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Year of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac

Samantha Harris is very interested in the Chinese zodiac, and she enjoys sharing information about it.

Horses are very romantic, but their idealism makes relationships hard to keep.

Horses are very romantic, but their idealism makes relationships hard to keep.

Horse Years

Horse years are great years to maintain routine and strengthen relationships. Conversely, it's not such a great time to start anything new. It is important to be honest during these years, as secrets are often exposed. Normally, horse years are filled with passion and romance, but beware of fire-horse years, which can be quite chaotic and are considered bad luck years.

When Are the Horse Years?



25 Jan, 1906 - 12 Feb, 1907



11 Feb, 1918 - 31 Jan, 1919



30 Jan, 1930 - 16 Feb, 1931



15 Feb, 1942 - 23 Jan, 1943



3 Feb, 1954 - 23 Jan, 1955



21 Jan, 1966 - 8 Feb, 1967



7 Feb, 1978 - 27 Jan, 1979



27 Jan, 1990 - 14 Feb, 1991



12 Feb, 2002 - 31 Jan, 2003



31 Jan, 2014 - 18 Feb, 2015



17 Feb, 2026 - 5 Feb, 2027



Horse Traits

Positive Traits

  • Friendly
  • Sociable
  • Hardworking
  • Energetic
  • Athletic
  • Decisive
  • Good at conversation
  • Confident
  • Stylish

Negative Traits

  • Self-centered
  • Vain
  • Bossy
  • Confrontational
  • Stubborn

Horse Personality

These stylish people are as active, energetic, and strong-willed as their animal counterparts. They are smart, sexy, and skillful at what they do. At times, they can be a bit intolerant and judgmental of others, but they are incredibly sociable. They are also dependable, helpful, and trustworthy—and expect the same from others.

Horses love to gossip and chat—and are terrible at keeping secrets. They are quite eloquent speakers. They can perceive what you are going to say before you say it and can summarize your thoughts even better than you can. They have a great sense of humour and no problems addressing a crowd.

Horses use every opportunity afforded them to express their individuality, but easily become distracted. They have a hard time focusing on the future because long-term plans tend to bore them.

Horses love to debate, but always think they're right about everything. In relationships, they may come off as a tad bit bossy. But don't try to tell a horse what to do unless you're looking for a fight. They can be quite malicious in verbal disagreements. Do not ever embarrass them in public or you're sure to find this out firsthand.

Horses make friends very easily and often take the role of leader in their circle. They love to be the center of attention, but they can't stand drooling groupies. They also hate trash talkers.

Horses have amazing style and are quite vain. They enjoy the best of the best and know how to steal the spotlight. Their great taste allows them to throw great parties, as well. Horses hate to be bored with the same old thing so they are always trying something new and different.

Horses are very good at decision-making. They work methodically and quickly through tasks. They are enthusiastic and love a good challenge but can get impatient and frustrated easily. They are great workers but their blunt outspoken nature can get them into trouble.

Horse Compatibility

Love Relationships

  • Best Matches: Horse, Goat, Dog
  • Good Matches: Tiger, Rabbit, Snake
  • Worst Matches: Monkey, Rooster, Pig

Business Relationships

  • Best Matches: Tiger, Rooster
  • Good Matches: Ox, Rabbit, Dragon, Goat
  • Worst Matches: Rat, Horse, Pig

Horses in Relationships

Horses fall in love very easily, but their relationships often end just as fast. This is because their romantic ideal visions of their partners don't often match reality. They are also hot-headed and stubborn in their independence; a horse will do what a horse wants to do. However, if the relationship lasts long enough, they will eventually learn to compromise.

Horses have a hard time handling broken hearts causing anxiety, heated arguments, and even depression. Horses don't like people meddling in their romances, so when they have a break up they often shut the world out.

Horses often have many relationships and even a few marriages before finally settling down with the right one. Regardless, horses are incredibly faithful to their partners and devoted to their families.

Horses excel at most sports and are very crafty.

Horses excel at most sports and are very crafty.

Horses and Money

Horses are ambitious, competitive, and responsible. Their wit, charm, and work ethic make them exceptional employees. They are very organized, full of energy, and are more than willing to work long, hard hours. When a horse takes on a project nothing can stop them until they have seen it through.

Horse Careers

Horses make great athletes, explorers, and entertainers. They are also very skilled with their hands so careers in crafting, engineering, and building are not uncommon. They work well in public relations, management, and anything to do with travel, as well.

Rapidash, the fire horse pokemon.

Rapidash, the fire horse pokemon.

The Fire Horse

Fire horses have the misfortune of being the most dreaded sign in the Chinese zodiac. This sign is so desperately avoided in Chinese culture there was actually a sharp, noticeable, decline in births during the last fire horse year (1966) according to the Chinese census.

Fire horses are believed to bring bad luck to themselves and everyone around them. This is probably because their personality is like an uncontrollable wildfire. Fire horses are rebellious, all-or-nothing people who experience everything to the extreme.

Fire horses are passionate romantics, athletic, strong-willed, and very clever. They are restless, so constantly on the move and have difficulty settling down. They have a fierce temper and can be quite aggressive which makes it hard for them to get along with others.

Fire horses have a very difficult time expressing their emotions but are extremely complex by nature. They can be just as selfish and unsympathetic as they are loving and magnetic.

Fire horses are creative, flamboyant, and strict. They refuse to fail at anything they do. They are destined revolutionaries . . . or tyrants. They are not afraid to take risks or ruthlessly do what they need to do to get what they want.

Horse Elements

Metal Horse

This horse loves playing the swashbuckling hero, rescuing those in distress. Given their style and attractiveness, they definitely look the part. Though, the metal horse's bold confidence often translates into self-centeredness. Metal horses are friendly, popular, and optimistic. Their ambition and fearless nature make them excellent business people as well. The metal horse will never back down from a fight--in fact, they welcome it! This horse's downfall is his/her impatience and inability to maintain a routine. If they can work through this, however, they'll become an unstoppable force.

Water Horse

Water horses are socialites who love to know big names. They are expert conversationalists who insist on knowing everything about everything. They have a great sense of humor and are kind and generous. They get bored very easily and will most likely move several times throughout their life. Water horses don't just adapt well to change—they need it—constantly! Though they're pretty agreeable people they always need to be the boss.

Wood Horse

This horse needs to be surrounded by its' element: trees! City life just won't do for the wood horse, but they are still very social and make great and caring friends. Though impatient, the wood horse works well with others and is a joy to be around. Wood horses are artistic, creative, and innovative. They are also hardworking—to a fault—dutiful, and fair. They are romantic and loving as well, but can sometimes be critical of others.

Earth Horse

Earth horses are very caring and considerate horses, especially to those that are close to them. Their work ethic and ability to work long hours make them great entrepreneurs. Water horses value financial stability above all else. Music is an important aspect of the earth horse's life as well. At times the water horse can be indecisive, cynical, and bossy, but they are always perceptive and wise.


Lissette from Central Florida on February 05, 2014:

I enjoyed the read. I love the culture...

I am a horse who is also a mother to a horse. :)

Suzette Walker from Taos, NM on February 01, 2014:

Congrats on this hub being HOTD! This is very interesting and informative! I was born in the year of the horse so this was quite enlightening for me. I am only moderately vain though. LOL! I think we are beautiful creatures! I am not the gossiping type, however, and don't enjoy that at all. Other than those two, I think I pretty much fit the profile. Thanks so much for an entertaining write!

Hui (蕙) on February 01, 2014:

Interesting hub, great knowledge, and makes sense at this time.

Ganesh prasad on February 01, 2014:

thanks, i was not aware of horse year. and thanks for the calender

Ana Maria Orantes from Miami Florida on January 31, 2014:

Thank you for writing about the chinese calendar. The year of the horse have a good financial future. Chinese experts are talking about the horse year. The Chinese community are so happy. I always read about ther calendar. I like your article. You did a good hub.

Stephanie Bradberry from New Jersey on January 31, 2014:

Congratulations on your Hub of the Day.

This past weekend I took a workshop on Feng Shui based on preparing ourselves for the Chinese New Year and going into the year of the wood horse.

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Big congrats on Hub of the Day! Beautiful hub!

Samantha Harris (author) from New York on January 31, 2014:

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Lisa VanVorst from New Jersey on January 31, 2014:

Great and informative article. I do not fall into the dates of the horse, but I do have some characteristics of a horse.

Adityapullagurla on January 31, 2014:

How amazing are the ancient civilisations who try to fit the population to distinctive characters based on mythology. Really like your hub.

Justin Choo from Malaysia on January 31, 2014:

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Congratulations for HOTD!

oldiesmusic from United States on January 31, 2014:

Interesting article. I always thought my mom was born in the year of the Horse but her birthdate is not listed on that range. Well now I get know about the Chinese calendar after all, quite distinct from the calendar we're used to.

I'm a Sheep through and through and I find out that in both love and business relationships we're good with Horses. Well I just hope I find my Horse partner this year (at least in business), who knows? Very interesting read and happy Chinese new year to you followthestray :)

Samantha Harris (author) from New York on January 31, 2014:

From what I can recall, yes. That's like your golden year.

Jeff Boettner from Tampa, FL on January 31, 2014:

Noticed Monkey not good with Horse (gotta work on that). Love the part about the Fire elemental. 1967 def was one of those years....very interesting read :)

Dean Walsh from Birmingham, England on January 31, 2014:

I'm an earth horse - are years which are the same as your birth sign supposed to be lucky or good for you in some way according to the Chinese zodiac? I hope so ;)

tastiger04 on September 06, 2013:

awesome! I look forward to them!

Samantha Harris (author) from New York on September 06, 2013:

This month I should have your sign and the other remaining signs up :)

tastiger04 on September 03, 2013:

I am not a horse (I'm a tiger!), but I am related to a few horses! This was a very amusing read, as I have always found the Chinese zodiac to be intriguing after living in Asia for so many years. Thanks for the great hub :) Voted up and awesome!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on August 22, 2013:

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