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Year of the Dragon: Traits, Compatibility, Elements, and More

Samantha Harris is very interested in the Chinese zodiac, and she enjoys sharing information about it.

Dragons are very protective of their homes and families.

Dragons are very protective of their homes and families.

Dragon Years

The dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac. As such, dragon years are considered very special. Opportunities are in abundance during this year, and those that are able to make the best of them are promised wealth and good fortune. It is a great year to try new things and conquer the impossible.

Be wary, though, as many opportunities can lead to devastating failures during this year as well if handled too impulsively.



16 Feb, 1904 - 3 Feb, 1905



3 Feb, 1916 - 22 Jan, 1917



23 Jan, 1928 - 9 Feb, 1929



8 Feb, 1940 - 26 Jan, 1941



27 Jan, 1952 - 13 Feb, 1953



13 Feb, 1964 - 1 Feb, 1965



31 Jan, 1976 - 17 Feb, 1977



17 Feb, 1988 - 5 Feb, 1989



5 Feb, 2000 - 23 Jan, 2001



23 Jan, 2012 - 9 Feb, 2013



10 Feb, 2024 - 28 Jan, 2025


Dragons are considered very lucky in Chinese culture.  So those born in the dragon year tend to be blessed with good luck!

Dragons are considered very lucky in Chinese culture. So those born in the dragon year tend to be blessed with good luck!

Dragon Traits


  • Lucky
  • Hard-working
  • Confident
  • Caring
  • Creative
  • Energetic
  • Honest


  • Short-tempered
  • Tactless
  • Blunt
  • Loud

Dragon Personality

  • Dragons are the commanders of their own destiny. They are confident and self-assured and hate others telling them what to do. They often seem arrogant, pushy, and loud, but they are really just proud of themselves, strong-willed, and more than a little restless at times.
  • Dragons draw attention wherever they go—they just have naturally magnetic personalities that draw others in. Their lively and exciting flair keeps the crowds that surround them interested. Watch out, though. Dragons have a short fuse and are quick to breathe fire. They can be painfully blunt and impatient with others.
  • Above all else, Dragons value honesty—over faithfulness, over dependability, over everything—as long as you're honest with a Dragon, they will respect you and be willing to work through anything. The dragon's value of honesty is the main reason they are so blunt. They believe everyone should be willing to say it like it is.
  • However, when their bluntness leads to hurt feelings, they are quick to apologize and do whatever they can to mend things. Underneath the dragon's confident exterior is a being that is desperate for love and approval and who hates seeing others hurt.
  • Since truth is more valuable than gold to dragons, you should never ever try to lie to them. Dragons have a keen sense of who is real and who is fake. Dragons can also sometimes be too trusting, expecting others to have the same moral codes and appreciation for honesty as they do. When scorned, a dragon has a difficult time forgiving.
  • Dragons are very decisive, and—when they know what they want—they want it then and there. Patience is not the dragon's strong suit. Making a dragon wait too long to get what they want can lead to some dramatic consequences. Once a dragon has made up their mind, it is impossible to change it until they've seen it through to the end—or has grown tired of the idea—whichever comes first.
  • Dragons are dedicated and hardworking individuals. Once they have taken up a cause, they are unstoppable in their mission to succeed. They enjoy working at a fast pace, and once they have taken on a project, they will work on it non-stop for long periods of time without rest. However, they do not do well working on a schedule, so projects are often left incomplete in favor of starting something new.
  • If you can focus on the dragon's impulsive nature, you will have a dedicated, innovative worker who can solve any problem in the most unconventional ways.
  • They are also great listeners, and—though they like to talk a lot about themselves—they are also very insightful.
  • Filled with a youthful spirit, dragons tend to hang out with younger crowds. They take a little while to warm up to people, but once they do, they are non-stop chatterboxes. Dragons like to keep a few close friends that they are loyal to but attract many acquaintances.

Dragon Compatibility

Love Relationships

  • Best Matches: Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Monkey
  • Good Matches: Rat, Goat, Pig
  • Worst Matches: Dragon, Dog

Business Relationships

  • Best Matches: Rat, Tiger, Monkey, Rooster, Pig
  • Good Matches: Rabbit, Horse
  • Worst Matches: Ox, Dog

Dragons in Relationships

Dragons do not easily get jealous. They have no need for it since they are surrounded by willing suitors.

When a dragon falls in love, their partner becomes their whole world. In the dragon's mind, their partner is pure perfection and can do no wrong. Dragons love with all their heart, body, and soul. So when a dragon is betrayed, they become devastated.

Dragons do not easily forgive those who have hurt them. They don't do well pretending they like someone, either. If a dragon doesn't like you, it will be so apparent you can feel it in their stare.

Despite being the 5th animal of the zodiac, dragons lead the Chinese New Year procession every year.

Despite being the 5th animal of the zodiac, dragons lead the Chinese New Year procession every year.

Dragon Careers

Dragons do well in politics, teaching/counseling, and sales/advertising jobs.

Dragons and Money

Dragons are very lucky when it comes to money. In the most mysterious of ways, wealth just seems to fall into their lap.

Even still, dragons are very hard workers with high standards for themselves, their work, and everyone around them. Their ambition, logic, and organization make them exceptional leaders in any circumstance. They are innovative thinkers, so they aren't afraid to try out ridiculous ideas to find a solution when faced with the problem.

Dragon Elements

Metal Dragon

This dragon's ambition is matched only by its lack of tact. Metal dragons are fiercely optimistic, hard-working, energetic, and live for a worthy challenge. They won't stop until they've reached one of two extremes; either they become extremely successful--or they fail miserably. They are well-liked by others but have terrible tempers. They are also more prone to jealousy than other dragons--which can ultimately ruin relationships. Metal dragons do best in careers dealing with business, such as banking or international affairs. Since they soak up information like a sponge, they are also great researchers.

Water Dragon

The water dragon is the comedian of the bunch with a great sense of humor and joyful personality. They are very loving and romantic and look for someone they can spend their life with in people they date. Water dragons are very curious by nature and enjoy reading as much as they can. Water dragons are full of "why?"s and won't stop until they get answers. Genuinely caring individuals, they spend a lot of their time checking in on loved ones. Water dragons like to keep busy with many jobs. They enjoy writing, working with animals, and anything that allows them to be social.

Wood Dragon

Wood dragons are visionaries with a bold sense of style and are often full of wild, unconventional ideas. Wood dragons work very well with others and have one of the warmest, most inviting personalities yet. They are contemplative thinkers, who don't always make a lot of sense (at least, not to others), but others are happy to follow them anyway since they are so responsible. Wood dragons do well in careers related to art and in counseling positions where they can share long, thoughtful conversations with others.

Fire Dragon

These strong-willed dragons tend to like to work solo over mingling with a group. They are very creative, artistic, adventurous, and live for a great challenge--especially if the task at hand is a big one. Their eccentric nature and air of arrogance make them very intimidating. However, they care deeply for their friends and families and are fantastic partners. Unlike other dragons, they are willing to admit to their mistakes. They do well in positions where they must work on large challenging projects. They also need a job that will earn them a hefty income because they love to spend, spend, spend!

Earth Dragon

Earth dragons are a bit more reserved than the others, opting for internal reflection over external chattering. Money means very little to this dragon, but freedom to do what they want is everything. Earth dragons are very well-liked by others and, as a result, are greatly supported by others when it comes to pursuing their dreams. This dragon is particularly blessed with luck in money. They are the romantic type and love having a partner they can look after, but can be a bit unfaithful. Earth dragons have a strong desire to help others, so they excel in careers that allow them to do so in any way.


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Karen A Szklany from New England on August 21, 2013:

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Samantha Harris (author) from New York on August 02, 2013:

I'm actually an Earth dragon and I definitely fit the type--but when it comes to fidelity it really comes down to respect. A dragon will never do to someone what they wouldn't want done to them and we really do get very upset when we hurt someone (just going by myself and all the earth dragons I know). So I think that if an earth dragon knew their partner would be really hurt by it they wouldn't do it. We also fall I love hard so once that happens we are so loyal! Well--at least I am :)

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