The 16 Best Christmas Party Games

Updated on December 21, 2016
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Who doesn’t love a good Christmas party? It’s the perfect time to celebrate and bond with one another during the snowy season.

Planning a few Christmas party games can make it an even better time for all ages!

Make the party a time to remember with these fun games:

Christmas Games for Kids

  • Candy Cane Hunt: A spin off of an Easter egg hunt, but with candy canes! Hide a variety of flavors, and some of those plastic candy canes filled with other candy, too!

  • Pin the Nose on Frosty: Make a game that’s much like ‘pin the tail on the donkey,’ except with Frosty the snowman. This can be followed up or preceded by the movie!

  • Gingerbread Man Decorating Contest: Exactly as it sounds, supply the kiddos with pre-baked gingerbread man cookies, supply them with frosting, gum drops, and whatever else you want to include. Then judge the final products to determine a winner!

  • Santa Gets Low: This is limbo with a twist of Santa’s belly! Each child must strap on a big balloon (masking tape works well) and limbo to Jingle Bell Rock! How low can they go?

  • 12 Days of Christmas Scavenger Hunt: We all know the song, now it’s a matter of hiding all of the objects around the house! You can use all of the original gifts in the song (some might need to be just pictures) or make up your own! This should keep them going for hours!


Family Christmas Games

  • Stocking Stuffers: Fill a few stockings with either Christmas items or common household items, and put something else in the stockings to throw everyone off, such as packing peanuts. Everyone must write their guesses down on paper. Most correct guesses wins!

  • Christmas Carol Quiz: Everyone will listen to short clips from Christmas carols and must write down their guesses as to the name of the carol. Whoever has the most correct guesses is the winner!

  • Guess the Ornaments: Next to the Christmas tree should be a jar with paper to write on. Each person will write their name and the amount of ornaments they think is on the tree. The person to guess the closest without going over wins an ornament!

  • Snowball Target Practice: Decorate Styrofoam party cups to look like snowmen, stand them up to be targets, then it’s on! Using plastic spoons to launch marshmallows, how many targets can you knock over in 60 seconds?

  • Singing Santa: Pick up a Santa stuffed animal for this game. Rules of the game: Everyone sits in a circle and the person holding Santa first starts a Christmas song by singing one line, then passes santa to whoever. If you receive Santa, you must sing the very next line in the Christmas song. If you don’t know it or get it wrong, you’re out!

  • Candy Cane Chain: Holding a candy cane in your mouth, you must see how many more candy canes you can link without using your hands!


Office Christmas Party Games

  • Christmas Carol Karaoke: Have a lively bunch at the office? Then you might want to rent a karaoke machine and see who knows how to sing some Christmas songs!
  • Secret Santa: Another perfect gift game for an office. Everyone’s names go into a hat to be drawn out by another, and whoever you draw out of the hat is who you buy a gift for. It’s fun! Again, set a fair dollar amount, such as gifts should be $25 or lower.
  • Dirty Santa: This can really be done for any Christmas gathering, but it’s totally appropriate for an office! Do you really want to buy gifts for everyone in the office? I didn’t think so. Set a fair dollar amount to spend on a single gift, wrap it, then play the game! One person starts by choosing a gift to unwrap. The next person and subsequent people have the option to steal a gift or unwrap a new one from the pile, until all gifts are unwrapped.

  • Wrapping Relay: Great for an office party, everyone will get into teams of three or four and have an assembly line style race! Each person on any given team will be responsible for one task: Cutting the wrapping paper, wrapping, taping, and tying the ribbon. One “present” must be finished before another is started by the team. Wrap things from around the office such as staplers, tape dispensers, reams of paper, etc. Which team will wrap the most in five minutes?
  • Santa Has a Heart On: Using a large picture of Santa, draw a heart on santa, anywhere you want, then the whole picture will be covered with sticky notes. Each person should take turns taking off one sticky note at a time until they reveal the heart on Santa! Winner gets a candy cane rod!

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Play Nice!

Be sure to choose Christmas party games that are appropriate for all of the ages that will be present, or plan separate games or activities that will be carried out simultaneously.

However you decide to do it, it will be a great time for all!

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