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50+ Adorable DIY Valentines Box Ideas That Kids Will Love

Elaine is an avid crafter who enjoys celebrating holidays with beautiful DIY decorations and gifts.

Get Crafting for Valentines!

It's the loveliest time of the year so help the kids to make one of these adorable Valentines Box Ideas for their cards. These awesome ideas will have them at the top of the class for creativeness. There are so many fun ideas to take inspiration from for your card box for example favorite cartoon characters or hobbies. It’s also a great way to get the kids together for some quality arts and crafts time.


Basketball Valentine Box

Transform a shoe box into this Basketball Valentine Box for your little one. Some shoe boxes may already come in an orange color, but if not you can paint or cover the box with orange paper. Draw black lines with a sharpie marker, then make your own basketball hoop using the lid off a container and string.


Vanity Box

Supplies needed to make this adorable vanity box include, pink paper, cereal boxes, silver paper for the mirror and other accessories. Begin by taping two cereal boxes together, then cover them with paper. You can draw the lines for the drawers with a black marker. Stick a square of silver paper onto pink glitter card to make the mirror. Add glitter stickers, pom poms, anything else you want to make it look pretty.


Heart Cactus Valentine’s Day Box

To make this , you will cover a box with green paper and then draw on the details. Cut out hearts from pink paper to stick on the top.


Cat Valentines Box

Up-cycle a tissue box into an adorable cat for Valentines cards using scrapbook paper, glue, faux fur and foam. Cover the tissue box with faux fur, then cut out a cat face from white foam.


Deer Valentines Day Box

Be a deer and make this adorable box. You will need to cover two boxes with brown paper and then make the antlers from brown cardboard.


Unicorn Valentines Box

Unicorns are always a great choice for crafting since they are so colorful and sparkly. To make this you’ll need a cardboard box, white card stock and glitter paper. Start by making a slit in the top of the box with a utility knife for the cards to be posted in.

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Mario Themed Valentine’s Day Box

Most kids love this famous plumber. It's easier to make than you would think. You can print out a picture of the game to cover the box with and then you can make the pipe by covering a cardboard tube with green paper. So nice!


Hot Wheels

Car fans will love this idea. You can print out the Hot Wheels logo to stick yo your box. Make an orange track from orange construction paper and don't forget to add cars!



This would be great for a sports fundraising event too for raffle tickest. Paint a round box white and add the markings.


Harry Potter Valentine Box

What a great way for Harry Potter fans to collect all their Valentine’s Day cards. Start by covering a box with brown paper. Make the hair from black construction paper and then add the details such as the glasses and scar.


Fortnite Valentine Box

A shoe box is painted blue to make this Fortnite themed Valentine Box. Use a yellow ball and stick blue strips around it for the balloon. This is then added to four wooden skewers which are hot glued to the box.


Shopkins Valentines Day Card Box

Make Cheeky Chocolate squares using brown paper and adding gold glitter hearts. Cover one half of the box with these squares and the bottom half with green paper. Add the face details and paint a silver band around the middle for the foil.


Trolls Valentine's box

Make Poppy from the Trolls film. Begin by covering your box with pink felt. Create the hair using pink tulle which is hot glued around the edge of the box.


Vending Machine Valentines Box

Cover a box with pink construction paper and cut out a little window. Inside you can place treats like mini Kit Kats. Decorate with foam hearts.

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