18 Halloween Cookie Decorating Ideas

Updated on January 26, 2017
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Recipes that kids love to eat, are easy to make or can be made ahead. Cookies, snacks and menu ideas.

Could you use some ideas for decorating your Halloween cookies, cupcakes and cake pops? Do you like to make the treats that you give on Halloween eve?

If you'd rather bake and decorate cookies, cupcakes or cake pops than make other types of Halloween treats, this article will show you pictures and give you the site address of baked and beautifully decorated Halloween treats to help you. Just bag one of these baked treats in clear cellophane tied with a length of Fall colored curly ribbon and you'll have a treat that you'll love to give. For a party, arrange a group or plate of your decorated masterpieces and display them as a centerpiece.

The recipe for the Harvest Moon Lollipops shown above can be found at delish.

1. Zombie Marshmallow Pops

This is a very cute and extremely easy treat to make. To find out how to make them, go to the decorated cookie.

2. Meringue Ghost Cupcakes

I think these are my favorite decorated cupcakes. They are so cute and so very simple to make. Go to JENNY STEFFENS HOBICK for the recipe and instructions.

3. Candy Apples

Okay, so these aren't cookies, cupcakes or cake pops, but I had to add them because I think they're the perfect Halloween treat. And they look sooo beautiful. Find the recipe at my recipes.

4. Spider Pops or Cupcake Toppers

The little ghosts and goblins will have no problem eating these spiders. For the instructions for making these cute spider pops, go to the decorated cookie.

5. Owl Cookies

You'll get a great sugar cookie recipe and a Royal icing recipe here also. For the recipes and instructions, go to sweetopia.

6. Rice Krispie Ghosts

Most of the kids I know love rice krispie bars, and they are very easy to make, so this is a great treat to make for Halloween. Go to THE idea ROOM for the instructions.

7. Pumpkin Cookies

Another easy to do Halloween treat. You'll find the recipes needed for this cookie at Sugar crafter.

8. Spider Cupcakes

To make these cupcakes extra scary, the spiders on the web is a Black Widow. Go to the 6 Bittersweets website for the recipes and instructions needed for these cupcakes.

9. Pumpkin Pie Pops

This is such a cute idea. I think it would be great for a Halloween dinner dessert. Find the recipe at the domestic rebel.

10. Harvest Crow-eos

Make these crows and scarecrow using Oreo cookies, what could be easier. You'll find the instructions at Party Pinching. I love these. You have to scan down on the page to find these cookies, but you'll see other great ideas along the way.

11. Dead Fingers

To me these are scarier than the spiders. Find out how to make them at the CakeJournal site.

12. Halloween Cake Pops

Find out how easy it is to make cake pops by finding the recipe and instructions at BEE IN OUR BONNET.

14. Cookie Monsters

These are really cute and the kids will love helping make them. Find the recipe and instructions at the decorated cookie.

15. Pumpkin Cake Pops

Another cake pop treat to make for your Halloween trick or treat visitors. Go to got chocolate to find out how to make them.

16. Meringue Ghosts

Just too cute to eat! That's what you'll hear when your visitors see these cute little ghosts. Find the instructions at my recipes.

17. Nutter Butter Ghosts

18. Ghost and Pumpkin Cake Pops

Once you start making cake pops you'll find it is the quickest and cutest treat you can make. Go to Full Fork Ahead for the instructions.

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