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Grinch Christmas Printable Coloring Pages

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Coloring pages for "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"

Coloring pages for "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas"

Grinch Coloring Pages to Print Out

Children and adults alike have a deep affection for the Grinch. Perhaps it is because we identify with him, or perhaps it is because we are moved by his big change of heart, which transforms him from a villain to a hero. Whatever the case, he has become a beloved holiday character, and his frowning green visage lends itself well to printable coloring pages that can be downloaded for free on the Internet.

These children love coloring, so these coloring pages are a great activity for the holiday season. They can occupy children while the adults are talking.

What's terrific about Grinch coloring pages is that they provide an opportunity to remind the children of how the spirit of Christmas has the power to transform. Another reason the Grinch is such a cool coloring figure is you can get images of him before and after his transformation. Here you will find both his signature scowl and his happy smile after his heart grows three sizes on Christmas day.

"You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch" Printable Coloring Page



"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch," is probably the most famous phrase from the story of the Grinch. The phrase is the chorus of a catchy tune of the same name, which elaborates upon the personality and demeanor of the Grinch.

This printable illustrates the mean Mr. Grinch perfectly, and the block letters are a great idea because they draw children's interest to reading the words.

Both the letters and the string of Christmas lights strewn along the left side of the coloring page provide an opportunity to use many different colors.

Finishing off the picture, the Grinch himself adds to the fun with his self-confident pose with a partly-eaten cookie in one hand.

This great Grinch printable has a lot of interesting elements to attract the attention of children.

Happy Christmas Grinch Coloring Page (Just the Face)

smiling grinch

smiling grinch

Since we started off with a grumpy, mean Grinch, I thought it would only be fair to contrast that with the happy, transformed Grinch of the latter part of the story.

I'm sure children would be delighted to color in this happy version of the Grinch who no longer wants to make life miserable for others.

Coloring Page of the Grinch Entering Whoville

The Grinch driving into Whoville

The Grinch driving into Whoville

I thought this was a great printable of Whoville. This would be an appealing coloring page for children looking for more of a challenge.

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Not only does it capture the dramatic scene when the Grinch enters Whoville, but it also features fun details for a more advanced child to color in.

In particular, the design of the buildings attracted me to this specific printable, as it lends itself to the use of a variety of colors. Though of course, we all know children have a mind of their own for choosing how to color in pictures.

Nonetheless, for children who like detail and different designs, this is a good coloring page.

Coloring Page of Grinch in Sleigh After Saving Christmas Day

grinch in sleigh

grinch in sleigh

Here's another happy image of the Grinch after saving Christmas Day. It's also fun to see the dog with the reindeer hat on his head.

The fantastic face of the Grinch on this coloring page captures his delight and exuberance in the change of events. This image also has a lot of detail for children who enjoy the minutia of coloring in small objects.

Printable of Grinch Carrying a Sack while Stealing Christmas

The Grinch crying a sack as he steals Christmas from unsuspecting residents of Whoville

The Grinch crying a sack as he steals Christmas from unsuspecting residents of Whoville

With this last printable coloring page of the Grinch, we see him at his worst as he tiptoes around stealing Christmas from a Whoville home.

Here we're back to that nasty face and sneaky persona that characterize the Grinch while his heart was two sizes too small.

Redemptive stories like this are golden teaching opportunities to teach children how to examine their own behavior and be open to changing their attitudes. Obviously how deeply you could discuss these themes would differ depending on the age and maturity level of the children, but no matter what, these printable coloring pages are an easy prop to help teach life lessons.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned, the Grinch is an excellent printable because it keeps children engaged and can even be used to teach life lessons. Whatever your purpose for using them, Grinch printables are especially compelling to children, who enjoy coloring in the interesting green character and can learn to understand the importance of positive change.

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