her. You can write it for a special chore to be done when she uses it. You can even say "I will be good for a day." I once gave my mother a certificate that said I would vacuum her entire house. When she cashed it, I vacuumed all of her rugs, all of her nooks and crannies and her floor. It was great for my mother who couldn’t do that sort of thing anymore.

Ideas for Your Certificates



Wash floor

Bring coffee all day

Breakfast in bed

Wash car

Make dinner

Watch siblings


Rake lawn

#8 Tissue Paper Flowers

You can make a bouquet of flowers using facial tissue (no lotion please) or wrapping tissue paper.

  • Take two or three tissues (depending upon the thickness of the tissue) and fold them in one-half-inch accordion folds.
  • For a smaller yet fuller flower cut the tissues in half length-wise before folding.
  • Tie a string or small piece of wire around the center of your fold.
  • I like to use green pipe cleaners (though I used yellow in my demonstration so it could be seen).
  • Open it up and scrunch the folds together.
  • Add a spritz of perfume for a sweet scent. Be careful though, too much will make the flowers droop.

Creating Doesn't Mean Perfect, It Means Made With Love

None of the crafts named here have to be fancy, they just have to be handmade. Mom will love them and the kids will build confidence in their abilities.

#9 Scrapbooking

If you are into scrapbooking, you can create a page with stickers of all the things your mom likes along with picture(s) of you (or all the kids). Date it and she can frame it or perhaps start her own scrapbook for pictures and such. Don't be upset if she just frames the page because some people like scrapbooking and some people do not.

#10 An Ornament

When you hear the word 'ornament', you think about Christmas ornaments for the tree, but you can make an ornament that is all about her. An ornament can be made out of just about anything. Use your imagination. Examples:

  • Fill a glass ornament with colored shredded paper and tie a tag on it saying “#1 Mom” or something similar.
  • Fill a clear ornament with potpourri so she can have a perfumed ornament.
  • Paint a Styrofoam ornament with glue and use glitter or sequins to decorate it.
  • Decorate a plastic canvas square with yarn, beads etc.
  • You should attach something that can be used to hang your ornament. Ribbons are great for hanging ornaments because they are fancy and generally handy.

#11 Make a Key Chain

Try using what you might have on hand, such as an old beaded necklace that needs new life (like I used) or an old torn-up binder's rings (one ring makes one key chain). Look around before you go to the store to buy your supplies.

  • Add favorite flowers or colorful bows.
  • Just remember, this item will either be a key chain or will be placed on a key chain so make it with strong materials.
  • Of course, If you make it with lots of decoration, most moms will hang it up somewhere instead of risking it on a heavy key chain.

What You Can Do

You Can UseThings To Decorate 








Whatever You Like


#12 Make a Platter

You can make a platter with just about anything. If you don’t want to make a platter you can:

  • Fill a basket with fresh fruits, nuts or cookies.
  • Tie a bow or add flowers to your masterpiece.
  • Just flowers in a basket make great gifts that will last a lot longer than the real thing.

Ideas For a Platter

MeatCheese and CrackersVegetables




Finger Sandwiches

Finger Foods

Cake or Pie Slices

#13 Cook Her Favorite Dish

Mom usually does the cooking and makes the foods you like to eat. So for Mother's Day, you can make a meal for her (and make sure you clean up afterwards so she doesn’t have to).

  • Dads are great for helping you cook-but I warn you, many of them learned their cooking skills by using the microwave (just kidding). If Dad can't help you with this, try asking your grandmother or maybe an aunt for help.
  • Make her favorite dessert.
  • You can even make mom a sandwich on a grinder roll with her favorite flavored chips and a drink.
  • It doesn't have to be a gourmet dish, just one she will enjoy eating.

#14 Printing Is Fun

If you have a printer, you have a world of opportunities.

  • Take pictures of the kids or Mom’s favorite scenes and print them out.
  • Write the name of the kids, their ages and the year. Mom will love to have this to remind her of when the kids were small.

I once made a collage of family pictures. I copied the pictures so I wouldn't destroy the originals and then I put them on poster board in different patterns and shapes. My mom loved it and it hung on her wall for several years.

#15 Make a Bracelet or Necklace

Yes, you can do that!

  • Use memory wire or those premade silver bracelets.
  • Use embroidery thread in different colors to make great friendship bracelets.
  • Put a large bead on a string with no other adornment.
  • Use a crystal on a string to make rainbows in the sun.
  • Purchase charms that mom might like for the bracelet or necklace.

If this one sounds hard, then watch my video on how to put together a bracelet using memory wire (it isn't the best video, but I'm trying). You will need a few tools to work with wire, but they are not that expensive and you can use them again and again (see the list to the right).

Demonstration of How to Use Memory Wire

Tools You Might Need

  • Wire Cutters
  • Round End Pliers
  • Memory Wire
  • Beads
  • Charms
  • Embroidery Thread

#16 Crochet or Knit a Pot Holder

If you know how to crochet or knit then your worries are over. Make pot holders for her using her favorite colors.

  • Don't make it too big and use a single stitch with a smaller needle so the knots are close together. That way she won’t burn herself.
  • I have a crocheted one in the images to give you an idea of what it would be like.
  • The more squares you put together, the thicker the pot holder is for more protection.
  • They are washable.
  • Surprise: you can get colorful hand towels that she can use like pot holders and have the kids draw or write on the back using a permanent marker.

#17 Get a Picture Put on Something

There are so many sites out there that let you send or upload a picture, add a saying and then get it made and sent back. Be sure to check out the site with the Better Business Bureau to ensure they are legitimate before you use them.

  • I like Zazzle because I have used it, but there are more like: Custom Ink or 4imprint.com. These sites I have not used.
  • Add a picture of the kids, a favorite pet, mom in her favorite chair or a family picture. They have all you need to make great Mother's Day gifts (except, of course, the picture).

You Can Make:

  • A mouse pad.
  • A coffee cup.
  • A pillow.
  • A blanket.
  • Your imagination is the limit.

The Earth Is Rich

The earth gives life to so many things, and on Mother’s Day it is obvious that spring has sprung. Let the earth help you give a gift of spring.

  • Plant a seed(s) with your kid(s)) in a clay pot (or bucket, or egg carton, whatever you have on hand).
  • Line the outside of the pot with aluminum foil or paint it with spring decorations.
  • On a craft stick write what the plant is and who it is from.
  • Leave it sitting on the table for Mom to find when she gets up.
  • Make sure you follow the seeds planting instructions or the plant won't grow.
  • You can put the seed container on a craft stick for reference.

#19 Hanging Potted Plants

Whether mom likes plants inside or out, a hanging potted plant can be the key.

  • You can grab a cutting from a flower or plant and put it in water to start growing roots.
  • Give the planting supplies with the cutting.
  • Give a card that tells her (besides the fact that you are giving it to her) what the flower is.
  • Be sure to put up a hook for her (where she wants it) so she can hang the plant.
  • Decorate the pot with paint, foil or tissue paper to make it pretty, especially if you got a pre-planted one.

All You Need Is:

  • Hanging pot.
  • Soil.
  • Seeds.
  • Cutting from a flower already growing.
  • Craft stick to identify what the plan is and who is giving it.

#20 Nurseries Can Help

Moms just love getting plants. I especially like to get the kind of plants that don't need much up-keep, but that's just me.

  • A small tree or a seedling would work.
  • Put in a card saying you promise to plant it for her and help her care for it.
  • With a tree, you can take yearly pictures that record its history.
  • Give her a picture frame with several boxes so she can show off the tree.
  • Nurseries also have bushes to line the yard.
  • You can decorate the tree with pictures or charms.

© 2017 Cheryl Simonds

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