DIY Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas for Him

Updated on February 8, 2017

Get Personal This Valentine's Day and Win Their Hearts!

Making something for your loved one is always better than buying something. Why? Because you can get really personal with their gift. There's loads of in depth tutorials here also!

You could root through your memory box and dig up old love notes to make something very special like a picture made of the first cards you sent each other. Not only will you love taking a trip down memory lane but you will earn lots of brownie points for sentimentality.

If memories aren't their thing, what about making a bouquet from their favorite chocolate bars? The ideas here are not only economical but they are quick and easy to whip up too!

Have fun!

17 Romantic DIY Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend or Husband

Cost Estimate
1. Romantic Cut-Out of a Love Letter
A handwritten love letter, a pre-cut mat, pretty paper, stencils
About $10: $6 for pre-cut mat, $4 for paper
2. Marshmallow Pops
Marshmallows, popsicle sticks or straws, white chocolate bark, and sprinkles
About $10: $2 for marshmallows, $2 for sticks, $2.50 for straws, $3.50 for bark
3. Valentine's Day Care Package
Card stock, other decorations, a box, care package items
Depends: $4-6 for card stock, $5-10 for decoration + contents of box and shipping
4. Cute Lingerie Card
Card paper, ribbon, lace, colored paper
About $7: $3 for card paper, $4 for ribbon + lace
5. I Love You This Much Card
Card paper
About $5 for card paper
6. Sausage and Egg Heart
Sausage or hot dogs, eggs, toothpicks
About $8: $4-6 for sausage, $2-3 for eggs
7. Baseball Roses
5-7 baseballs, box cutter, craft glue
8. Unbearable Gummies
Bag of gummy bears
About $3
9. DIY Treat Bag
Card stock, ribbon, hole punch, plastic goodie bag
About $12: $4 for paper, $3 for ribbon, $2 for gift baggies, $3 for candies
10. Oreo Pops
Oreos, icing or white chocolate bark, sprinkles, decorative sticks or straws
About $12: $4 for Oreos, $3 for icing or white chocolate, $3 for sprinkles, $2 for sticks
11. I Love You Picture
Poster board, three-picture photo frame
About $15: $3 for poster board, $12 for picture frame
12. I Love You to Pieces
Reese's Pieces, jar, piece of cloth, rubber band
About $5: $2 for candy, $2 for jar, $1 for piece of fabric
13. Liquor in a Heart
Mini-bottles of liquor, a heart-shaped box
Depends: each bottle of liquor costs about $2.50. Chocolate boxes are $8-15
14. Valentine's Day Game
Big piece of poster board, colored markers, some time to make the game
$3 for the poster board
15. Candy Bar Bouquet
Candy bars, sticks or skewers, duct tape, a vase
Depends: $1 for each candy bar, $2 for sticks, $3-5 for the vase
16. 52 Things I Like About You
Deck of cards, stickers, glue, hole punch, ribbon
About $10-$12: $3-$5 for a deck of cards, $4 for stickers, $2 for glue, $1 for ribbon
17. Kisses for You
Jar, kisses, post-it note
About $5: $3 for kisses, $2-4 for jar

1) Romantic Cut-Out of a Love Letter

Make a picture out of a love letter that one of you sent to the other. You can also use pages out of a book. You will need a nice card for backing.

  • Prepare the frame by pasting paper in the pre-cut mat.
  • Then, paste your love letter to a sturdy piece of card stock.
  • Have your stencils ready—you can print some off of the Internet.
  • Draw the shapes onto the letter and then cut out carefully.
  • Paste onto the already prepared pre-cut mat.
  • You can either frame this or give it as-is.

2) Marshmallow Pops

These took under twenty minutes to make from start to finish and they turned out adorable! All you need is: marshmallows, white chocolate bark, sprinkles (or crushed graham cracker, coconut, etc.), popsicle sticks or paper straws, and red food coloring.

  • First, prepare the marshmallows by cutting a slit in them and putting in the popsicle or decorative stick.
  • Have your decorative elements ready in bowls nearby, whether you're using sprinkles, toasted coconut, or nuts.
  • Melt the chocolate bark. Be careful when you do this because it can burn very easily. When it's melted, add just a drop of red food coloring to it — easy does it. Adjust until you get the color that you want. You might want to put aside some bark that you don't want to be dyed.
  • Then, dip the marshmallow in the chocolate and roll in your toppings.
  • Let it dry upright in a cup.

3) Valentine's Day Care Package

This is perfect for your sweetie who's deployed. Measure cardstock to the same exact size as the flaps and sides of the mailing box. Then decorate each piece of cardstock to your liking. Glue it to the flaps and sides of a box. Fill the box with goodies and send it to your honey!

4) Cute Lingerie Card

You can find templates for your panty cards online and use things like lace to give it a realistic effect. In the local fabric or craft store, you can often buy short pieces of ribbon instead of getting a whole roll.

5) I Love You This Much Card

Get some nice scrapbook paper and trace around your little one's hands to make this adorable card that will make your spouse's heart skip a beat.

The longer the piece of paper in the middle, the more you love your sweetie!

6) Sausage and Egg Heart

This is very simple to make. All you have to do is split a sausage in half and fry an egg inside it. If you don't fancy this, there are also heart-shaped molds that you can fry your eggs in without the need for the sausage ;)

Watch the video for instructions step-by-step.

7) Baseball Roses

You can upcycle items to make new ones like these awesome baseballs turned into roses. Use a utility knife to cut along the stitching and dismantle the ball.

You'll need about 5 baseballs per rose. Glue the "petals" in three to five layers, glueing each layer as you go along and staggering the petals.

8) Unbearable Gummies

For the gummy bear fan in your life, this is a quick and cheap idea to whip up! That makes it great for those of us who do things at the last minute!

9) DIY Treat Bag

Choose stiff card stock that you love, then cut it, attach the baggie inside, fold the top, punch a hole, and add a coordinating ribbon!

10) Oreo Pops

Oreos are so much yummier when dipped in icing. Add heart sprinkles for an easy peasy valentine treat. You can make your own icing or use white chocolate bark for this. You should be able to find lollipop sticks at either a craft store or your local supermarket.

See more instructions for making the Oreos step-by-step from makoodle.

11) I Love You Picture

This is an adorable idea for a Valentine's Day gift for your sweet heart. Get three poster boards and cut out an 'I", a "heart," and a "U." Take three pictures (one with each poster). Buy a three-photo picture frame, and you have a cute personal gift for your sweetie.

12) I Love You to Pieces

This is quite a simple and neat way to up-cycle a mason jar into a little favor. Get a pack of Reese's Pieces and cut out the 'pieces' from the pack. Stick them onto a cloth with the message "I love you to pieces."

13) Liquor in a Heart

Recycle a heart-shaped tin chocolate box and pop a sweet note with his favorite liquors inside. Don't forget to add some tissue paper for a nice decorative touch!

14) Valentine's Day Game

Get a large piece of poster board to make a Valentine's Day game to see how much they know you. After a certain number of questions answered correctly, offer a present like a kiss or a chocolate.

15) Candy Bar Bouquet

You get a bouquet of roses and he gets a candy bar bouquet! Use duck tape to attach sticks to the backs of his favorite bars.

16) 52 Things I Like About You

Personalize a deck of cards by adding stickers and pictures with funny phrases that remind you of him! Tie it all up with ribbon. He will really get a kick out of it!

17) Kisses for You

Why not up-cycle an old jar and fill it with chocolate kisses to really melt his heart. This is also a great one to leave in your partner's suitcase if they are going away for a time.


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