The Christian Meaning of Easter

Easter is celebrated each year during the month of April. Where and when did it all begin? This article includes some background and fun facts about the holiday as well as a description of the Christian meaning of Easter with examples and illustrations.


How to Create a Butterfly Display for Easter

This article will describe how a team of three people created a striking display for our church for Easter. The materials required for this project are quite affordable. This project was fun and demanding and was a gift offered to our church to aid our celebration of the resurrection of our Lord.


British Easter Festivities, Traditions and Customs

Easter is a fun-filled time for children, as well as the most important festival in the Christian calendar. This article relates the pagan history of some Easter customs, how the focus on eggs at Easter started and continues, and describes some ancient Easter customs.


How to Make a Palm Rose for Palm Sunday

Palm leaves or fronds can be used to make various crafts—the most popular being a crucifix for the Catholic celebration of Palm Sunday. You can also make beautiful flowers. Learn how to make a rose in eight simple steps.


How to Plan an Easter Egg Hunt for Older Kids

Hey, big kids wanna have fun, too! But teens and tweens can feel awkward participating in traditionally "little kid" activities like hunting for Easter eggs. Here's a great idea for including those older kids and letting them join in on the fun.