Christmas Present or Gift Box Costumes

Updated on December 30, 2014
DIY Christmas present costume tutorial and ideas.
DIY Christmas present costume tutorial and ideas. | Source

Dressing up as a Christmas Present or Gift

Dressing up as a present makes for a fun Christmas costume. Presents are a fun couple, group, or family costume and lends itself to great photo opportunities and lasting memories. What's great about this Christmas costume is that you can easily buy one that fits your needs or make one yourself.

However you decide to to it, dressing up as a Christmas present is a cool and unusual choice.

How to Make a Homemade Christmas Present Costume

Supplies Needed:

  • Large box
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape
  • Scissors


1. Tape the flaps of the box closed and orient the box the way you would like to wear it.

Tape closed the box you want to use for your christmas gift costume.
Tape closed the box you want to use for your christmas gift costume.

2. Cut off the entire bottom of the box.

Cut off the entire bottom of the box you're using for the costume.
Cut off the entire bottom of the box you're using for the costume.

3. Cut a hole in the top of the box for your head and a hole on two opposite sides for your arms.

Cut out holes in the box for your head and arms.
Cut out holes in the box for your head and arms.

4. Wrap the present with wrapping paper.

Wrap the box with the gift paper of your choice.
Wrap the box with the gift paper of your choice.

5. Punch holes in the wrapping paper covering the head and arm holes, fold the paper over the sides, and tape down the edges on the inside of the box.

Fold the wrapping paper over the edges of the holes and tape them down.
Fold the wrapping paper over the edges of the holes and tape them down.

6. Decorate your gift box.

Ideas for decorations include:

  • Ribbons
  • Bows
  • To/From stickers
  • Santa/elf hats
  • Reindeer antlers

Photo Gallery for Inspiration

Now that you know the basics for how to create your own costume, here are a few examples from which you can learn and draw inspiration.

Children's Gift Box Costume


Bows and ribbons separate a run-of-the-mill present from an expertly wrapped one, and they can do the same for your gift box costume. Wear a ribbon on your box or in your hair; Santa hats and other Christmas attire are always good accessories as well.

Family Wearing Christmas Present Costumes

Christmas Present Costumes
Christmas Present Costumes | Source

Here, an entire family has created matching costumes to take their family photo to another level. As you can see, using the same wrapping paper as another person makes you look like a set—a look couples and families may value but groups of friends may want to avoid.

Homemade Christmas Present and Grinch Costumes


Here, a woman has separated her gift box into two parts—the open box and the lid. It's a cute idea, because it looks like she's inside of the present, but the choice to have an open box is problematic. Because she also cut open the top of the box, there is no way for it to rest on her shoulders—instead, she had to create straps to hold it on, which makes the costume look like a gift bag with a lid.

However, she incorporated some nice touches, such as the shirt, pants, shoes, and lipstick that match the colors of her wrapping paper and ribbon.

Fabric Christmas Present Costume


Next, we'll look a several Christmas present costumes commercially made. Store-bought costumes have the advantage of being made from fabric instead of cardboard, which makes them more comfortable and durable.

This first one is pretty impressive—I've seen real wrapping paper with a very similar pattern, and it looks very good on this woman. The big red bow on the front is another great touch.

Present Costume for a Toddler or Baby


I'm not sure how happy a little person would be in a present costume like the one here, but as the child is not in it for too long, he or she will be fine. It sure is a cute costume for pictures.

Overall though it's a great little costume, and the message on the label is precious.

Guy in Present Christmas Costume

This is a pretty funny costume. The blank tag and the off-center red bow definitely remind me of gifts from a guy without a clue as to how to wrap presents.

Add that to the fact a guy is wearing it and it's pretty humorous. This particular costume is available on Amazon below.

Final Thoughts

These costumes are simple in design, yet very easy to differentiate—you can wrap and decorate the presents however you choose. The best part, for me, is that it's the type of costume that gets a lot of attention, smiles, and photographs.

For family and friends, it's a wonderful way to create lasting memories of the holidays together. That, after all, is what Christmas is all about.

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