100 Fourth of July Words

Updated on July 3, 2018

Happy Fourth of July! This day in 1776 was the day our forefathers signed the Declaration of Independence; the day the thirteen colonies claimed their independence from England; the day our country, the United States of America, was born!

Thankfully, our days of revolution are over and now we can celebrate the dedication and bravery those men showed! And, in my personal opinion, the best way to do that is by having a giant BBQ with family, friends, and plenty of fireworks!

Fourth of July Words

Whether you're looking for a list of Fourth of July vocabulary words to teach the kids the history of Independence Day, or maybe planning a few themed word games for your family BBQ (check out the game ideas below), this list of 100 Fourth of July words will hopefully be a super helpful resource!

History of Independence Day

House of Representatives
American Flag
Revolutionary War
Benjamin Franklin
Independence Day
Rhode Island
Betsy Ross
Independence Hall
Robert R. Livingston
Bill of Rights
James Madison
Roger Sherman
John Adams
Samuel Adams
Capitol Building
John Hancock
South Carolina
Committee of Five
Stamp Act
Liberty Bell
Star Spangled Banner
Stars and Stripes
Continental Army
National Anthem
Thomas Jefferson
Continental Congress
New Jersey
Declaration of Independence
New York
Uncle Sam
North Carolina
United States
Old Glory
Founding Fathers
Valley Forge
George Washington
Washington DC
Washington Monument
God Bless America
Providence Plantations
White House
Yankee Doodle

Fourth of July Traditions

Apple pie
Corn on the cob
Hot dogs
Baked beans
Eating contest
Family reunion
Potato salad
Bottle rockets

Fourth of July Word Games

Who's ready for some fireworks and some word fun!

Word games are a great way to teach younger kids about American history, but they are also a great way to entertain kids and adults alike during Fourth of July BBQ's and parties!

Here are some word games to play with your friends and family!

  • Word Search: Well of course I have to start with the most obvious and also one of the most loved word games! Whoever finds all the words first gets to light the first firework!
  • Crossword: Also a favorite of many, a crossword is a great way to have a little fun and learn a thing or two about American history!
  • BINGO: Hand everyone a blank Bingo card and a word list. Ask players to write a different word in each box, then randomly call out words from a bowl. Who will claim BINGO first?
  • Taboo: This silly game forces players to try to get their teammate to guess a secret word on a card without saying the word or the other 5 related words listed on their card in under a minute. Example: Word is "Star Spangled Banner", but you can't say "Flag", Stars and Stripes", "Red, White, and Blue", "United States of America, and "National Anthem".

Hopefully this will only make your Fourth of July a more memorable one! Have fun, but remember to always be safe around fireworks!

Remember Why We Celebrate!


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