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Cherry Popsicle Day: A History of Summer's Favorite Treat

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Cherry is one of the best selling of all popsicle flavors.

Cherry is one of the best selling of all popsicle flavors.

Cherry Popsicle Day: A National Holiday

Did you know that the cherry popsicle has a national holiday of its own? This fruity frozen treat sounds delicious, doesn't it? A cold refreshing popsicle is the perfect thing to celebrate with at the end of a hot summer day in August.

The history of this oddly-specific national holiday is shrouded in mystery. Who created this holiday? Why was cherry chosen over other popsicle flavors? If anyone is able to solve this mystery, please be sure to update me in the comments because my research is not turning up anything significant.

Regardless, this day has been officially recognized by the U.S. government to honor the cherry popsicle, so be sure to enjoy a cherry-flavored iced treat in honor of Cherry Popsicle Day this August!

How Was the Popsicle Created?

The frozen treat has been around for centuries, but the invention of what has become known as the "popsicle" is somewhat more recent.

It was the early 1900s when an eleven-year-old boy named Frank Epperson mixed up a concoction of soda and powder in a glass. Frank, being the distracted little boy he was, completely forgot about his little experiment and left it outside all night long on his porch.

Little Frank lived in California, but I guess it just happened to be cold enough that night for his concoction to freeze with the mixing stick in it. When he discovered it in the morning, it was completely frozen, with the stick standing upright like a handle.

He fiddled with it, pulled it up out of the can, and started eating it. Little Frank found the frozen discovery to be quite delicious and started making them for friends and family. An entrepreneur was born! He soon expanded to selling the icy treat on the beaches of California.

How Did the Popsicle Get Its Name?

It wasn't until 20 years later that Frank Epperson patented the name "epsicle," which is a combination of his last name and icicle. It was later renamed "popsicle," and there are two stories to support this change in name.

One story is that the name change came about because Frank's children started calling them "Pop's sicles" because Frank was their "Pop." Another story is that he wanted to emphasize that it was made out of "soda pop," thus adding the "pop." I like the kids' story myself, don't you?

Frank wasn't much of a businessman, and due to financial difficulties, he sold the rights to his patent to the Joe Lowe Company around 1925. That company brought the "popsicle" to the masses, and the frozen dessert began to experience international success.

What Happened to Frank?

Frank passed away at the age of 89 in 1983. Not much is known about how he supported himself all those years, but there are reports that he was involved in real estate. He certainly did not benefit financially from the international success of his popsicle invention.

Cherry Popsicles are some children's favorite summer treat.

Cherry Popsicles are some children's favorite summer treat.

Make Your Own Popsicles

Save money and have fun with the kids making your own popsicles. Fill them with juice or try out a cool recipe. I remember as a child making your own popsicles was a common activity. As I remember, the molds were plastic with little plastic handles that cupped the frozen treat and caught the melting drips before hitting your shirt. We often filled the molds with different flavors of Kool-Aid.

Now you can use heavy-duty molds made out of stainless steel. If you are really into making your own ice treats, these are the best molds to own.

Cherry Popsicle Recipes

  • Cherry Limeade Popsicles
    Beat the heat with this frozen treat.
  • Cherry yogurt popsicles
    This recipe is very versatile as you can make the pops in layers, swirl the ingredients to give it an artistic look, or even combine everything together. Get adventurous and be creative in your experiment.
Remember to enjoy a cherry popsicle on its national day: August 26th.

Remember to enjoy a cherry popsicle on its national day: August 26th.

Other Refreshing Popsicle Recipes

Below are links for creating many different types of popsicles. These recipes are great for kids to help out with too. This is a fun thing to do on a hot summer day.

The only drawback is that you have to wait for them to freeze. After you prepare them, perhaps jump in the wading pool or do another activity for a few hours of fun while you wait for your frozen treats. Yum, yum, yum.

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Sharon Bellissimo (author) from Toronto, Canada on September 02, 2012:

@anonymous: You certainly can!

anonymous on September 01, 2012:

I actually missed it but I can certainly make up for lost time.

DeepaVenkitesh LM on September 01, 2012:

enjoyed every lick, thanks

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Being warm Popsicle's are always good.

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I just added this fun holiday to my calendar!

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You just reminded me that I have some homemade juice-icles in the freezer. Off to the freezer now :)

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Don't know if I'll remember! Must post a reminder to do this. :)

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Interesting how it was invented. Sure, I'll have one on the 26th!