How to Make Tinkerbell Wings

Updated on November 4, 2016
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Maribel loves line drawing since she was in grade school. Today, she often conducts activities for children to enhance their creative mind.

Tinkerbell Wings
Tinkerbell Wings

Lovely Tinkerbell

My daughter loves Tinkerbell. After she watched the movie Tinkerbell, she did not miss watching the three other movies: The Great Fairy Rescue; The Lost Treasure; The Secret of the Wings. Personally, I like watching these, too because they're beautiful. Watching it in Blueray makes me feel like I'm drawn into the world of fantasy.

In 2011, I made these wings for her. She used them in a costume party, then I displayed them in my shop for rent. Last Halloween, most parents were looking for fairy costumes rather than scary or bloody costumes.

These wings can also be used for other events like themed birthday or holiday parties. Tinkerbell will always be fashionable.

Photo shows my daughter wearing her wings in front of my shop.

All photos and illustrations here are mine.


You will need:

GI wire (about 3 meters; thickness – like that of a spaghetti noddle. A thinner one is weak. The wings won’t form well)

Thin wires or you may use floral wires

Tulle fabric (1 yard)

Paint brush


Glitters (silver or rainbow)

Garter (half yard)

Glue gun and glue stick (glittered glue sticks are available in craft stores)

Before you start, check if you have all materials available—No need to rush to a craft store, you can purchase these materials online.

  • Wire thickness is expressed in "gauge". I selected the following two wires listed below according to the appropriate thickness for this project.
  • For the fabric, you need the 12" to make sure that you will be cutting a single piece. 6" may not be enough to cover the wing spread.

Make or Buy

Looking at the wings I made, would you opt to follow the steps I laid here or rather buy a ready made wings?

See results

Step 1 - Bending and Securing the Intersections or Joints

Illustration shows how you will bend the wire. Check the direction as shown by the green thin arrows. It is important to note that you have to leave an overhang (shown by the red arrow). This will be bent (in step 4) to become part of the mid-section of the wings. It will help make the output sturdier.

Using thin wires or floral wires, secure the joints (where the wires intersect in the three points as shown in the illustration.)

Step 2 - Work on the other wing

Now, work on the other wing. It looks easier to perform than step 1 but in reality, it is more difficult. You might need another pair of hands to keep the left wing in place while you are bending the wires to form the right wing. When I was working on this, I placed books on the left wings to keep it steady.

You have to be careful that you are making a symmetrical wing. Before securing the intersections/joints, check and counter check that the sizes of the wings are the same.

Step 3 - The easiest part

Bend that wire that is protruding. As mentioned earlier, it will reinforce the wings.

Step 4

Using the excess portion of the wire, wrap the midsection by coiling it around all wires that passed through this section. This step is vital because it will hold both sides of the wings. Using pliers, make sure that the end of the wire is not protruding (it may cause injury to the user).

You're done with the wires. It's time to put the tulle cloth.

Step 5 - Forming the wings and putting tulle

With one hand on the section marked with red in the illustration, use the other hand to pull the wire in away from the midsection (as shown by the arrows).

I used tulle. Simply trace the wings on tulle fabric (make about 1 cm allowance from the wire), cut and sew it. To hide the stitches, I lined it with a glittered glue stick. This will serve another purpose of securing the tulle fabric on the wires.

The Pixie Dust Effect - Glue and glitters

With a paint brush, apply white glue on the fabric. Then sprinkle glitters.

The illustration shows how the glue should be applied. Make it heavier near the wires (I used this technique in making butterfly wings). One purpose of that is to make the wires not visible. Since the fabric is tulle, the wires may be obvious.

Final Touches - Garter, pads and rhinestones

Prepare a pad around 2 inches by four inches. You can do this by cutting out a cardboard and cover it with foam or soft textile. With a glue gun, paste this on the mid-section of the wings (the inner part, that part that will touch your child's back). This serves two purpose: 1. it will restrict the wings from swinging or dislocating from it's desired position and 2. It will prevent discomfort that may be caused by the wires.


I pasted rhinestones on the outer midsection of the wings. This will make it more attractive and will hide the wires beneath.


Use the two inches garter. (If you are wondering what's the use of the garter, it's the part that will allow you to wear the wings. )

Make her Proud - She feels like she's Tinkerbell

She watched me when I was making this wings. She helped along too. Simple tasks like handing the scissors, glitters, etc were big help from her tiny hands.

She will be using this wings for a Christmas party. At this time, it still fits her. The wings were a bit big for her then. Themed Christmas parties or themed birthday parties are now common. Thanks God, I do not need to make another costume for her. The "pixie" dust makes it have a "Christmas" touch.

I created headdresses and costumes too so don’t forget to drop by when Halloween is near. I’ll be adding more “How To” articles. My next project would be "How to make a fairy wings" or perhaps "How to make an angel's wings."

I hope you enjoyed this and you can make your own wings at home.

Green Fairy Princess Wings

Green Sparkling Fairy Princess Wings
Green Sparkling Fairy Princess Wings

If you you are very enthusiastic in making your own Tinkerbell wings but you cannot really find the time to insert it in your very chaotic schedule, it is better to simply buy it online. Do not feel guilty about not making it yourself. Some moms feel that they are terrible moms just because they cannot put a personal touch on their little princess' costume. Be kinder to yourself. Giving it time to browse and find the right item online is already an effort.

I have done the browsing for you. Here is a beautiful green fairy wings perfect for a Tinkerbell costume.


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      • iwrite100 profile imageAUTHOR

        Maribel Forayo 

        21 months ago from Philippines

        I would love to hear from you soon :)

        Thanks :)

      • Rachelle Williams profile image

        Rachelle Williams 

        21 months ago from Tempe, AZ

        My daugther recently purchased a sewing machine, and she's gone hog wild for creating unique things for my grand-daugther, I'm going to introduce her to this article! I'll tell ya how it goes... Thank you for creating this informative content.

      • iwrite100 profile imageAUTHOR

        Maribel Forayo 

        2 years ago from Philippines

        She would look stunning, I'm sure. Little girls really love wearing wings. It will make her day!

      • iwrite100 profile imageAUTHOR

        Maribel Forayo 

        2 years ago from Philippines

        I would really feel delighted to see a project like this done by a father. What a lovely father he is.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        That's an inventive answer to an intnsertieg question

      • RonElFran profile image

        Ronald E Franklin 

        4 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

        This looks like a great project even a dad could do.

      • PinoyMom profile image


        4 years ago from Philippines

        I would like my daughter to wear Tinkerbell wings on her birthday. I believe that my daughter would look gorgeous like your daughter.

      • Halloween Cosplay profile image

        Halloween Cosplay 

        5 years ago

        This is a really good guide!

      • SimonJay profile image


        5 years ago

        Wow i never knew how simple these were to make, thanks for sharing this amazing guide.

      • Adventuretravels profile image


        5 years ago from UK

        So sweet those baby girls!! I would have loved to have had a pair of fairy wings when I was little -still would really! Lovely lens. Uplifting.

      • alyellow lm profile image

        alyellow lm 

        5 years ago

        very interesting, great job.

      • GPaparossos profile image


        5 years ago

        excellent :) :) :)

      • SusanneB profile image


        5 years ago

        I will try this thans for sharing

      • aleereviews profile image


        5 years ago

        Ha Ha! Reminds me of my dog's Halloween costume :)

      • Belva Boggs profile image

        Belva Boggs 

        5 years ago

        This lens is wonderful and very informative. I love the pattern pics. They give me a visual and I know I will be able to make these easily. Thanks!

      • AntonioM23 profile image


        5 years ago

        Great home made costume.

      • Max Globe profile image

        Max Globe 

        5 years ago

        so great tips! thanks!

      • KathyZ1 profile image


        5 years ago

        Interesting lens. Thanks for your sharing.

      • flinnie lm profile image

        Gloria Freeman 

        5 years ago from Alabama USA

        Hi thanks for the great how-to.

      • DrLibby profile image


        5 years ago

        wonderful How To post - love it

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        You have a lovely daughter. Her smile is priceless.

      • MissRubyStars profile image


        5 years ago

        Thanks for sharing these tips! It looks easy to do!

      • Jogalog profile image


        5 years ago

        Your daughter looks gorgeous in her wings and lovely dress. This is defintiely something I'd try in the future.

      • TolovajWordsmith profile image

        Tolovaj Publishing House 

        5 years ago from Ljubljana

        Lovely mother daughter project! Sometimes I wish I have wings too:)

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        That is a beautiful green, so shiny!

      • MelanieKaren profile image

        Melanie Wilcox 

        5 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA

        She is adorable and the wings are beautiful!


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