Free Printable Halloween Bottle Labels & Potion Labels

Updated on February 11, 2015
Printable Halloween bottle and potion labels.
Printable Halloween bottle and potion labels.

Decorate the Bottles, Jars, or Glasses in Your Home with a DIY Halloween Potion Label

Sure, you can buy Halloween labels, but why not just print them for free? I've created a few different styles of Halloween bottle and jar labels, so you will be able to decorate objects already lying around the house. Transform your recyclables into bottles of snake venom, spider poison, snail saliva, toxic tonics, and a selection of cannibalistic concoctions that would make any visiting zombies very happy (perfect for a zombie-themed party). As sharing is caring, I've also included links to other free printables, so you can have even more variety.

To print these out, simply right-click on the desired image and save it to your computer. Then open it with whatever photo viewer is installed on your computer and print from there.

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You Can Use All of My Labels for Free!

You are free to print any of my labels for your personal use. All you have to do is right-click on the image and save it to your computer. Easy peasy!

I would love to hear your opinion on them in the comments section at the end of this page.

Exotic Animal Extracts—Freebie Potion Label Designs

I've created these four designs with plastic bottles in mind—I think they would look great together.

Don't Have a Printer? You Can Always Buy Labels

Halloween 1 Slapsticker Bulk Decoration
Halloween 1 Slapsticker Bulk Decoration

While nothing beats free, if you don't have a printer at your disposal, buying the labels is much cheaper than buying a new printer (although the printer will last longer). There are many different designs and themes available, and this pack is one of my favourites.


Venomous Concoctions—Vintage Apothecary Halloween Jar Labels

These will be perfect on small jars or bottles!

Want to use these as food jar labels? Here are a few ideas!

  • Poison—This is a perfect label for dips.
  • Toad Tongues—Fill the jar with beef jerky.
  • Snake Venom—Use green jelly or Jell-O.
  • Zombie Brew—Anything green will work in this jar.
  • Dragonfly Wings—Try using oblong cookies, such as madeleines.
  • Snail Saliva—I actually don't want to think about food that looks like this ;)

You can use these labels on the bottles your guests will be drinking from, or you can use them as part of your Halloween decorations. To make them look even more eerily vintage, cover the lid of the jar with old paper (from paper bags and such).

Eerie Human Condiments—It's Time for the Zombie Apocalypse!

If you're throwing a zombie theme party, these will hopefully be of use to you. I've created a few labels for foods that zombies should love. Don't know what to put in the jars? I've got that covered too!

  • Pickled Brains—Either use pickled eggs or sweet onions.
  • Toxic—Fill the jar with something green, such as juice, Jell-O, or a healthy smoothie.
  • Human Fingers and Toes—Stock up on canned hotdogs.
  • Human Brew—Pour in any red or brown drink, such as strawberry or cranberry juice.
  • Blood Beer—Again, you can use anything red. If you don't have red drinks, you can always add a dash of red food coloring.
  • Brain Sauce—This is the perfect label for sauces, such as anything with mayo or mustard.

More Halloween and Apothecary Jar Labels, As Sharing Is Caring

There are quite a few free printable Halloween bottle labels available online. These are just some of my favourite ones, as they are clever and have great graphics.

  • Itsy Bitsy Fun—Halloween Bottle Labels: Some of the labels on this site, like the ones shown above, are perfect for wrapping around bottles. Others are coaster-sized circles that will fit nicely on any jar or glass. The potions range from human toes and owl beaks to skull candy and blood wine.
  • Flickr—Johnny Love's Candy Labels: These simple and elegant candy labels are perfect for tins or jars filled with sweets. The morsels represented on this page range from devilish delights to dreadful edibles.
  • It's Written on the Walls—Family Friendly Halloween Drink Labels: These are fun because they're in full color and play off of the drinks (two-liter sodas and juices, juice boxes, and waters) they are meant to label. Instead of root beer, there's R.I.P. root beer; instead of apple juice, there's apple cider or Dr. Jekyll juice.

Photo Credit: Photos on this page are taken by me, created by me with the use of public domain clip art or photos, or are product photos unless stated otherwise.


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