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What Does the Year of the Ox Mean for You?

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Learn what the Year of the Ox means for you.

Learn what the Year of the Ox means for you.

Ox Years

Ox years are when all your preparation, planning, and hard work finally start to pay off. They are not the best years to start new endeavors but are great years to enjoy stability. Do not focus on expansion during these years, but rather on how you can consolidate what you have. Ox years are particularly good for marriages and businesses.

Oxen are strong creatures.

Oxen are strong creatures.



19 Feb, 1901 - 7 Feb, 1902



6 Feb, 1913 - 25 Jan, 1914



25 Jan, 1925 - 12 Feb, 1926



11 Feb, 1937 - 30 Jan, 1938



29 Jan, 1949 - 16 Feb, 1950



15 Feb, 1961 - 4 Feb, 1962



3 Feb, 1973 - 22 Jan, 1974



20 Feb, 1985 - 8 Feb, 1986



7 Feb, 1997 - 27 Jan, 1998



26 Jan, 2009 - 13 Feb, 2010



12 Feb, 2021 - 1 Feb, 2022



January 31, 2033 - February 18, 2034


Ox Traits


  • Reliable
  • Practical
  • Strong
  • Unpretentious
  • Calm
  • Contemplative


  • Reserved
  • Grumpy
  • Stubborn
  • Materialistic

Ox Personality

The strong, stable ox is one you can depend on through thick and thin. Those born during the year of the ox make great friends and are a pleasure to have in the family. They are reliable and offer the most sensible advice you can find, so they are definitely good to have on your team when you're in trouble.

Oxen don't really like to be in the spotlight. They are the unseen force that works behind the scenes to make sure the show is a hit and the stars shine. They are reserved by nature and not at all full of themselves, though they are able to pull their weight and the weight of those that may be slacking around them.

Oxen live long and healthy lives because they are so practical and move at a nice steady pace. They always see their projects through to the end but can often be rather grumpy and stubborn. However, it is very difficult to upset an ox. They are the type to let things build up and build up before finally erupting. One of the quickest ways to annoy an ox is to tell them how reserved and dependable they are. In their minds, they're exciting, daring, and entirely original.

Oxen tend to be natural-born cooks and may enjoy making their own clothes.

Ox Compatibility

Love Relationships

Best Matches: Rooster, Pig

Good Matches: Rat, Rabbit, Monkey, Dog

Worst Matches: Tiger, Goat

Business Relationships

Best Matches: Horse, Pig

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Good Matches: Rabbit, Rooster

Worst Matches: Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Monkey, Dog

Ox in Relationships

Ox are naturally attractive. Many will be drawn to their reliability but turned off by their lack of humor and imagination. Their sensibility doesn't make them the most romantic of partners, but they are incredibly loyal and have a hard time getting over broken relationships.

The ox's home and family are very important to them. They will always keep in touch with their parents and will happily have them move in if necessary. They can be a bit bossy as parents themselves, but will always make their children the priority.

The ox's reserved nature makes it difficult for others to understand their feelings. Try to be patient with them because they are definitely worth it.

Ox meaning

Ox meaning

Fitting Careers

Oxen make great managers in any business but will be strict bosses. They make great carpenters and craftsmen. They care very much about people, so they do well as humanitarians and politicians. They are also very earthy creatures, so they make good farmers, gardeners, and geologists.

Ox and Money

No matter what the task may be, the ox takes its work very seriously and has no time for unnecessary distractions. They work happily on their own and will always get what they need to do done on time. They have a hard time dealing with lazy and tardy people. They are very organized and always punctual. They also like to take their time before making a decision about anything.

Oxen don't do well with change, so risk-taking is not an option for them. They like tradition and what they know works. They have a really hard time accepting new ideas.

Oxen hate competing because they are sore losers. They can be rather unforgiving and have a tendency to blame others for their mistakes.

The ox doesn't really like the fast-paced life and hustle of city life. It will find comfort and solace in rural environments and nature. It is a very earthy creature.

Though the rat and ox do not make the best business partners due to their differing personalities, if they can put aside their differences to work together, they can be very successful. The rat can provide many great ideas, and the ox can see those ideas through to the end with their diligent work ethic.

Ox Elements

  • Metal Ox: The metal ox is a grumpy creature who lacks tact and very rarely acknowledges other people's points of view. Their bluntness and attitude turn people off, but they will never break a promise. They are very reliable and determined, despite being difficult to be around. The metal ox is very cautious about who they let into their circle. However, they can be rather jealous and possessive. Despite their unsavory qualities, they are still quite charismatic and sentimental.
  • Water Ox: The organized water ox gets along with others better than most oxen do. They are studious humanitarians who may find themselves working at non-profits or charitable organizations—especially for causes relating to the environment and nature. They do not need as much time to make decisions as other oxen do either. They still like to think through their decisions before acting but are able to do this quickly. Despite being very friendly, they are still set in their ways and won't particularly take well to change. They are rather inflexible and will never be made into anyone's fool. They may carry themselves in a calm and gentle manner, but they know how to get their way and won't accept anything less. They are hard to upset—but watch out if you do! You could drown in a water ox's bad mood.
  • Wood Ox: Unlike other oxen, the wood ox has a great imagination. They are happy, confident people who are never idle. They enjoy filling their time with work, reading, and other studious activities. They prefer working alone but will always take the lead in groups. Like most oxen, the wood ox must have things go their way or they will be put in a bad mood. They will do what it takes to get their way, whether that's by being bossy or by bribery. They have a great sense of humor, which is another trait that sets them apart from other oxen. They can be a lot of fun to be around but don't like making friends with people who don't agree with them or who they see as competition. They just cannot be bothered by anyone who doesn't see their way. They are entirely devoted to their families and are willing to do anything for them.
  • Fire Ox: This ox will get far in its career, thanks to its careful and detailed planning. It is a romantic ox that loves to fall in love—but they do not often have their feelings returned. They are active, assertive, and incredibly blunt. They can also be more than a little egotistic and incredibly impatient. The fire ox is very selective about the company they keep because—like most oxen—they are loyal to those closest to them. The hardworking fire ox will always give their all and fight for their beliefs.
  • Earth Ox: Despite being a tad naïve, the earth ox is likely to be the first person its friends go to for advice and counseling as they are very good judges of character. In romantic relationships, they may not buy chocolates and flowers but will certainly enjoy a fine dinner followed by tons of affection. They can be a bit insecure in relationships, though, since they are afraid of rejection, and as a result, they put on the front of someone who is hard and immovable. Honestly, though, they are very caring and sensual individuals, albeit perfectionists in every aspect of life.


Colleen Swan from County Durham on December 06, 2013:

Interesting and true. I am married to an ox. Nice hub

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