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Valentine's Disney Gift Guide for Him

Lyndsay is a huge fan of all things Disney, and she enjoys finding ways to incorporate its magic in everything from crafts to recipes.

Valentine's Day Disney Gift Guide for Him

Valentine's Day Disney Gift Guide for Him

10 Disney-Inspired Valentine's Gifts for Him

Valentine's Day, while more focused on girlfriends and wives, can be equally hard for girls when it comes to their beaus. I thought that if I am going to help out the guys by doing a gift guide, then it is only fair to make one for all the gals out there. So without any further delay, here are some ideas for your significant other this Valentine's Day!


1. A Shirt

I feel like you can never go wrong with giving a guy a shirt, especially a Pirates of the Caribbean one! I mean who doesn't think of Valentine's Day and the girl in the red dress from the ride?!


2. A Hat

Hats are such a cute, useful gift. I think that they are great for everyday wear, but for those who don't wear hats all the time, I think that they are great to have for working out or being in the park on a sunny day.


Does your man have to dress snazzy for work? If so, I think these would be a super cute gift! I love how simple they are, and it is the perfect way to add a little Star Wars to their day. If they are not a Star Wars fan, there are several other options as well.


4. A Mug

I think that mugs are always a great gift for every occasion. I love giving and getting mugs because they are so useful and can be a conversation starter. This one is so sleek and elegant-looking. I definitely would recommend getting this quickly because the Tower of Terror ride has closed down, so this stuff will go quickly!


5. Boxers

Sometimes I really like to give practical gifts, and what is more practical than boxers? I know that during Christmas my boyfriend always says that he needs new/more underwear. I think it is a great gift, and how cute are these?!

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6. A Watch

If you are looking for a more expensive gift option, a watch is always nice. I really like the finish on this one. It would be perfect for everyone, and it will go with so many different occasions.


7. A Tie

If your special someone wears ties frequently or is going to a special event sometime soon, I think this would be a great present! I think that every man should own a few (different) ties in his collection.


8. Pens

Pens are a great gift. If you think about it, they can be used for personal or professional or just for fun. I personally love having fun pens at home. These are super cute, and I love that they are monochromatic. Perfect for any guy!


9. Pajama Bottoms

If you read my Valentine's gift guide for the ladies, then you know how I feel about pajamas. I think these Marvel ones are so cool, and I am a fan of being nerdy when it comes to all things lounge wear!


10. A Tablet Case

Nothing says "love" like a tech accessory. I think buying something that someone might not necessarily buy for themselves is great, and when it comes to boys, I feel like they never buy protective cases for their gadgets. I really like this case because it makes me think of classic Disneyland!

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Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on February 13, 2017:

Good-looking picks! Thank you for sharing and Happy Valentine's Day to you.

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