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60+ Adorable Easter Porch Decor Ideas That Are Egg-Cellent for Spring

Elaine is an avid crafter who enjoys celebrating holidays with beautiful DIY decorations and gifts.

Spring is the season for Easter decorations!

Spring is the season for Easter decorations!

Take Your Porch From Winter to Spring!

Welcome Easter to your porch by decorating it with all the joys of Spring. It is easy to put together a pleasing display. You can incorporate your favorite chair, fill lanterns with plastic eggs and make festive wreaths to hang on your door.

Keep it budget-friendly by stocking up on items from the dollar store and transforming them or using items already in your home.


Spring Bunting

Celebrate Spring with festive bunting. You can make this bunting from burlap which is cut into triangles and then hot glue it to some twine. Cut some smaller triangles from white fabric and use different colored fabric markers to write each letter of Spring on a different triangle. You can then hot glue these to your burlap triangles.


Milk Pail of Flowers

Brighten your porch by filling a Milk Pail with Flowers. You can use faux or real flowers. Having a milk pail not only adds some rustic charm but the flowers can be switched out as the seasons change so it's a really quick way to decorate.


Bunny Statue

You can pick up nice bunny statues at your local garden center which will really complement the plants on your porch for Spring.



Pastels scream Spring and it's easy to pump up the pastels on your porch by incorporating throw pillows and other decorations. Fill a bowl with pastel-colored eggs and why not make a matching wreath to hang on your door?



Put together a nice display of plants and you can intermingle festive decorations such as bunnies and eggs. This is a great way to decorate your porch all throughout spring.


Easter Tree

Transform your Christmas tree into one for Easter by decorating it with items such as eggs and bunnies. This porch is so cheerful and reminiscent of Christmas in Spring.


Decorated Wagon

If you have an interesting item such as a wagon, then decorate it for Spring by adorning it with plants, flowers, and adorable bunny figurines for an eye-catching display.


Floral Wreath

Make a stunning wreath with faux flowers to proudly display on your door. You can also make use of crates to create little Spring scenes. Purchase an oval-shaped planter to add a touch of farmhouse to your look.


Giant Egg Topiaries

Make whimsical Giant Egg Topiaries by purchasing Jumbo Nested Eggs and they can be spray painted to the colors of your choosing. You can then glue them together and place them in outdoor planters for an impressive display.


Bunny Planters

Purchase a dollar store bunny sign and make these bunnies peep from planters. It is such an adorable way to decorate your porch for Easter.


Deco Mesh

A front porch decorated with deco mesh really speaks volumes. You can purchase different colored deco mesh ribbon at the dollar store to recreate this idea.


Filled Lanterns

An Easter front porch decorated with deco mesh will be the envy of the neighborhood—the Beautiful colors are so eye-catching.


Easter Egg Tree

Make an Easter Egg Tree by adding plastic eggs to a planter. You can copy this idea for any little trees or plants you have outside. Another idea is to place battery-operated tea lights inside plastic eggs to add a glow.



Arrange branches in an outdoor planter to create a wonderful spring arrangement. Add egg picks and faux flowers for an adorable touch. You could also adorn it with fairy lights or solar-powered lights to add light at night.

Giant Peeps

These peeps will make your yard the talk of the neighborhood! The Amazon link above is a great alternative to cutting out the shapes by hand, but either way works!

More Easter DIY Decorations

The possibilities for cute decorations are endless for the holiday. Make sure the Easter Bunny stops at your house this year by showing your Easter spirit!