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Year of the Pig: When It Happens and the Traits of People Born in It

People born during the pig year are cheerful, fun-loving people who love to chat.

People born during the pig year are cheerful, fun-loving people who love to chat.

Pig Years

Being the last year in the cycle, the pig year is the ideal time to tie up loose ends and get closure. It will also be a time when your actions for the past few years will either be punished or rewarded. Though these are prosperous years in terms of wealth and happiness, there are a lot of unseen things going on during pig years. It is a good time for reflection and making plans for the future.



30 Jan, 1911 - 17 Feb, 1912



16 Feb, 1923 - 4 Feb, 1924



4 Feb, 1935 - 23 Jan, 1936



22 Jan, 1947 - 9 Feb, 1948



8 Feb, 1959 - 27 Jan, 1960



27 Jan, 1971 - 14 Feb, 1972



13 Feb, 1983 - 1 Feb, 1984



31 Jan, 1995 - 18 Feb, 1996



18 Feb, 2007 - 6 Feb, 2008



5 Feb, 2019 - 24 Jan, 2020



January 22, 2031 - February 10, 2032


Pigs are cheerful, honest, stubborn, and secretive.

Pigs are cheerful, honest, stubborn, and secretive.

Year of the Pig Traits


  • Friendly
  • Hard-working
  • Non-confrontational
  • Cheerful
  • Active
  • Honest
  • Caring
  • Passionate
  • Loyal


  • Overindulgent
  • Gossipy
  • Ill-tempered
  • Stubborn
  • Secretive


Do not be offended if you were born during the year of the pig; these creatures are actually quite pleasant. Honest, loving, and creative, pigs are very generous and accepting of others. They are very respectful, but they will expect that respect to be repaid to them. They are so incredibly kind and yet have difficulty accepting that to be true.

How Their Personality Traits Manifest

Pigs are very truthful, but they will keep things quiet when it suits their needs. They know what they want and what they need to do to get it. If that means keeping secrets, that's okay with them. They are practical and sensible and know when the time is right to disclose. They can be a bit over-confident at times, however.

While they're willing to listen to other viewpoints, they are quite stubborn and do exactly what they want to do. Though they are sincere, pigs like to keep private matters in their life private. They don't appreciate meddlers at all—even if someone means well.

General Outlook

Pigs are very active, cheerful creatures who never stay down in the dumps for long. They are incredibly resilient and are able to push through anything life happens to throw at them. They are fun-loving, expressive, and incredibly hard-working. They are more than willing to help but will rarely ever ask for help.

Interacting With Others

Pigs love others so much they will take on the problems of others without a second thought. As a result, they may become a bit grumpy and exhausted.

Pigs don't typically care very much about what people have to say about them. However, they are very moral creatures and often worry if they feel they've made a bad decision. They love being flirted with and are suckers for compliments. Pigs are also interested in making connections with people in high places and will honor those relationships above others.

Although pigs are very friendly people, they prefer not to be in large gatherings. They'd much rather spend their time with a few close friends and people they know. They are very chatty and love to gossip. They sometimes like to stretch the truth or talk about things they don't entirely know. They are a bit conservative when it comes to etiquette and have a deep fascination with history.

Dealing With Conflict

It is hard to make an enemy out of a pig because they are just such friendly people, but if you do get on their bad side, you're in for it! Pigs will not stand for deceit and are very ill-tempered when they feel double-crossed. Pigs don't like arguing but are not above dishing out insults if they are angry enough. Although, if pigs can evade a fight, they most certainly will.

Favorite Activities

Pigs love to eat and drink! But they really need to be mindful of what they take in because they have a tendency to overindulge in both. If you ever find yourself on the bad side of a pig, treating them to an expensive dinner could clear things up.

At Home

At home, the pig is either very clean and tidy or a complete slob. There is no middle ground. They also enjoy keeping plants and gardens and art.


Love Relationships

  • Best Matches: Dog, Pig
  • Good Matches: Ox, Monkey
  • Worst Match: Horse

Business Relationships

  • Best Matches: Dragon, Monkey
  • Good Matches: Ox, Rabbit, Goat, Dog, Pig
  • Worst Match: Horse
Pigs fall in love easily but are prone to jealousy.

Pigs fall in love easily but are prone to jealousy.


Pigs try very hard to stay level-headed and practical when it comes to love—but they are hopeless romantics that can't help but spend hours daydreaming about the object of their affection. Despite being romantic, pigs really like to take things slow and get to know a person before making a move. When pigs fall in love, they fall hard and may actually become quite jealous and possessive. Pigs are all for public displays of affection and will do anything to make their partner happy.

When in a stable relationship, the pig will be happy to tell all. After a bad relationship, though, the pig may throw themselves into their work to keep the past buried and prevent themselves from thinking about it. Don't ask a pig about a bad break-up—they'll be inconsolable!


Pigs are great in film, theatre, TV, music, fine arts, and charitable works.


Pigs are very good at accumulating monetary wealth, whether it be from collecting valuable items or from pure hard work. They love spending that money on drinking and dining.

Pigs enjoy being in the limelight and will look for positions that keep them at the center of attention to be adored by all. They are also good-willed people that excel at raising awareness and fundraising for charitable causes.


Metal Pig

These pigs are very charming but are known to have a bit of an ego. They spend most of their efforts on improving themselves rather than in the pursuit of fame and fortune. They are always on the move and are likely to have multiple jobs to keep them busy. They'll also hope from relationship to relationship before they are finally ready to settle down. They are honest, friendly, and caring people who can be rather hard on themselves.

Water Pig

Water pigs are artistic, clever, and shy. They are known to be the peace-makers of their group. They value happiness over money and enjoy having long talks with people they know. They are very good at saving money but enjoy indulging in luxury items. They get along very well with children, are loyal and trusting, and excel in fashion and design.

Wood Pig

These witty, loyal and optimistic pigs will do anything for friends and family. They almost never say no and have a tendency to take on more than they can handle. They are very kind creatures but can be a bit too sensitive and easily hurt by others. They have a hard time expressing themselves romantically and will need someone who will be gentle and patient with them as they are prone to depression. They are good at business and working with people.

Fire Pig

Nothing can bring the adventurous and energetic fire pig down. They are artistic, strong-willed, confident, and excel in fashion, media, and marketing. Fire pigs will always fight for the underdog and do the right thing. They are very stubborn in their beliefs and are difficult to persuade. They are quick to encourage others to push forward but could often use a bit of a push themselves. They need to learn to be more patient and accepting of those that don't agree with their opinions.

Earth Pig

Earth pigs are impeccable business people as they will tirelessly work to bring their organization to the very top. These pigs are even-tempered, sensible, practical, and quite skilled in the art of persuasion. Earth pigs have refined tastes, an appreciation for art and history, and an interest in science. They have a tendency towards bluntness, and their innocent nature sadly makes them targets for deceitful people. Earth pigs often stress eat and find comfort in food when they are down.

Questions & Answers

Question: Are metal pigs smart or sporty?

Answer: Metal pigs can be smart AND sporty. They are a lot tougher than other pigs, but all pigs are sharp.


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