Clues for a Halloween Candy Hunt

Creating a candy hunt for your children instead of trick-or-treating allows them to find candy safely. However, between getting costumes together, hiding candy, and working, you may not have time to make clues. These ready-made clues will help make your candy hunt a snap to put together.


Non-Candy Trick-or-Treat Goodies for Halloween

Some children have food allergies, dietary sensitivities, or picky taste, and others simply aren't fond of sweets. This can make Halloween tricky. The following is a list of the miscellaneous items I have made, grown in the garden, or accumulated at sales that can be offered to trick-or-treaters.


Halloween Black Punch Recipe

Here's a Halloween black punch recipe that's easy to make and delicious to drink. It's one punch your party guests are sure to remember. I especially like the added frozen hand ice sculpture—it's a little bit gory, but it's a perfect accent for your Halloween party buffet table.


Creepiest Kids' Halloween Songs

It's the time for monsters, witches, and skeletons once again! Helping your little ones enjoy the Halloween season, creepy children's songs are a great activity for Halloween parties, school classrooms, and Trick or Treating.