How to Decorate Your Christmas Tree With Bows and Ribbons

Updated on September 12, 2019
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I love the holidays! One only has to mention Christmas, and my creative side goes straight into overdrive.

Ribbons and bows give Christmas trees a festive, elegant feel.
Ribbons and bows give Christmas trees a festive, elegant feel. | Source

I Love Ribbons and Bows on Christmas Trees

Don't you just love the look of a Christmas tree that is dripping in ribbons and festive bows? I love the look of mixing several different types and complimentary colors of ribbon to my holiday tree. However, over my many years of decorating Christmas trees, I have learned that adding ribbon to a tree is not as easy as it might appear.

That is the main reason I decided to share my experience on how to create the perfect bows and ribbon streamers that will make your Christmas tree the most beautiful tree you have ever dreamed of creating. You may be very surprised at how easy it is to decorate the most beautiful holiday tree you have ever created, by just adding a variety of pretty ribbons along with your other precious ornaments.

The More the Better!

I have provided step by step instructions and photos to make it easy for you to decorate your Christmas tree. As you will see, I love a tree that is very "over the top," a tree that makes the word "profusion" blush . . . "The more the better" is my motto.

It will be up to you on how many, and what kind of decorations you prefer to add to your tree. I will provide you with a simple method of constructing a holiday tree—a method that will cut down on confusion and make tree trimming fun. Hopefully it will help you produce the most wonderful tree you have ever had.

I so enjoy decorating our home for the holidays, as well as sharing it with family and friends. This forum has made it possible for me to not only share my holiday home with others but also to share my Christmas craft projects.

So, without any further ado, let's start decorating that Christmas tree. I hope that if you have any questions or comments, you will add them below at my "Let's Get Acquainted" feature. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Let's Get All Our Supplies Together

Being organized is a must. Having all your supplies on hand and organized will make decorating your tree fun and prevent meltdowns!

  • Ribbon: I will be using three different ribbons. My ribbon will vary in size, color, and texture. (As a rule, I purchase my ribbon from Hobby Lobby or Michael's. This year I have added a homemade ribbon that I made from a fabric that I purchased from JoAnn's Fabrics.) I needed a soft yellow and wanted it to be unique with texture.
  • Thin-gauged wire.
  • My favorite assortment of Christmas tree ornaments.
  • Tree topper (I use an angel)
  • Tree lights
  • Tree Shirt
  • Electric extension cords if needed
  • Hot-glue gun along with glue sticks (just in case something needs a bit of glue)
  • (Optional) If you intend to add Holiday greens or decorative "picks." You'll need to have them available if you desire to use them.

How to Decorate Your Tree With Ribbons

Once the tree is in its stand, you're ready to decorate! Here's how to achieve the perfect ribbons-and-bows look.

Step 1: Add the Christmas Lights

The first step will be adding your Christmas tree lights. I will be using Kurt Adler novelty candle lights. They have a wonderful selection of tree lights. I prefer these lights for a couple of reasons. They are made well and last for years. I also find that the brand has a unique selection of designs to choose from.

I use a medium amount of lights. The amount of lights is left to preference. With my living-room tree, I like to keep it softly lit. Now my dining room tree, I prefer it well lit. I do my dining room tree all white angels; I love to keep the tree bright and the angels glowing.

So, before you add your tree lights, consider how you want the lighting, bright or perhaps dim?

Step 2: Install the Tree Topper

I love pulling out my angel each year. I purchased this unique angel years ago. I fell in love with her due to her uniqueness. After bringing her home, I wanted to make her costume sparkle, over the top one might say. I made her a fabulous jeweled turban and dress jeweled to the max.

After she takes her place each year at the top of the tree, I always surround her with lots of stuff. Which includes butterflies, ribbon, and other decorative branches and ornaments. You see I think the topper really sets the mood of the tree. I love an elegant holiday tree, and I think my angel is so over the top elegant.

I always love putting the topper on the tree.
I always love putting the topper on the tree. | Source

As you see by the photo, I use an angel to top my tree. I have had this angel for many years. I purchased her many years ago, brought her home, made her dress and turban, and adorned her with tons of jewels and soft greenery.

The topper is a very important part of the tree, make sure yours is one you and your family love, and look forward to pulling out year after year.

An angel is a traditional Christmas tree topper. However, one can choose to add a star or a huge homemade bow. Use your imagination. One memorable topper that comes to mind is one I saw at Macy's some years ago. It was a large colorful nutcracker, surrounded by several smaller festive nutcrackers that appeared to march down the tree.

Let's get started adding all that beautiful ribbon!
Let's get started adding all that beautiful ribbon! | Source

Step 3: Add the Ribbon

As a rule, I use three different kinds of ribbon. I have matched the colors of my ribbons to the color palette of my Christmas tree ornaments. Rule of thumb: use three complementary ornament colors. This rule is in no way set in stone. I have seen wonderful holiday trees that have literally every color in the rainbow. So, you have to consider your preference. As a rule, I use three to four colors on my living room tree. I love the look of an elegant tree, covered with lots of jewel-clad ornaments. However, you can make your bow one color as photo shows.

Let's prepare the ribbons that we will add to the tree. First, decide how much or how little ribbon you want to use. I add streamers of different lengths and kinds of ribbons bound together, along with double bows.

Remember it's up to you what type of bows you desire, and what kinds of ribbons you will compose your streamer bundles from. You can mix it up or use one single kind of ribbon. Make the design your own.

Adding the Ribbon Bundles and Bows to the Christmas Tree
Adding the Ribbon Bundles and Bows to the Christmas Tree | Source

Step 4: Add the Bows

Adding your ribbon bundles and bows to the tree is so much fun. Please note how I stagger the bundles and spread out the individual ribbon strands, bending and crimping them to lay on top branches for display.

After you are satisfied with the strand bundles placement, place the bows you created at some of the bent junctures of the strands you have carefully crimped. Keep in mind you will not want to add bows to each and every ribbon strand, you will be adding various tree ornaments to ribbon crimped strand junctures.

Add bow bundles at several areas of the tree, arrange streamers to fall over the tree's branches.

Hey, isn't your tree beautiful! Imagine how it will look after you bling it out with ornaments!
Hey, isn't your tree beautiful! Imagine how it will look after you bling it out with ornaments! | Source

Step 5: Add All of Your Favorite Ornaments

This is the fun part, hopefully, you have a helper or two, to make the tree decorating more fun! As I mentioned, I love to load on the ornaments. However, this is where you want to make it your own. Add as many or few ornaments you desire.

I hope I have provided you with a few new decorating ideas for the holidays, and I hope you will consider adding a bit of ribbon to your Christmas tree this year. Ribbon can really make a tree special.

Here Are Some Great Ribbon Examples

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Just Curious...

Will you add some wonderful ribbon to your Holiday tree?

See results

I look forward to hearing from you. If you have questions or perhaps you have some great holiday decorating ideas you want to share, I hope you will take the time to add a comment.

© 2013 Sharlee


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    • profile image


      20 months ago

      id like the ribbon to compliment the tree more, not overwhelm it. still beautiful

    • profile image

      sandy z 

      2 years ago

      love your ideas you are so talented, I never learned how to make a bow but love them on my tree so I pay to have them done. I should take lessons from you on how to make a bow!!!! love ya


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