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30+ Easy DIY Dollar Store Father’s Day Gifts That Are as Unique as Dad

Elaine is an avid crafter who enjoys celebrating holidays with beautiful DIY decorations and gifts.

Do Father’s Day on a Budget!

Whether you have your husband, your Dad, or even your grandfather to buy gifts for, it doesn’t need to cost a fortune to show Dad how much he means to you on Father’s Day.

You can make him an exceptional gift by purchasing items such as his favorite candy from your local Dollar Store and making him a personalized basket with his favorite goodies. If he is a keen cook, then make him a basket full of items for his barbecue, or perhaps he loves his car, then you can put together a basket full of things for his car. Maybe you want him to feel pampered; then you could put together an arrangement of nice toiletries.

No matter what you make, he will feel special and loved. Check out these ideas for Father's Day gift inspiration.


Grandpa's Stache

This is a great Father's Day gift for grandfathers. Get canisters and fill them with layers of their favorite candies. Purchase fake, sticky mustaches at the dollar store and tape the paper onto the canister!


Barbecue Hamper

If Dad loves to cook, he is sure to love this barbecue hamper. Include condiments such as ketchup and mustard, corn on the cob holders, tongs, BBQ brush, hot dog basket, BBQ fork, and a spatula, all wrapped in cello in a bucket.


Movie Night Munchies

Fathers will love receiving this movie night munchies gift basket. Head to the dollar store and purchase 2 popcorn cups from dollar store, microwave popcorn, nibs, Toblerone, Maltesers, M&Ms, and mini snickers or mars bar. It's super fun and affordable to make.


Father's Day Golf Gift Basket

Make this Father's Day golf gift basket with four sets of 3 golf balls, el dorado rum (ask liquor store for original packaging), gum, tees, and chocolate. Basket from the dollar store, finish with plastic wrap and ribbon!

Candy Bouquets

Make candy bouquets for Father's Day. Purchase plain white mugs from the dollar tree and decorate with Sharpies—floral foam in the mug and craft "grass" from the dollar tree. Candy hot glued to skewers and a picture of the kids.


Grilling Gift

Make these very easy last-minute Father's Day grilling gift. Everything comes from the dollar store, including the mitts and utensils. This is a great one for preschool teachers to make with their kids.


Fishing Jar

For this unique Father's Day Gift Idea, you'll need a two-sided jar and two bags of gummy worms. Sometimes these items can be purchased together as part of a dollar store deal for even better value.


Candy Card

Father's Day gift idea! All supplies are from the Dollar Store (except the lottery tickets). It costs about $15 for the candy and foam board, then get as much in lottery tickets as you want! Easy, unique gift idea that Dad will love!


Poppa's Pocket Stache

Make Dad a tray for keys, money clip, cell phone. Purchase a dollar store serving dish, and then have the kids color it with sharpies and then bake at 350 degrees for 30 mins in the oven.

Dad's Plate

Buy a plate from the dollar store, and decorate it with sharpies with words or memories that are specific to your dad. Bake in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. Put his favorite treat on it, wrap it up in cellophane, and you have a personalized gift for him!



Put together a box of Dad's favorite toiletries. You can include razors, shaving foam, shower gel, after-shave, face cloths, hand towels, and anything else that will help Dad to look and feel his best.

Bud Light or Soda "Cake"

Make a hamper full of Dad's favorite beer. You can also include chocolate bars and crisps for Dad to enjoy too. If he doesn't drink beer, then you can use other items such as root beer or whatever his favorite tipple is.


S'mores Gift Basket

Purchase a tub at the dollar store and include all the items he needs to make delicious S'mores, such as marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate bars. You could also include a gift card for his favorite restaurant too.