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How to Make a Mini Grinch Tree

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DIY Mini Grinch Tree

A few years ago, I made a tabletop Grinch tree using real pine branches from a tree in my backyard. Adventure ensued. Before I brought the branches inside, I inspected them for bugs, but I don't have a microscopic vision. The next day, I found tiny spiders crawling around my house. It was a disaster. Despite the unintentional guests, the tree turned out cute and was a unique part of my Christmas decor that year. Unfortunately, I had to dismantle the tree and throw the branches in our brush pile at the end of the season.

This year, I thought I would try my hand at a more permanent piece. Three years ago, we purchased a new Christmas tree, and I saved our old one for crafts. It certainly came in handy!

This mini Grinch tree is adorable and so easy to create with materials you probably already have on hand. The Grinch tree will be a treasured decor piece for holidays to come; no spiders guaranteed!

Materials needed.

Materials needed.

Materials Needed

  • Old Christmas tree or a small Christmas tree (I used the top section of my old Christmas tree for this project)
  • An old pot
  • Styrofoam
  • Ribbon
  • LED lights
  • An ornament

Grinch Tree Directions

  1. To begin, remove any tags or ribbons from your tree piece. I still had a paper tag and a ribbon on mine.
  2. Set your tree in your pot to get a feel for how it will look. Cut Styrofoam pieces to hold them in place. Be sure it will stand up on its own. I ended up cutting one piece of Styrofoam in half and setting the pieces inside my pot, setting the tree in the center.
  3. Fluff your tree up a bit, spreading out the branches. Find the face of your tree.
  4. Bend the top branch slightly. Then carefully start bending all the branches up, starting at the bottom.
  5. To give your tree more of a bend, remove it from its pot and use pliers to bend it down.
  6. Wrap a ribbon around your tree, starting at the bottom with a knot. Add another ribbon if you wish.
  7. Put your tree back in its pot, rearranging the Styrofoam and adding weight as needed.
  8. Cut a small piece of thin packing Styrofoam to tuck into the pot, hiding the inside. This will give the appearance of snow. You can also use a piece of white felt if you wish.
  9. Wrap your LED lights around the tree.
  10. Hang your ornament from the top, and add a few others to the pot if you wish.
  11. Display your Grinch tree as part of your holiday decor.

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