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DIY Stuffed Denim Easter Bunny Craft (With Photos)

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Alyssa loves celebrating holidays and making fun crafts. She is a wife and mom who drinks a lot of coffee!

This is what my completed denim Easter bunny stuffed craft looks like.

This is what my completed denim Easter bunny stuffed craft looks like.

A Fun and Easy Easter Craft

Spring is officially in the air! What better way to celebrate than by creating a fun craft you can display in your home to put residents and visitors in the Easter spirit? I'm more than ready for sunshine, warmer temperatures, and blooming garden flowers. I thought it would be a good idea to get a head start on my own Easter decor, so I've been crafting up a storm. This plush denim bunny is adorable and perfect for spring. It's a simple craft that you'll be able to display for years to come.


  • Old pair of jeans
  • Cardboard
  • Decorative ribbon or string
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Poly beads
  • Crafting stick


  1. Cut the legs off your old pair of jeans. Then cut along the seam of each leg to open the denim.
  2. Draw your bunny shape on the cardboard. It's helpful to lay your fabric next to the cardboard for sizing. You don't have to be an artist to make your template. Simply make a large circle for the body, a smaller circle on top for the head, and two curved shapes for the ears.
  3. Cut out your bunny shape.
  4. Lay your cardboard bunny on top of your denim fabric and trace using a black sharpie marker. Repeat on your second piece of fabric. Cut out your bunny shapes.
  5. Lay your denim bunny pieces on top of each other, lining up your edges.
  6. Starting with the ear sections, slowly secure your two pieces of fabric together with hot glue (you can sew if you prefer). Once you have the ears secured, check your seams with a crafting stick.
  7. Fill each ear with the poly beads until you have the desired level of plushness. Carefully hot glue your ear section together to create a seam.
  8. Continue hot gluing your bunny, working your way down each side of the head. Again, check the seams with your crafting stick. Fill the head of your bunny with poly beads until you have the desired plushness. Secure your head sections together with hot glue to create a seam.
  9. Hot glue each side of the bunny's body, leaving the bottom open for filling. Check your seams once more with your craft stick. Fill the body of your bunny with poly beads until you have the desired plushness.
  10. Carefully lay your bunny down and line up the bottom of your two pieces of fabric. Run a line of hot glue along the edge and then fold the bottom back on itself.
  11. Repeat once more, securing the bottom of your bunny.
  12. Tie a decorative ribbon or piece of string around your bunny's neck. I used a tie from an old shirt.


Alyssa (author) from Ohio on March 06, 2020:

That's a great idea, Jason! I think the kids will love it!

Jason Nicolosi from AZ on March 03, 2020:

"Yay, Easter bunny!" I love it, super clever. Another great idea Alyssa. I think I'll make a few of these guys around Easter time for the kids I work with. I can make a few of your rabbits and add some velcro where eyes, nose, and bunny teeth could go. I can have different eyes, noses, and teeth parts ready to go (some funny, some cute, etc.). Then the kids can put the features on. The kids will love the different feel of denim (bunny), poly beads (stuffing), velcro (I'll use to attach features), plastic (googly eyes ill add) felt (teeth ill add), button (nose ill add). All those things will have different textures the kids will love. I'm super excited about it. It's going to be great. Thanks!

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on March 02, 2020:

Thank you, Pamela! :)

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on March 02, 2020:

Hahahahaha! Thank you, Bill!

Alyssa (author) from Ohio on March 02, 2020:

How cute! I'll have to give your panty hose bunny craft a try! :) I hope you enjoy making the denim bunny. Thank you for stopping by! :)

Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on March 02, 2020:

I think this is a very good DIY craft. Easter will be here before we know it, so the time is ideal to make a bunny. I think your Easter bunny is so cute, Alyssa.

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on March 02, 2020:

Very nice, Alyssa. I had this vision of what it would look like if I tried this....can you say nightmare? :) Happy Monday my friend.

Lora Hollings on March 01, 2020:

I just love this denim bunny, Alyssa! Every Easter, I look for a different craft to make as I just love Easter decorations. And who doesn't have old jeans around to make into something so cute? When my daughter was younger, we use to make bunnies out of old panty hose and white tights. We would fill them with stuffing and then we would use buttons for eyes and use needle and thread for making the nose and mouth. They were soft sculptured. What a creative idea to use denim! Can't wait to try it. Your directions are easy to follow and I have a glue gun that I've used many times. Thanks for Sharing!