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What Is World Dream Day (September 25th) All About?

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Dream big on September 25th (and every day)!

Dream big on September 25th (and every day)!

Dream Big for World Dream Day

World Dream Day is on the 25th of September each year. This day is an ideal moment to think about your dreams and ambitions in life.

What is World Dream Day? It was conceived by Ozioma Egwuonwu, a speaker, writer, teacher, and transformational strategist. The idea of this day is to unite and stimulate all "dreamers" among us and transform our dreams into reality. It's a day to realize that the power to change the world is in our hands.

Those who think that most dreams are deceptions are the ones who are being deceived because only with our dreams can we improve the world. Do you need an example? Martin Luther King had a dream that brought about quite a lot of change. And then there's John F. Kennedy's speech, "We Choose to Go to the Moon." This speech was intended to persuade the American people to support the Apollo program, the national effort to land a man on the Moon.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

— Harriet Tubman

Why Is Dreaming Important?

On World Dream Day, pause for a minute and reflect on how dreams can change the world. You can also try to inspire others to dream bigger. And others can then inspire you to think bigger.

World Dream Day is not about the neural processes you undergo in your sleep—it's about imagination and ambition. It's about you daring to undertake a new adventure. It's about ideals, imagining things, and thinking outside your little bubble. On the 25th of September, everyone can reflect on their dreams for this world and what they can do to make them come true. At the same time, we can read or listen to other people's dreams and think about what we can do to help them.

Most of this day takes place on social media, where people share their dreams and interact to talk about them further. Follow the hashtag #WorldDreamDay to keep up with the conversation.

How to Celebrate

Here are a few ideas and things to think about as you celebrate World Dream Day.

Think Unique

Your dreams are not someone else's dreams. While one person dreams of a fast car, another dreams of a house in the woods. Some people think earning 10,000 dollars per month is the ultimate dream, while and others say, "If I have a lot of free time, that's the most important thing." So never let anyone tell you what success is. Success is what makes you happy. And success may even be the little things in life.

Make a Dream List

By writing down your dreams, you will be more conscious of them. You can then use them to help you make choices along your life's journey. Ask yourself this question as often as you can. Is what presents itself something that will bring you closer to realizing your dreams or not? Having a list of dreams will keep your desire burning and stimulate you to go for it.

Have you any dreams you'd like to share?

— Fleetwood Mac

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

The first step towards a destination is realizing that you no longer want to stay where you are now. Here are a few transformational tips to help you make your dreams a reality.

Believe That Your Dreams Can Come True for You

Look for evidence that it has worked for others. If it can come true for others, why would it not for you? Become filled with excitement that this awaits you, too. How does it feel?

Take a Step in the Right Direction Every Day

However, only dreaming is not enough. Though it is a crucial step, you have to follow your dreams by taking action. Until you reach your destination, each step brings your dream a little closer. As Laozi said, "A journey of 1000 miles begins with one single step."

Don't Listen to Negative Opinions

There will always be naysayers, and often they will be people who have your best interests at heart. Friends and family want to protect you from disappointment, but that doesn't mean they are right. They don't have the same burning desire that you do.

Share Your Dreams With Like-Minded People

These people can help you, support you, keep you accountable, and make sure you keep going. Their support can be just that little bit of motivation or the boost you need to keep going.

Don't Take No for an Answer

Don't think about whether you can—think about when you will. You know it will come. If not now, then tomorrow or later. But as Yoda would say, "But come, it eventually will." The power to change the world is in our hands. What is your dream?

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Raymond Philippe (author) from The Netherlands on October 07, 2020:

Yes, isn't it wonderful when dreams come true?

Ankita B on October 07, 2020:

This was a nice and motivational read. I like the tips you have shared to make our dreams come true.