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Disney-Themed Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

Lyndsay is a huge fan of all things Disney, and she enjoys finding ways to incorporate its magic in everything from crafts to recipes.

Valentine's Disney Gift Guide For Her

Valentine's Disney Gift Guide For Her

10 Disney-Inspired Valentine's Gifts for Her

Can you believe that it is February already? I feel like it was just Christmas yesterday. Valentine's Day can be really stressful for a lot of people. I myself have had a few stressful V-Days, and they are not what I would wish for anyone.

I know that a lot of people don't give gifts, but I really like to do something little for friends and family, as well as my significant other. I wanted to put together a little gift guide for the people out there who have no idea what to get their special girl on the big day. Even if your girl isn't into Disney, these are still great ideas!


1. Cozy Pajamas

Every girl loves getting cute cozy pajamas as a gift. These are so adorable and comfortable and perfect for Valentine's Day! I love that it says "Love is in the Air" and Minnie has a heart-shaped balloon.


2. A Mug Set to Share

This is the perfect gift if you are looking for a "non-cheesy" gift or if you are looking for something that does not scream Valentine's Day. This super cute Wall-E and Eve mug set is perfect to give as a gift. Any girl would love that she has a matching mug that is part of a set with her boyfriend. This would be so sweet especially if you don't live together because you guys will have a reminder of each other when you are home!


3. A Dooney & Bourke Bag

This is a more expensive gift, but what girl wouldn't love to get a designer handbag as a gift? I especially love the Dooney & Bourke Disney collection. This one is super cute because it is very subtle Disney. The keys on the bag represent a different princess! This bag is also perfect for everyday use because it is a cross-body bag.


4. A Mirror

If you are looking for a small gift, this would be perfect! It is a compact mirror and it is based on the enchanted rose from Beauty and the Beast. Any girl would love this.


5. An Alex and Ani Bangle

This wouldn't be a gift guide for Valentine's Day if I didn't put any jewelry on it. I love Alex and Ani bangles, and this one is so pretty! I like that it doesn't say Disneyland on it because it makes it more wearable for the everyday. It comes in both gold and silver!

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6. A Comfortable Shirt

I lately have been loving cute graphic tees to wear on my days off from work. I especially love Disney ones when I go to the park! This would be so cute to give to your significant other, and girls will never complain that they have too many shirts.


7. A Pandora Charm

If you have a girl who has a Pandora charm bracelet, then I think buying a charm for her would be so sweet! Disney has some really cute and pretty ones to choose from.


8. A Stuffed Animal

Every girl loves getting a stuffed animal, and nothing makes me think of Valentine's day more than the movie Lady and the Tramp.


9. A Phone Case

If you are looking for a small gift, I think that a phone case would be super cute. I love changing out my phone cases for different seasons and holidays.


10. A Picture Frame

If you are going for a more sentimental gift, I recommend buying a picture frame and printing out a picture to put inside. This gift is super simple and will melt any girl's heart!

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Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 06, 2017:

Such beautiful gifts. Thanks for compiling the list and including the pictures. Impressive!

PamuiThanthulage on February 04, 2017:

wow nice way

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