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How to Make a Poison Apple Scene for Your Halloween Decor

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Poison Apple Halloween Decoration

Halloween season is here! Every year, I love to create new pieces to display. This poison apple scene perfectly complements my decor and looks beautiful on my bookshelf.

This piece is simple to create in an afternoon, using items you probably have around the house. As always, swap out what you don't have with something you do to create a unique decor piece that fits in with your Halloween decor.

Materials needed

Materials needed

Materials Needed

  • A container with a lid (like an old candle holder)
  • An old box, I used an old book-style box
  • Black cloth, I used an old t-shirt
  • An old sweater
  • A red ornament
  • A branch or stick from your yard
  • Acrylic paint
  • A snake (optional)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • An old book page
  • Sharpie markers

Steps 1–6

1. Clean your canister and make sure it's completely dry. Paint it using whatever colors you wish. For my first layer, I used a combination of Burnt Umber and Nutmeg Brown. Let dry completely.

2. Paint your box container if you wish. I liked the purple cover of mine, but I wanted to cover up the spine and the sides. I used a combination of Award Blue and Black to paint mine. Additionally, I painted the closure using a layer of Pure Silver mixed with a bit of the leftover black and blue. This didn't cover up the metal completely; instead, it gave the lock an aged patina look. Let dry completely.

3. For the second layer of paint on the container, I used a combination of Pure Gold and Flamenco Red. Using a foam brush, I tapped the paint on to add texture and interest. I also tapped a little of this mix onto the spine of my box. Use whatever colors you wish, and then let everything dry completely.

4. Remove the metal cap from your ornament.

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5. Position your branch inside and secure it with hot glue.

6. Arrange your snake and secure it with hot glue.

Steps 7 & 8

7. Cut your black cloth to fit the inside of your container and secure it with hot glue.

8. Cut a piece of your sweater to bunch up and set it inside your container. This will help display your poison apple. I used one arm of an old wool sweater for mine.

Steps 9–13

9. If you wish, give your container a final layer of paint. I tapped a bit of Burnt Umber onto mine to dull the gold and red and to give the container an aged look. Let dry completely.

10. Take your old book page and cut a piece to fit the front of your container.

11. Using a Sharpie, write out the word Poison. To dress mine up, I carefully burnt the edges over the sink.

12. Secure your label to your container using hot glue.

13. Display your poison apple scene as part of your holiday decor! Add gems, crystals, or spiderwebbing for extra spookiness.

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