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50+ Adorable Easter Basket Ideas That Make an Egg-Cellent Gift

Elaine is an avid crafter who enjoys celebrating holidays with beautiful DIY decorations and gifts.

Hop to It for Your Easter Basket!

When Spring is in the air, it's time to gather little gifts to give your loved ones. Start collecting bits and pieces for your presents and take inspiration from these DIY Easter Basket Ideas, which will take care of all the bunnies on your list.

You could take inspiration from their favorite movie, such as The Little Mermaid, or even just pick their favorite color. Toddlers needn't miss out on the fun - you can make the baskets from paddling pools or swings and include items such as baby clothes and snacks. For the man in your life, you could buy a box of his favorite beer and add snacks.

Check out these ideas and hop to it!


Kiddie Pool

This is a great idea for a toddler. Purchase a blow-up pool for your basket. You can fill it with water toys and all the things they need for fun at the pool – this would be great for a younger child. Add the finishing touch with a cute Blue Bunny and add books that they can learn to read with.



Most little girls love mermaids, so a mermaid-themed basket is a great choice. Purchase mermaid items and place them in a blue bucket. Use blue glitter card stock to make a sparkly tail and finish with hamper wrap. Things you could put inside include this adorable mermaid vibes plastic cup and a super soft mermaid fleece blanket.


Adult Easter Baskets

Putting together a basket for an adult can be a lot of fun. Theme it based on their hobbies or interests. For example, a keen gardener will appreciate tools for their lawn and bulbs to grow. A cook will enjoy receiving items to help them around the kitchen, such as measuring jugs and kitchen gadgets.



For the teens in your life, fill a basket with jellies and their favorite snacks and sodas. You could also include gift cards for their favorite stores or just some cash in a nice Easter card.


Easter Basket for a Girl

Purchase a basket from the Dollar Store, buy some tulle from your local craft/fabric store add ribbon and rhinestones to make this beautiful homemade easter basket!


Easter Basket Ideas for Teenage Girls

Treat your teen to a nice new purse complete with accessories such as sunglasses and baseball caps. Think of items they will want for Spring/Summer, such as new flip flops that match the color of the purse, for example.


Umbrella Baskets

Make your own umbrella Easter basket for your little superheroes for a great non-candy-centered idea. Superman and batman umbrellas are used to make this super cute idea that will get used and not just thrown away after one use!


Minnie Mouse Easter Basket

What a pretty gift for your little Disney princess. Purchase a pink basket, and make a tutu around it. Add items such as storybooks, toys, mirrors, hair accessories, and any other items you would like to include. Adorn it with Ears and a bow on the top of the basket.


Summer Fun

This basket made out of beach towels and pool noodles is for kids with everything they need for summer fun. Filled with beach toys, bathing suits, flip flops, icicle pops, water guns, snacks, and candy, anything you can think of for summer fun.



Use coolers for college-age kids' baskets. You could do a fun laundry basket too. Fill it with sodas, snacks, and comforts they might miss from home.


Box of Goodies

This is a really great idea for teens. Purchase a storage box and fill it with items you know they will love. You could also them this to match their favorite color. For example, if they love pink, buy all pink items and place them in a pink container.


Rain Boot Baskets

When Easter falls in April, this idea is perfect for kids. Purchase rain boots in their sizes and favorite colors, and then fill them with items such as Peeps and chocolate bunnies—plenty of splashing fun to be had here.


Teen Boy Easter Basket

For the teen boy, add gift cards for game stores and his favorite clothes store. You could also include baseball caps, sports socks, and after-shave or deodorant items.


For the Man in Your Life

For the man in your life, purchase a box of his favorite beer and item treats to it. You could also dress beer bottles up as bunnies by adding pipe cleaner ears and google eyes.