How to Draw a Vampire: Step-By-Step Tutorial for Halloween

Updated on November 15, 2017

Learn how to draw a cartoon vampire with these quick and easy steps!

There is perhaps no fictional creature more alluring than the vampire. Half bat, half human, he roams the world in search of one thing—the one thing normal humans are most unwilling to give. On this page, you will find a helpful step-by-step tutorial that will teach you how to draw a cartoon vampire for Halloween. This vampire is the one I draw for my class of nursery school students every year come All Hallow's Eve. If you do decide to draw one of these creatures, please send your picture on to me so I can post it on this page! Enjoy the tutorial and have a frightfully good time drawing!

All drawings on this page are property of Heather Broster. Please do not use on your website without permission!

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1. Draw The Head

The first step is very simple! All you have to do is draw a round oval for the face. If you are drawing a child vampire, you could make the face slightly rounder.

2. The Body Outline

Along the base of the head, draw a slightly curved line to represent the shoulders. From each shoulder, draw a line coming straight down that is about two time as long as the oval head. These lines will represent the flanks of the vampire's body. In the middle, draw two horizontal lines that connect the flanks of the body together. These lines will represent the vampire's belt. Finally, draw a line at the very bottom to form the base of the vampire's legs.

3. The Arms and Legs

Now that you have the frame of the body, it is time to start sketching in the details. First, draw two curved arms coming out from the shoulders and upper torso. Have the wrists come close to the belt. Then, draw a line straight down to divide the vampire's trousers in two. You can also include a v-shape to represent the groin area.

4. The Coat and Hands

At the end of each arm, you can now draw in the hands. I have drawn three fingers and a thumb to make the vampire more cartoon-like.To create the vampire's coat, simply draw two curved lines coming down from either side of the chin to the outer edges of each trouser leg. From each hand, draw another straight line that will meet the coat line.To represent the vampire's dress shirt, draw a straight line down from the middle of the chin to the belt.

5. Extra Details

There are a few other details you must add to your vampire to make him look more complete. First of all, draw in three buttons along the line of his dress shirt. Add two triangular-shaped lines on each side of the head to create the high collar. Then, draw two small vertical lines on the belt to create the buckle. Finally, draw two pointy shoes with white tips and small heels facing outwards.

6. Neaten Up The Drawing

Now that you have the body in place, you can work on neatening it up. Erase any unnecessary lines, such as the original guide lines you drew in for the body Step 2. Draw in a shirt collar underneath the chin of the vampire to give him a traditional stuffy shirt. At this point, your vampire's body should be complete!

7. The Face Part I

Now it is time to focus on the vampire's face. Whenever I draw cartoons, I always like to make them as cute as possible, even if the subject matter is threatening! For this reason, I have given him two beady eyes, two cross-looking eyebrows, an exaggerated long nose, and a straight mouth with two pointy fangs. Nothing gruesome - just simple and cute! I have also given him two long and pointy ears to have him resemble the infamous Nosferatu!

8. The Hair

To finish the vampire off, I have given him a slick, parted hair-do. On the left side, I have drawn a small leaf-like shape whereas on the right, I have drawn a large leaf-like shape. Where the two shapes meet at the top left hand corner of his head is where the parting lies.

I truly hoped you have enjoyed this vampire drawing tutorial!

© 2012 Heather B

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