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35+ DIY Halloween Decorations That Are Hauntingly Fun to Make

How to Create Some Spook in the House

You don't need Hocus Pocus and a huge wallet when it comes to making these budget-friendly Halloween decorations. All that's needed is a bit of creative flair and a trip to your local dollar or craft store to stock up on supplies.

You can easily make any number of these ideas and customize them to your liking. Trick or treaters will be delighted when they come knocking at your door on October 31st!

Cauldron Wreath

Cauldron Wreath

The Witch Is In Wreath

To make this clever wreath idea, purchase a plastic cauldron from the dollar store, cut it in half, and glue some Halloween-colored baubles inside. Add a cardboard sign saying "The Witch Is In" and hang a witch's hat above that.


Halloween Coffee Corner

Have a dedicated Halloween coffee corner by filling a shelf full of Halloween-themed mugs and plates. All of these can be purchased at the dollar store, and if you are having a party, you will have all your supplies ready to hand to serve up witches brew and pumpkin pie.


Halloween Centerpiece

Make an impressive centerpiece using a tiered tray and fill it with pumpkins, candles, or even Halloween candy. The best thing about tiered trays is that they can be used for all seasons by replacing the decorations to fit the occasion.

For example, this could easily be turned into a Christmas-tiered tray by switching out the spook decorations for Santas and elves.


Serving Tray

Serving tea and coffee becomes much spookier when adding witches' hats to the sugar and creamer jar. Pop this on a tray and add some pumpkins to really set the look to life. If you are hosting a Halloween dinner party, then this will really be a hit with guests for their after-dinner coffees.


Skeleton Bath

It looks like this chap has stayed too long in the bath! You can purchase the skeleton, bucket, and baubles from the dollar store. Then add stuffing to use as the "foam."


Illuminated Porch

Brighten your porch for the darker evenings by adding as many luminaries and pumpkins as possible. The bat lanterns really set this look apart. You could also add purple and orange firefly lights to light the place even more.


Broom Parking Sign

This fun idea will look great on your porch. Purchase several brooms from the dollar store and make your own sign which says "Broom Parking." Neighbors will wonder how many witches you have staying in your house!


Halloween Mantel

Don't neglect the fireplace when it comes to getting your house spook season ready. Drape some black fabric loosely around lanterns and add fake bats and ghosts.


Nightmare Before Christmas Topiary

Gather some plant pots and paint them like the characters from the Nightmare Before Christmas, such as Jack Skellington. Fill them with plants of your choice and stick to a pole in the design shown.


Trick or Treat Garland

This garland is made with burlap cut into squares and painted with the words Trick or Treat. It adds a great focal point or backdrop for any room, especially when set against items such as skulls and skeletons.


Pumpkin Arch

This impressive entrance is achieved by layering up many different pumpkins to form the arch. You could also use various items to create the same effect, such as ghosts or mini witches' hats.


Painted Pig Pumpkins

No carve pumpkins are always a popular choice to decorate your porch for fall and Halloween since they won't go off as quickly. You could also buy a craft pumpkin that will last year in and year out. This pig family is sure to be a hit with visitors.


Elaine Byers (author) on October 03, 2020:

Hi Debbe, thanks for commenting, try searching online such as amazon and see if they have what you need !

Debbe Kassner on October 03, 2020:

Love the decorations especially the witch hat caldron but can never find the pieces to make it.

kay coate on August 03, 2019:

interested on where to buy