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Halloween Perler Bead Patterns

Updated on January 20, 2017
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Halloween is a real favorite time of year, and we go all out with our decorations and costumes for this fun occasion.

Fun Fused Beads Halloween Craft Patterns and Ideas

If you're looking for a fun and easy craft for kids or adults this Halloween season, stop right there! I've put together a selection of easy Perler and Hama fused bead designs and patterns that are quick to make and look good too. You can make up some themed designs for your home, little trick or treat decorations, or gifts for the bewitching season.

Hand craft your own necklaces, magnets, cards and ornaments using these fun and spooky designs. Let's peek inside and see what you can create.

Image Credit: All photographs and images on this page, unless otherwise stated, belong to the author of this article, Marie Williams Johnstone.

1) Spooky Skulls

Halloween Skull Fused Bead Pattern
Halloween Skull Fused Bead Pattern

Small Fused Bead Skull

A Larger Sugar Skull Pattern is Also Below

This spooky skeletal part makes a great sized necklace to wear or a pair of small earrings for which I have instructions on making those below. This is an easy pattern to make up in black and white. OR you could try experimenting with other colors too - try hot pink and monster green! This design, once complete, is a great size to wear as jewelry as part of your Halloween clothing or to give as a cute gift.

If you want to know how to make a necklace with your finished project, pay a visit further down this page which tells you all about making your own jewelry with Perler and Hama beads.

Here's What You Need:

A small square pegboard

13 Black Beads | 38 White Beads

For this design, I like to start off with the black bead where the nostrils should be or the nose. It is 4 beads across and 4 beads up - so an easy starting point. From there it is easy to find where to position the rest of the black pieces and then add in the white.

Sugar Skull Bead Pattern - Colorful and Fun Designs to Hang for Halloween Decorations

Sugar skull fused perler hama bead pattern
Sugar skull fused perler hama bead pattern

Sugar skulls are fun to create in lots of different color patterns and choices. This pattern uses a whole small square pegboard to create your design - once you've got the black outline in place, you can have fun changing up the colors and design across the rest of the facial area. Thread some twine or thin cord through the finished design to make a fun hanging ornament or decoration for the season.

2) Cute Witch Owl Design

Make a perler bead witch owl design for Halloween
Make a perler bead witch owl design for Halloween | Source

Tutorial to Make these Cute Owls Wearing Witch Hats

This is a bigger craft tutorial to make these fun and cute owls wearing witch hats on top of their heads. Owls are very popular for this season and these can be used as decorations for the wall or to hang up.

3) Slimy Eyeballs

Bloodshot Eyeball Design for Perler Beads
Bloodshot Eyeball Design for Perler Beads

Bloodshot Eyeball Perler Pattern

Gory Eyeballs Make Great Little Drink Coasters

Spook your guests on All Hallows Eve this year with some bloodshot eyeball designs - they are ideal made up as small drink coasters. Alternatively you can use these on the top of cupcakes as gory decorations or mix them in with candy for trick or treating and scare the person who unwittingly pulls them out! They make great hanging decorations too.

This pattern design requires a small circle pegboard which you can get as part of the basic small pegboard bundle or you may already have one. The circle board is ideal for round designs (lots of people use them to make small coasters) and is the easiest way to make up your own spooky eyes.

What You will Need for this Gruesome Design:

1 Small Circle Pegboard

43 Black Beads | 42 White Beads | 12 Red Beads | 30 Green Beads

Start from the middle with 1 black bead then add a circle of 6 black beads around it to make the pupil in the eye. Add two circles to make a green iris (the colored part of the eye) or choose another color you prefer. You could make different color eyes like blue and brown ones too.

I found it easier to add in 2 circles of white beads and then I used tweezers to remove some to add in the red bead detail which makes the bloodshot part. You might find it easier just to follow the pattern. Finish up with a black circle outline to make your design POP!

To turn these into drink coasters - add some clear beads to the rest of the empty pegs on the board which will make it large enough once the design has been ironed by an adult.

Make some easy blood-shot eyeball drink coasters for Halloween with this simple perler bead design.
Make some easy blood-shot eyeball drink coasters for Halloween with this simple perler bead design.

Make sure you have plenty of Halloween themed Perler bead colors: Black, White, Orange, Red, Purple and Green are the ones most often used for this season.

Perler Fused Beads 11,000 Count, Multi-Color
Perler Fused Beads 11,000 Count, Multi-Color

I get through stacks of beads because my daughter and I do lots of crafting with them - a big jar is a cost effective way to buy them.


4) Pumpkin and Jack 'O' Lantern

Pumpkin Smiling Jack O Lantern Design
Pumpkin Smiling Jack O Lantern Design

Smiling and Friendly Jack 'O' Lantern

A Cute Perler Pumpkin With or Without the Face

I like this little design because it is very versatile. You can either make a friendly Jack 'O' Lantern as I have done here OR you can leave off the facial features and just make a pumpkin design which is ideal for the Fall season and Thanksgiving too. You could even change the smile into a frown if you prefer a grumpy Jack!

As with the skull, this design is an ideal size to make a necklace with or stick this to a popsicle stick to make themed cupcake toppers. You will find even more Halloween instructions for your Hama and fused bead craft below.

Here's How to Make Smiling Jack:

1 small square pegboard

7 black beads

3 green beads

44 orange beads

I like to start with the smiling mouth on this design because from there it is easy to add in the eyes, then the orange pumpkin design and the green leaves on top. If you're not having the face and you are just making the pumpkin, then start from peg 3 on the left at the bottom row and take it from there.

What do you think to this friendly face for Halloween?

5) Creepy Cobwebs

Spooky Spider Web Designs - Just the Right Size for Cupcake Toppers

I love making up these fun spider web designs in different colors, and they are the ideal size to place on top of frosted cupcakes as inedible toppers for decoration. You can also hang them up as decorations or even turn them into small drink coasters by filling in the empty pegs on the design with clear perler beads.

You need a small hexagonal pegboard to make up this design. If you're making lots of them then it goes faster if you buy several boards to make the designs with and then get an adult to iron them all at the same time. If you only have one board, you need to iron the design before you can make another.

6) Cute Little Candy Corn

Candy Corn Halloween Perler Beads Pattern
Candy Corn Halloween Perler Beads Pattern

Tiny Bits of Candy Corn

You Could Turn these into Halloween Earrings

Love candy corn? Now you can make these delicious candy snacks out of your Perler and Hama beads. These are tiny designs that you can make into themed earrings to wear or give as a gift. You can find out more on making earrings and jewelry further down this page.

How to Make the Candy Corn Pattern:

1 star shaped pegboard

5 white Perler beads

9 orange Perler beads

11 yellow Perler beads

Candy corn is so easy to make using your star shaped board. You need to use one of the star points and start from the 2nd row up using your white beads. Work two rows of white. Now add two rows of orange. Lastly two rows of yellow with the final yellow row only having 5 beads.

These are very quick makes and you can build up to 3 pieces of candy corn at a time on your star pegboard. These would be good for earrings, rings, small necklaces, or little pieces of decoration for Halloween. Sprinkle them around the table for a party. Or pop them onto the top of cupcakes as cute decorations.

Make some tiny candy corn designs with fused perler beads for Halloween and turn them into charms, necklaces or even little earrings to wear.
Make some tiny candy corn designs with fused perler beads for Halloween and turn them into charms, necklaces or even little earrings to wear.
Turning finished perler hama bead designs into wearable jewelry
Turning finished perler hama bead designs into wearable jewelry

Learn How to Make Jewelry

The Basics of Turning Your Perler Designs into Jewelry

You can make all kinds of things with your completed fused bead crafts: kitchen magnets, centerpieces for handmade greeting cards, ornaments to hang up, coasters and more.

But did you know that you can turn your completed items into pieces of fun jewelry too? You can and with the right equipment (very inexpensive too I might add) you can make fun items that you, your friends and family will enjoy wearing.

You'll discover all the basics on my Perler Jewelry Page click here to read it and there is even a handy video there too that you can watch. I hope you've enjoyed reading my lens or article today, thanks for your visit. Please take part in my poll below or leave me a comment. And have fun with your crafting.

Will You Be Crafting for Halloween?

Will You Be Crafting for Halloween?

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Feel free to leave a comment or even ask a question related to this article and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks so much for dropping by.

© 2013 Marie

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