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How to Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath

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June is from Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, but is currently residing in New York. She loves to cook naturally with plants from her garden.

I'll show you how to make a Christmas ball ornament wreath like this. It's not as hard as you think!

I'll show you how to make a Christmas ball ornament wreath like this. It's not as hard as you think!

Make a Christmas Ornament Wreath Out of Ball Ornaments

There are several ways to make a Christmas wreath out of ball ornaments. This tutorial will show you how easy it is to do so.

Of course, it is possible to buy one ready-made, but the cost starts at $60 and increases with the size of the wreath and the types of ornaments used to make it.

It is usually much less expensive to make one yourself. The part I like the best is that I can pick any coordinating colors I like to match my décor, and that is what you will need to decide first. What colors would you like your wreath to be?

How to Create a Christmas Ornament Wreath

I am all for using the craft products I already have on hand in my craft supplies, but if I do not have the necessary amount of ornaments for my wreath, the first places I might look for ornaments would be thrift shops and The Dollar Store. With that being said, if I had something specific in mind, I would go ahead and buy the specific color ball ornaments I need.

I have found large packs of ornaments on Amazon that are perfect starter packs to make any of the wreaths showcased on this page or in any color preferred.

Time required: two to four hours depending on size

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: Variable


  • Wreath Frame
  • Tinsel Garland or Ribbon for wrapping frame
  • Large Christmas Ornament Balls
  • Medium Christmas Ornament Balls
  • Small Christmas Ornament Balls
  • Mini Christmas Ornament Balls
  • String of Pearls or Mardi Gras Beads
  • Large Bow
  • Ribbon for Hanging
  • Newspaper


  • Needle nose pliers
  • Glue Gun
  • 50 Glue Sticks

Before You Start:

  • The wreath frame can be as small or as large as you like, and there are several options for the type of frame to use. Frame options are metal frames, foam frames, grapevine frames, willow frames, or fake pine bough frames from the Dollar Store. It really doesn't matter; whatever floats your boat. If the frame is ugly, not to worry. It can be covered or painted to match the color of the ornaments chosen.
  • Getting tinsel garland or ribbon to wrap the wreath is optional, but using either of these materials will help to hide an ugly wreath frame by wrapping the frame. Spray painting with a coordinating color is another option.
  • Select your ornament balls in a variety of coordinating colors and sizes, from tiny to large. Selecting both shiny and matted ornaments will add to the dimension and interest of the wreath.
  • To make a wreath like the one pictured, you would also need to get glittered snowflakes and about a dozen optional shaped ornaments.

Now that you have all of your supplies assembled, it is time to begin the base of the wreath. Spread out the newspaper to protect your work surface from dripping hot glue. A piece of aluminum foil under the glue gun is also a good idea.


  1. I have found it easiest to add a wire to the wreath form prior to gluing on the ornaments if this is how you plan to hang the wreath. When waiting until the end, if using glass ornaments, the balls will often break when trying to tie on a hanger.
  2. Remove all of the metal ornament caps. Select the large ornaments you want to use for your wreath base.
  3. Once you are happy with your selection, begin gluing each ball onto the wreath. If using a foam wreath, put glue all around the ornament spout and stick it into the foam. Hold the ball until you are sure it is not going to fall off when you let go. Do this all around the outside perimeter of the wreath. On any other type of form, be sure you have the form lying on the newspaper with the back facing up to you. Glue each ornament with the spout facing out and down towards the inside of the wreath.
  4. Next, follow the above step the same way on the inside of the wreath.
  5. Now that the outside and inside of the wreath are finished, carefully flip the wreath over so that you are now looking at the front view. Glue the ornaments on randomly, beginning with the largest size, to fill in the first layer on the front. Once the front bottom layer is glued on, use the medium and smaller sizes to randomly fill in the gaps. When building a wreath, the larger ornaments will be the base, and the smaller sizes will be used at the end to fill in the gaps. Make it as large as you like while retaining the circular shape. Again, if there are any gaps, fill them with smaller-sized ornaments.
  6. Adding silver Mardi Gras beads, garland, or silver jingle bells are options that will really add to the festive look of your Christmas wreath. If using bead strands, now is the time to weave the beads around the ornaments and glue them down. This can also help to fill small gaps around the larger ornaments.
  7. The last step is to add the ribbon bow.
  8. Now proudly hang your fabulous creation!

Have a look at the gorgeous ornament wreath examples I have selected to show you located in the photo gallery below.

Try Ornament Packs

Try Ornament Packs

Christmas Ornament Packs Are Ideal for Christmas Wreaths

Any ornament pack found on Amazon, at a craft store, or a Dollar Store is an inexpensive way to build your wreath. Select the color options to best match your home décor.

Each pack comes with an excellent assortment of designs, colors, and shapes that are all coordinated to go together on a wreath or a Christmas tree.

DIY Christmas Ornament Wreath Using a Foam Base - Part II

This is a follow-up video to the first one above, where Amanda is showing more detail of her gluing techniques on a styrofoam wreath base.

Make a Wreath Using an Old Form Wrapped With Coordinating Ribbon

I chose this video because it shows you that any form can be used as long as it is wrapped in a ribbon or fabric strips in the same color as the theme color you have chosen for your wreath. She also explains mistakes she made, which will help to prevent everyone from making the same mistakes.

How to Glue a Christmas Holiday Wreath

In the close-up, she shows how thick the glue must be on the first layer, the base layer, of ornaments and how she fills in the wreath once the base has dried.

DIY Festive Christmas Ball and Evergreen Wreath

Ellie shows how to attach artificial greenery from a garland she already had to her Christmas ball wreath for a festive Christmas look.

She also uses a felt backing on her wreath to help protect her door while giving a more finished look.


How to Make a Small Ornament Wreath

Time required: Two hours

Difficulty: Easy

Cost: Variable (about 80 balls in various sizes)


  • Wire Dress Hanger
  • Large Ornament Balls
  • Medium Ornament Balls
  • Small Ornament Balls
  • Mini Ornament Balls
  • Ribbon Bow


  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Needle Nose Pliers


  1. Cover your workspace with newspaper to prevent the glue from dripping on it.
  2. Gather your materials. For this small wreath, a wire hanger will be your wreath frame. It will take approximately 75 Christmas ball ornaments in a variety of sizes and colors for this wreath. Personally, I would use shatterproof or plastic ornaments to prevent breakage, especially if the wreath is going to be hung on a front door.
  3. This is the most time-consuming step. The caps of the ornaments tend to pull off easily, so the first thing to do is gently remove the cap. Put a spot of glue around the stem of each ornament and glue the cap back on. Hold for a few seconds to be sure they stick together. Once they are all completely dry, mix up the ornament colors and sizes to get a good variety going.
  4. Get the wire hanger, form it into a circle shape as best as you can, then using the needle nose pliers, untwist the top of the hanger. Continue shaping the hanger into a circle shape, rounding out the corners as best you can.
  5. Taking one ornament at a time, string the ornaments onto the wire through the wire ornament loop in the cap, being sure to alternate the colors and sizes of the ornaments. The smaller sizes will fill in the gaps. It is usually fastest to thread onto the end you just untwisted rather than trying to thread the ornaments over the bumps of the hanger part. Get as many ornaments on the wire as you can by pushing the ornaments to the side and scrunching as close as possible.
  6. When all the ornaments have been strung on the wire, using the needle nose pliers, twist the end back onto the hanger top. Look at the wreath to see if the wreath has any gaps. If so, hot glue small and mini-sized ornaments to fill the gaps. Decorative pieces such as snowflakes may also be glued on for added design interest.
  7. I like to get a small piece of ribbon or yarn to wrap around the exposed part of the hanger that will be used to hang the wreath, just to make it look more attractive. Secure it with a spot of glue.
  8. Lastly, get the ribbon you have selected for the bow and add it to the spot you just wrapped with ribbon. Remember to cut the ends in an inverted "V" shape.

Hang the wreath and enjoy!


  1. Use plastic, shatterproof ball ornaments. My niece and I made one with really old glass ornaments that I was going to throw away. Problem? After her wreath was made and hanging on the front door, some of the glass ornaments broke when the door was slammed.
  2. If using old ornaments that have a pull-out wire loop used to hold the ornament hook, be sure to glue the opening around the wire when the ornament has been strung on the coat hanger. This prevents the ornament ball from pulling off the ornament wire.

DIY Christmas Ball Wreath Tutorial

This is a basic tutorial showing how my niece and I made her ornament wreath. Since we made her wreath, we learned from the experience and made notes of some things we would do or not do next time.

I have also gotten some great tips from the following videos.

Wire Hanger Wreath Tip

A tip I learned from this video is once a section of ornaments is strung on the wire, hot glue the points where the ornaments meet with a dot of glue on each ornament to hold the ornaments in place and prevent them from slipping around the wire hanger. Allow each section to dry before continuing with more ornaments.

DIY Ornament Wreath Tip

She cuts the hanger part of the dress hanger off when she first unravels the hanger. I think this is a much better idea than the way my niece and I made her wreath.

She also places a piece of tape at the end, so she knows not to string the balls beyond the tape.

Wreath Lighting Tip

I like how she added battery-operated lights to her wreath. She also has a good tip about using an ornament wire hook to attach her bow to the wreath.

Ornament Wreath Tip

He shows how to use tinsel garland to fill in gaps rather than spending more money on smaller ornament balls.


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Thank you so much, Peg. I hope you were successful with your Christmas ornament ball wreath!

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What a great project to start off the Christmas season. I really would love to try this and make a wreath for my front door this year. Thank you for the detailed instructions and lovely photos of the finished wreath. I pinned the blue one to my Crafty Ideas board on Pinterest.